5 Steps To Mind Blowing Vacation Sex

Girl in bikini on beachStudies show vacation sex can be the best sex of all if done right.

When you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime, there are some major considerations to take into account in order for it to live up to that impressive title.

The best place to start is by asking yourself…what constitutes a life-changing vacation for me? What do I need to make it truly epic?

Couples and singles alike are searching for a variety of erotic ideas for travel these days. Everything from swinger cruises to sex vacations are on the list.

But an incredible vacation needs a spectacular location and that’s where we step in. Senses Private Club takes care of all your ‘back-drop’ needs. From spectacular beaches, high end accommodations, unique excursions and award winning food and drink to our beautiful vacation guides; Senses helps to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

With all these crucial elements in place, all you need to do is ask yourself ….. what would make this perfect? What would make this vacation the kind of experience that makes all my responsibilities and stress back home worth the trouble?

Let’s not be coy. If you’re like most of our discerning gentlemen, I’m guessing the answer is mind blowing vacation sex.

Although we at Senses will do absolutely everything we can to insure that your experience is exceptional and unique, there’s one thing we can’t do for you. In all honesty, we can’t have sex for you. That is something, my good man, you’re going to have to do for yourself.

We can however, offer you some useful tips on how to ensure that the sex you do have is mind blowing. We can steer you in the direction of James Bond worthy encounters - all you have to do is heed our advice and let nature take care of the rest.

The following five steps are our ‘commandments’ to help ensure that your sex while on vacation is the best you’ve ever had.

5. For God’s sake turn your phone off!

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the average American spends approximately 8 hours every day watching TV, fiddling with their phone, working on their laptops, playing Xbox or launching birds on their Ipads. Do some simple math…that’s 56 hours of your 7-day week in solitary, mind numbing purgatory.

The affect this has on our health is well documented, but did you know these hours affect your sex drive as well?

The National institute of Health has recently connected the overuse of devices to erectile dysfunction and a significantly lowered sex drive.

At Senses Private Club, we understand your love of your screens but we’d like to politely suggest you unplug for the duration of your stay. Not only will you fully experience the kind of separation from daily life that makes a vacation worthwhile, but we can almost guarantee your zest for something other than apps will come roaring back once you stow your devices away!

4. Soak up some sun.

There is a reason people in sun drenched countries seem to be more sensual than those wrapped up in woolens. It’s not just the bikinis and coconut cocktails folks ..... it’s science.

Our bodies naturally produce the hormone Melatonin to help regulate our sleep cycles. When we spend our days in relative darkness such as in winter or in naturally cooler climates, our bodies busily produce more melatonin. As a result, most of us enter a state of what seems like constant hibernation.

In addition to this, melatonin suppresses the sex drive making snuggling up in our caves much more appealing than a round of energetic sex. Spending time in the sun changes that! More exposure to sunlight means a lowered level of melatonin, which in turn, creates more energy and a higher sex drive. Slap some sunscreen on your pale bellies boys and get out there!

3. Why did you think Bond was so busy in the bedroom?

Adventure is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It pumps adrenaline through your system and stimulates your brain to release a very important hormone – dopamine. Not only does this neurotransmitter make you feel incredibly alive, but it is a key ingredient when it comes to sexual desire.

Thrills outside the bedroom? We can do that for you! Senses Resort has exclusive access to a litany of incredible experiences throughout the Eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Wreck diving? No problem. Jungle excursions? We can do that too. Water skiing? Cliff Diving? Take your pick.

We can arrange anything you need to inspire that complex brain of yours to produce the kind of dopamine surge that will last throughout the night and then some. And the best part is all of our excursions are included in our nightly rates.

2. Leave Your Inhibitions back in the office.

One of the best things about vacations and more importantly, vacation sex is the simple fact that it doesn’t impact your real life. You are not the same man you are at the photocopier when you’re sunning yourself on one of Senses’ catamarans or enjoying one of the many world-class nightclubs in Punta Cana.

You are so far away from leading a meeting when you’re on our white sand beaches; it might as well be another world!

When it comes to sex, this is the perfect time to fulfill those fantasies you’ve hidden away in the back of your head. No one is judging. No one is taking notes. Why not give some toys a shot? Why not try that position you’ve been curious about? A threesome? A foursome?

When you’re with us, you are not a businessman, professor, account manager, social media developer or software engineer behind our doors. You are a gentleman of leisure with no inhibitions!


The number one way to enhance your sex on vacation is the simplest but most complex in our list of commandments.

When our minds and bodies are under constant, high levels of stress our entire system is flooded with Oxycontin. This powerful hormone slowly erodes the body causing high blood pressure and whittling away at our hard-working hearts.

Desperately, we search to relieve this stress as much as we can by drinking too much, eating too much, self-medicating with drugs and puffing away at cigarettes. Whether we know it or not, our inability to relax is slowly killing us. Our health suffers and our sex drive takes a giant nosedive.

We will give you the adventure, we will give you the breathtaking scenery and we will provide you with an amazing upscale retreat with all of the pampering you can imagine. But my friend, if you want to go home with a pocketful of epic sexual adventures while on the island, it’s up to you to chill out!

Let’s face it…all good things come to an end. At some point, you are going to have to go back to your real life. At some point, you are going to end up plugging your phone in again and checking your voice mail. Wouldn’t all those dull inconveniences of your ‘real’ life be better with the memory of some seriously erotic encounters to tide you over?

By heeding our advice and allowing yourself to fulfill yourself in the style you deserve, you can use those memories like a soothing balm when your hectic life starts to rub you raw once again. The best part ..... there’s plenty more where that came from when we get to see you again at Senses.

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