3 Reasons You Need To Try Horseback Riding

Girls horseback riding on beach in Punta CanaAt first glance, it might seem that there is nothing more to horseback riding than just kicking back on top of a horse and enjoying the view.

This is not entirely true. Yes, horseback riding is a very relaxing activity but there’s much more to it than most people might think.

One of the best features about being in the Dominican Republic is the spectacular views. There are a wide variety of ways for someone to enjoy all the natural beauty as part of a tropical vacation.

Often overlooked, horseback riding is a great way to get out amongst nature and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that Punta Cana has to offer.

There are many benefits to horseback riding beyond it being a good activity to enjoy some beautiful scenery. Did you know that horseback riding is a great core workout? It’s also a great way to connect with your natural surroundings.

You can rest assured that should you choose to enjoy a day or two horseback riding the beautiful beaches around Punta Cana, you’ll find more to it than just the creation of a great vacation memory.

1. Physical Benefits
People who consistently ride horses will see an upswing in their balance and coordination. It is what is referred to as an “isometric exercise” which means that you use specific core muscles to remain balanced while riding.

These leg, shoulder, back and abdominal muscles are necessary for total body health and contribute to a person’s well-being.

After your first day of riding, you can expect the muscles of your inner thigh to be a little sore. However, this is only a minor discomfort and the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our professional massage services included in your nightly rate.

Another benefit of riding a horse at a gentle pace is that it stimulates your internal organs the same way that taking a walk on foot does. This helps to aid in liver function and digestion.

We can’t think of a better compliment to taking an all-inclusive vacation where the temptation to eat and drink often are constant. You can rest assured that you won’t pay for that extra glass of champagne or the third helping at dinner when you enjoy the benefits of horseback riding the next day.

There have even been studies done that show horseback riding to be as effective of a workout as traditional weight lifting. Along with the core and leg muscles, you will also get a great workout for the arms and shoulders. You won’t need to hit the gym during your next stay, you can get some great benefits on the back of a horse.

2. Mental Benefits
Along with the physical benefits to horseback riding, there are a number of mental benefits as well.
Taking a vacation is relaxing in itself. Part of the relaxation lies in the fact that you are not encumbered by the stresses of your job and you’re actively looking for ways to relax.

Since, you’re already in a relaxed state, adding a relaxing activity to your vacation is the perfect way to turn a good vacation into a truly wonderful experience.

There’s a correlation between learning new things and mental health. It’s good for your brain to be continuously learning and making new connections within your brain.

When you initially begin horseback riding, it takes quite a bit of concentration. You’ll be spending quite a bit of mental and physical energy just staying balanced on the horse and controlling the direction that it travels.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of staying on and controlling the horse, you’ll be free to take in all the beauty around you and truly enjoy exploring Punta Cana on horseback.

An added benefit to your mental health is the confidence that many people feel being able to control such a large animal. It can be a mental test finding the right combination to create a bond with a horse and to be able to get it to go where you want.

Many people find horseback riding to be a grounding experience. It’s a great way to take your focus off of the stresses of daily life and allows you to focus on the task at hand. That’s one of the biggest reasons to take a vacation in the first place.

3. Riding is an Active Process
Riding is so much more than just sitting there passively allowing the horse to do all the work. It’s important that you begin to feel the horse’s movement and try to get “in tune” with those same movements.

It’s a subtle process but you’ll soon learn to meld your own motions with those of the horse. What will happen then is that you’ll stop bouncing so much in the saddle and you’ll glide along in time with the horse you are riding.

There’s so much more to riding a horse than just sitting on the animal’s back and hanging on. It’s a journey and a process, one that you’ll be happy to have experienced as part of your stay in Punta Cana.

We have the perfect backdrop for you to learn something new and create some great memories. Plus, we have the best travel guides in the world who will ensure that your stay with us is completely unbelievable. Giddy up.

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