10 Bachelor Party Ideas For Big Boys

Girl at Senses Private ClubLooking for bachelor party ideas for a one-of-a-kind experience?

The almighty bachelor party. A rite of passage for men all over the world. For some, it can be a low key affair and for others it can be one last chance to experience the freedom of single life. From golf destinations to gambling to something even more adventurous, there is a bachelor party experience out there for everyone.

Your buddy deserves the best sendoff possible. After all, he’s been there for you. He’s been your wingman, seen you at your best, and stood by your side at your worst. Don’t you want a one of a kind experience for the guy who has taken one for the team on more than one occasion?

The experience is really for the collective group of men hoping to send their brother off into the unknown world of marriage on the right note.

Here at Senses Private Club, we can provide you with a one-of-a- kind, truly unique bachelor excursion that might have you wishing you stayed single for a little longer.

However, we understand that you might be looking for an alternative to the hedonistic experience that we will gladly provide. Here is a list of 10 unique bachelor party ideas that are sure to be the perfect venue for his last taste of freedom.

10.   The Ranch At Rock Creek
An all-inclusive gem located in Montana, the Ranch at Rock Creek is a great destination to cash in your man card and get your hands dirty.

The ranch offers packages that include: shooting, roping, heli-fishing (what is heli-fishing?), paintball, hunting and various other outdoor adventures. This is a great alternative to the hedonistic binging of the more traditional bachelor party experience.

9. The Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo
This event, usually around Halloween, takes place in San Francisco. It’s hard to pigeonhole this event into one category. This great bachelor party idea has the atmosphere of Mardi Gras and the powerful energy of a monster rock and roll festival.

Plus, you will have the advantage of spending your time in San Francisco, a completely unique city unto itself. There will be no shortage of options available for you and the boys to get out and enjoy a new take on a bachelor party experience.

8. Battlefield Vegas
With over 350 different weapons to shoot and a variety of packages, Battlefield Vegas will not disappoint.

Have you ever wanted to shoot a fully automatic .50 caliber machine gun? How about shooting a mini gun or crushing a car with a tank? All this can be done at Battlefield Vegas. Once you’re done shooting, the best part is you’re still in Vegas (see #2 below).

7. Cast and Carve Package at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
If you’re looking for a unique bachelor party idea and you don’t mind going off piste, you won’t be disappointed by the Cast and Carve Package offered at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska.

Take a heli-skiing adventure on the ample peaks of Alaska and finish the day with salmon fishing at night. The long June days means you might find yourself hurtling down a mountain at midnight and fishing the Talachulitna River for 30 pound salmon in the afternoon.

6. Cabo San Lucas – Desert Racing Adventure
World class marlin fishing is just the beginning to a bachelor party experience in Baja Mexico’s jewel, Cabo San Lucas.

Once the fishing is done for the day, Cabo opens up to a night time experience that any bachelor party is sure to enjoy. One of the more interesting experiences is the Esperanza Resort’s Desert Racing Adventure where you learn to drive a desert race car in the challenging Baja outback. This bachelor party idea is a must for all you thrill seekers.

5. Get Extreme
Maybe the groom to be is much more comfortable dangling off the peak of a sheer cliff face than hanging in the nightclub. These bachelor party ideas will take your experience to the next level with activities like rock climbing, skydiving, four-wheeling, white water rafting or scuba diving.

The beauty of this type of adventure is that most of these activities are in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. A near death experience will be a bonding experience for all the boys and give you something to talk about for years to come.

4. Motorcycle Adventure Tour
If you want your bachelor party to be more about adventure then you can’t go wrong finding it behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Ayres Adventures provides motorcycle adventure tours all over the world. They have destinations in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. You’ll have the bachelor party of a lifetime complete with upscale accommodations and a true sendoff that all the boys are sure to enjoy.

3. Helicopter Pub Crawl
Sydney Helicopters offers a helicopter pub tour. No bachelor party idea compares to a pub crawl via helicopter. You and the boys will have a true adventure storming the beaches and bars around New South Wales and sightseeing over Sydney Harbor.

A main attraction is a stop at Settlers Arms, a local pub that’s been pouring drinks for patrons for over 170 years. In your free time, you will enjoy a little down time taking in the sites (and beautiful Australian women) in and around Sydney.

2. Las Vegas
Vegas baby! When the topic of a bachelor party comes up, invariably finding your way to Sin City is an excellent option.  Casinos, clubs, girls, plus the relaxed laws have made Las Vegas an ideal bachelor party destination since they first put up a couple hotels on Fremont Street.

Make sure you check out Jen Reviews on all the great things to do in Vegas. Jen does an awesome job on detailing 100 of the best things to do while there, with many cool things you most likely have never even thought about before! If you can’t find something exciting to do here, then you are destined to die of boredom soon.

Don't forget Vegas is also home to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The only limitations are your imagination and bank account.

1. Senses Private Club
At Senses Private Club we know a thing or two about showing men a good time. We have the best of many of the above locations not to mention the addition of our beautiful travel guides to show you the best spots on the island.

Take the boys out for a round of golf, go scuba diving in the crystal clear Caribbean waters or take a fishing adventure. After a hard day in paradise, your evenings are free to explore some of the best nightspots in the Caribbean.

This bachelor party idea is one that is nothing short of legendary. The next time a coworker brags to you about his “wild” bachelor weekend, you can smile and politely nod knowing that your experience with us will be etched in your mind forever.

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