The Absolute 10 Best Health Benefits Of Sex

Sexy girl enjoying healthy lifestyleGreat sex and great health go hand in hand.

Who doesn’t love having sex? I’m sure there are a few people well past their sexual years and some Buddhist monks who channel their sexual energy to heal the sick or something of that sort. For most of us, we love sex. It surrounds our daily lives and, most days, we’d rather be having naked fun time more than anything else.

While sex is probably the greatest way to spend an afternoon, there’s much more to having a sweaty good time than just the release of sexual energy.

Sex on a regular basis is actually very beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. People who regularly engage in sex tend to live healthier and happier lives.

There’s still somewhat of a negative stigma attached to having a healthy sex life, especially for those people beyond the traditional, monogamy of a typical relationship.

While I don’t discourage anyone from having a monogamous relationship or from taking an adult vacation to a great location like Senses Private Club (I think that’s a great idea by the way), I just want to share with you 10 of the greatest health benefits to enjoying a great sex life. Here they are in no particular order:

10. Stress Relief
Anyone who has ever had sex after a particularly stressful day can attest to the fact that sex is a great stress reliever. Sure, you can go for a run or to the gym, but it doesn’t create the same type of stress relief that a great night, morning or afternoon of sex can provide.

One of the greatest benefits of regular sex is the lowering of blood pressure, which is a direct result of the decreased stress that sex provides. So, the next time you’re worried about that presentation in the morning, try a little naked stress relief.

9. Increases the Immune System
People who have sex at least once or twice a week produce higher levels of immunoglobulin A, otherwise known as IgA, which is an antibody responsible for protection from colds and infections.

8. Sex is Exercise
A great sexual encounter can burn as much as 85 calories in about 30 minutes. While I’m not advocating replacing your regular workout routine with just sex, I bet that you’ll be much happier burning those 85 calories in a half hour of great sex than taking the dog for a walk.

7. Sex Elevates Levels of Self Esteem
While this is not a physical benefit, there is a direct benefit to one’s overall health if they feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Many people who already have high levels of self esteem use sex to increase their mood. They might just be onto something. When you feel like a desirable, sexual creature, you’re more apt to feel more confident in other areas of your life as well.

6. Sex Boosts Your Libido
Regular sex actually has a positive effect on your sex drive. This is analogous to the old motto, you lose it if you don’t use it. The number one way to boost your desire to have sex is to actually have sex.

You’ll find yourself wanting to have sex more and more as your own sexual activity increases. This is because your body is actually becoming more adjusted to having sex, which creates more of a desire to participate in some naked fun time.

5. Good for the Heart
Regular sex helps to improve your blood circulation, which is directly responsible for your own heart health and functioning. People who have regular sex, at least once or twice a week, are less likely to have a fatal heart attack than those who have sex once a month or less.

4. Pain Relief
Regular sex increases the levels of the hormone oxytocin in the body which is directly linked to an increase in endorphins and pain relief. The benefits are more realized when confronted with more chronic pain associated with headaches, arthritis and PMS.

Some people even report their pain levels lowered by half when their levels of oxytocin were drastically increased. The next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for a willing partner instead of the aspirin.

3. Increases Prostate Health
Prostate cancer is one of the many forms of cancer taking it’s toll on the population. Men who have frequent ejaculations, especially when in their 20’s, are less susceptible to contracting prostate cancer when they are older.

To maximize the benefit to your prostate, you need to ejaculate an average of about 21 times a month. Who wouldn’t want to have an orgasm 4+ times a week?

2. Sex Helps Sleep Patterns
Not only are the elevated levels of oxytocin helpful for pain relief, those levels are also responsible for helping you sleep better as well. A good night’s sleep is also linked to lower levels of blood pressure and it helps you with your weight control.

The next time your significant other is complaining about not being able to sleep, you’ll have just the solution to offer her.

1. Improved Intimacy
With all the other benefits listed above, this one seems like a pretty easy conclusion to reach. Couples who have healthy sex lives, have less stress, are more rested, have a better overall relationship and enjoy adult playtime.

Once again, the elevated levels of oxytocin are useful to helping build bonds and trust, all important ingredients necessary to create feelings of intimacy.

So, there you have it. Irrefutable proof that having a healthy sex life is beneficial to your overall physical and mental well-being. Now let's enjoy ourselves 😉

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