5 Things Nude Swingers Hate About Nudists

Sexy nudist swinger girl on beachMost people tend to confuse nude swingers with nudists. Many wrongly assume that anyone choosing to walk around naked must be involved in some sort of sexual behavior. However, most nudists are very different from nude swingers. 

A nudist feels that their free time is best spent naked. For many of them their experience is very non-sexual. They enjoy being naked while just doing the normal mundane tasks that everyone does to on a daily basis.

For nude swingers the experience is much different. For them, their time spent naked is more about enjoying the physical pleasures of multiple partners, rather than just cleaning the kitchen without wearing any clothing.

Nude swingers are very open and honest with their lifestyle choice amongst other people who share their passions. They tend to be fairly quiet in public, since many people tend to be judgemental about things that are beyond the “normal” aspects of society.

Nude swingers understand that their adult fun time is something that should be shared with other adults with open relationships and in the swing life style. Their time spent naked is a way to break down certain barriers and put them in the right mindset to enjoy some quality, sexually charged adult fun.

However, nudists tend to be much more judgemental about the nude swingers they get associated with. They feel that what they are doing is pure and natural, while, the nude swingers on the other hand, are doing something that goes against society’s norms.

This causes quite a bit of friction amongst the two groups, who, on the surface, should be able to find a common ground. Namely, that they both enjoy activities that can be enjoyed without the bounds of clothing. 

So, what’s the real issue here? For many people on the outside looking in, there is not much of a difference. For those of us in the lifestyle, there are some big problems between nude swingers and nudists. While there are many, here is a short list of the five more common complaints nude swingers have about nudists. 

1. So Many Rules

Nudist on vacation at a swinger resortIn the recent past, many nudist resorts would not cater to anyone in the swinger lifestyle. They were actually pretty uptight about anything that involved being naked. Maybe just trying to keep alive a mindset from a bygone generation that was no longer relevant in today’s world. 

The nudists resorts had some pretty lame rules about who could and could not be part of their exclusive communities. Things like alcohol, tattoos, piercings, lingerie, and a wide variety of other superficial elements were not allowed. 

Why? What was their issue with some of these things? They were unfairly stereotyping others who wanted to share their naked utopia they felt they created. There were definitely no nude swingers allowed at all. 

Not every nude swinger wants to walk around a nudist resort and just have random sex with anyone and everyone willing to take part. In our world, discretion is very important and we are very discerning about who we choose to take as partners.

I prefer to keep my secret swinger life on the down low from my "vanilla" friends.

We have our own set of rules that we use in the lifestyle, although nowhere near the legal size documents that nudists tend to have. No, we’re not going to have sex everywhere and anywhere we want. Yes, we appreciate the naked body and we’re not ashamed to celebrate that. Sorry if that makes anyone uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. 

2. Kids...Really?

One of the biggest problems nude swingers have with nudists is that they allow children to participate in their activities. The biggest problem here is that children aren’t really old enough to make that choice for themselves 

Imagine being a prepubescent child, with all your hormones and body issues, being forced to put your body on display around a throng of adults? Sure, nudism in itself isn’t about anything sexual, but that’s really a decision for adults to make for themselves, not parents who want to push their way of life onto their kids. 

That’s the beauty of being part of the lifestyle. It’s for adults only, and we actually prefer it that way. We can walk around naked, enjoying the bodies of the people we see around us and not have to worry that we’re being inappropriate or, god forbid, creepy. 

Take the youngsters on a proper family vacation. Go to Disneyland or take a family cruise. If you choose to be naked in your home, more power to you, but allow the kids the opportunity to cover themselves up until they are old enough to choose for themselves. 

3. Yes, We Like Sex

Can you actually believe that nude swingers enjoy sex? If you ask a nudist, they would express shock, maybe even disgust, that people who enjoy being naked also enjoy the greatest adult activity one can do naked. 

Nudists would have you believe that they don’t even enjoy sex. Simply by being naked, they are able to transcend their own desires and live at a higher level. This is just snobbery, pure and simple. 

People are sexual beings, so why pretend that the beautiful woman with everything in all the right places isn’t sexually appealing. You don’t have to act on those impulses, but to pretend that there’s not a bit of excitement being around so much skin is disingenuous. 

Nude swingers enjoy sex...alot. We love planning swinger vacations, enjoying lifestyle events and sexy swinger cruises to some amazing places around the world. We understand that adult time can be playful, rewarding, and satisfying. All best done without clothing.

We celebrate the sexual act and love to enjoy the intensity that those of us in the lifestyle experience. Sex is enjoyable. It’s down and dirty (at times) fun. We are voyeurs and participants in all things sex. Most nudists don’t truly understand that when your “freedom” comes with a litany of rules, you’re not as free as you think. 

4. Holier Than Thou

This is one of the biggest complaints that nude swingers have about nudists. Nudists feel that their time spent naked is natural and acceptable, while anyone who takes part in the lifestyle that nude swingers enjoy is somehow worthy of contempt.

I don't like being told my lifestyle is wrong and I'm guessing neither do you. Especially a lifestyle that only brings joy and fulfillment. Nude swingers get frustrated by the opinions of traditional nudists who feel their naked time is perfectly natural, but anyone who likes a more adult version is somehow wrong. The hypocrisy of their statements is utterly frustrating to most nude swingers. 

We aren’t doing anything that other people don’t fantasize about daily. I believe open relationships actually make your marriage stronger, they make whatever relationship you're in more honest and fulfilling. If what we were doing was so offensive, the adult industry wouldn’t be a billion dollar business. The last time we checked, nudist colonies aren’t exactly turning a huge profit.

It’s ok to not want to be part of the lifestyle, but there’s no excuse for being smug about it. Not to soapbox too much, but people should be free to live the lives they choose without judgement as long as what they are doing isn’t hurting anyone else. 

Nudists always act offended that groups of naked people might want to have a little fun with one another while unclothed. If it’s not really your thing, that’s just fine with us. We don’t push anyone into the lifestyle who isn’t a willing participant. We just wish they would keep their close minded judgements to themselves. 

5. Swinger Events Aren’t Just Orgies

Group of swingers in bedAnyone in the swinger lifestyle knows that not all swinger parties are created equal. Planning an amazing swinger party that is fun for everyone and attracts like-minded people is the goal.

For nude swingers, their time spent with other couples is not just one big orgy. They take their time to choose partners who are a good fit for both couples. While they might enjoy public exhibitionism, it doesn’t mean that they are just there to have sex with anyone who just happens to be at the event.

This misconception is very frustrating for nude swingers because it doesn’t respect their intelligence or decision making abilities. They feel like nudists look at them as animals, unable to control their urges.

Anyone in the lifestyle understands that this is simply not true. In fact, it can be difficult for nude swingers to find compatible partners to share their naked fun time. Just try being a couple looking for another couple or single where all involved are attracted and into each other. That’s difficult enough sometimes when it’s just two people trying to date.

Is there plenty of sex? Of course. However, that’s not the only reason why swingers like to get together. Most people enjoy the company of others who share their same interests and outlook on life. Yes, we actually have conversations with one another and enjoy the companionship that being in the lifestyle with other like-minded adults brings. 

Nudists always preach that they just want to be accepted for their lifestyle choices, but tend to be judgemental about other people who share a similar lifestyle. Nude swingers have a live and let live mentality and just want to be free to enjoy their time away from the pressures of work and home. Sounds like a pretty good idea, don’t you think?

It shouldn’t matter how someone decides to ultimately spend their naked time. Sure we love playing badminton too, but an orgasm (or six) can be so much more rewarding. 

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