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3 visits and counting

Hi Michelle,

You would think that after 3 visits to Senses I would pretty well know what to expect, after all you have fulfilled my wishes every time, yet each visit you come up with things I can't even imagine. The experience just gets better and better and better.

You really amaze me the way you orchestrate so many logistics and still be the most exceptional host I have ever encountered. Wish we had more time to visit, but I knew how many things you had going on.

By the way, the meals are starting to exceed those of a 5 Star Resort.

I guess your terrific success means that the secret is out. Yet, you have taken that success, not to the bank, but to expanding the experience for your guest. I can hardly wait to see where Senses goes from here.

The guides this year were absolutely exceptional. They all were far more beautiful than their web pictures indicated. They seemed really excited to be the best guides possible for the guests.

Many thanks for the upgrade and for the cigars and champagne. You are always the gracious host and it is much appreciated.

As in the past, please never fail to offer my e-mail address as reference to any doubters. Anything I can do on this side of the big pond please never hesitate to ask.

Again, many thanks for a great few days living a dream come true.

Hal K. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club November 28, 2017

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