5 Tips For Better Sex Today

Sexy girl waiting for sexI hope that at this point in your life you’ve had some pretty amazing sexual experiences and checked a few off your sexual bucket list. If you haven’t, then that might be a great place to add some needed excitement into your life.

For most of us, we’ve had those nights (and/or mornings) that make being a sexually involved adult so worthwhile.

The two of your bodies intertwined in a mass of sexually charged orgasmic energy. That’s what we all want, or should want, out of our sex lives.

The reality, for many adults, is that our sex lives become predictable, routine and just downright mundane. That’s not a good thing at all. Much of our lives are spent in this lackluster state of existence.

Whether it’s waiting in endless lines, appointments with doctors, watching another uninspired tv show or whatever other tasks we do on a regular basis that are necessary yet uninspiring aspects of life, we need excitement.

There are any number of different ways to find excitement in your own life. Take an adult vacation, learn something new and, my personal favorite, find ways to make sex even more enjoyable.

Sex should be fun and a new adventure every time. I understand that many people settle into a routine, especially with a steady partner. You each know the quickest way to the finish line, where to touch, how to kiss, and all those other enjoyable aspects.

The only drawback is that you tend to lose the adventuresome aspects of sexual exploration and building the anticipation with amazing foreplay.

While there are plenty of sex toys you can add into the mix to create that adventure, there’s something special about pushing the right buttons au natural. I’ve compiled a few tips for you to try to add a little spice to your own adult naked fun time.

5. Try a Sensual Massage
One of the most erotic activities you can try to master is the art of a sensual massage. Touching is one of the best ways to build a strong connection with another person. From holding hands, to just placing your hand on the small of her back as she walks through a door, touch is a great way to exchange some energy with your partner.

There’s no better way to transfer this energy and get her going than with a sensual massage. It’s no secret that our bodies become tense over time and it can be difficult for someone to really relax and get in the mood with a week’s worth of tension resting on their shoulders.

A sensual massage can be relaxing enough to recharge her batteries and make her much more open to explore and enjoy a sexual encounter. Who wouldn’t want a relaxed and amiable partner? I know it works on me!

4. Explore your Fantasies
This is one of those elements where you need to start slowly and work your way up. You don’t want to reveal your innermost fetishes and kink to your partner in the early stages. An open and honest relationship is one that fosters sexual exploration.

The two of you can start by exploring the more tame types of fantasies to gauge what your comfort level is. You might actually be surprised by what she actually wants to do (and is willing to do) once she feels comfortable with you. She may be much more willing for an open relationship or trying something like the swing lifestyle then you thought possible.

3. Try Somewhere / Something New
Get out of your comfort zone and have sex somewhere different and new. I’m not just talking about having sex on the kitchen table, although that’s a great place to start.

It can be very exciting to be amorous with a partner out in public or somewhere where there is a risk of being caught. It ties into the voyeuristic side of ourselves and can make even a quick 10 minute sexual encounter very thrilling.

You can also spice things up by changing up your sexual positions as well. This is also a good trick to help you calm down a bit and improve your stamina. She’ll stay charged and excited by the changes and it will allow you time to regroup a bit and make your sexual encounter more intense.

2. Role Play
Have her dress up for you and act out a role that she might not otherwise have. Sure there’s the old standards like the naughty nurse or maid, which is a great starting point to gauge comfort, but that’s merely scratching the surface.

Tell your girl you want her to get dressed up in her hottest, sexiest attire and meet you downtown at a local bar. She’s likely to garner some attention from other male suitors which will get the sexual energy of the evening charged up. Then, you come in and pick her up which might or might not lead back home for a great experience (see #3 above).

1. Sensory Deprivation
I’m not talking about immersing her in a pitch black tub of water here. I’m talking about the tried and true method of taking away her sense of sight with a blindfold. Our senses have a way of compensating and becoming stronger when one is taken away.

When you take away your partner’s sense of sight, her other senses will become more sensitive. This also helps to build anticipation. She doesn’t know where or when your next touch might come from, so take the time to tease her with your tongue or a light object.

Start softly as this will excite her nerve endings and bring her to the edge of her own desire. You’ll know when she’s ready, leave her blindfolded and allow the two of you to enjoy one another. I bet that you’ll have a passionate and fulfilling experience you’ll both want to repeat.

These tips above are things you can put into play tonight. You hold the key to unlock her sexual desires. Remember that sex should be fun and make sure that both you and your partner are making the most out of your sexual adventures.

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