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I’m into travel, video games and have been called a nerd on more than one occasion. My passionate writer self loves dreaming of far off places waiting to be discovered. Someday I hope to travel to every country on earth. In the meantime, I’m happy at a local pub writing my next article ;)

Sex In Movies VS. Sex In Real Life

Couple having sex in a movieDoes your sex resemble the sex you see in movies?

The two of you gaze longingly into each others eyes, you gently kiss her neck and she almost immediately explodes in orgasmic bliss from just a single touch. She is instantly ready and you push yourself inside her and she instantly explodes in wave after wave of powerful mind boggling climax.

I’m sure that you’ve seen this scenario play out once or twice in the movies, but how many times has this actually been the case for you in real life? I’m not doubting the fact that you’ve been in a situation where a woman has had a powerful orgasm. In fact, if you haven’t had that experience at this point in your life, you are surely missing out. [Read more...]

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5 Tips For Better Sex Today

Sexy girl waiting for sexI hope that at this point in your life you’ve had some pretty amazing sexual experiences and checked a few off your sexual bucket list. If you haven’t, then that might be a great place to add some needed excitement into your life.

For most of us, we’ve had those nights (and/or mornings) that make being a sexually involved adult so worthwhile.

The two of your bodies intertwined in a mass of sexually charged orgasmic energy. That’s what we all want, or should want, out of our sex lives.

The reality, for many adults, is that our sex lives become predictable, routine and just downright mundane. That’s not a good thing at all. Much of our lives are spent in this lackluster state of existence. [Read more...]

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Planning Your First Sex Vacation? Read This First!

Girls on sex vacationYour guide to the perfect sex vacation starts here. If you stopped the average Joe on the street and asked them to describe their perfect get away, you can be guaranteed it would include a whole list of clichés.

Beaches, swim up bars, pool side service, maybe even a visit from a famous cartoon character or two – these are truly the ingredients that constitute the average holiday.

What if you’re not the average person? What if, like a growing number of people worldwide, when you plan a getaway you’re looking for a little more than a monorail ride and a tacky souvenir?

Maybe you're looking for the adult adventure provided from a sex vacation. [Read more...]

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How Important Is Penis Size In The Bedroom?

Woman comparing penis sizeDo you think you have enough penis size to really please most women?

Ahh, it's the age old question that has plagued men since the earliest of days. It’s a source of anxiety or pride, depending on the situation, for most men. Since the earliest of days, boys have compared their manhood against other boys. Often comparing their penis size to determine the one most blessed by mother nature.

With the popularity of adult films, men are bombarded with images of stunningly beautiful women moaning in ecstasy while being pleasured by their well-endowed partner. However, much like other aspects of porn, the fantasy doesn’t match the reality. [Read more...]

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How To Survive Your First Nude Vacation

Girl on nude vacation walking on beachCongratulations. You finally worked up the courage to get outside your comfort zone and take a nude vacation. I remember my first nude vacation, it was full of adventure and, of course, plenty of wonderfully naked bodies.

I’m sure that you’re wondering just exactly what your first nude vacation might just have to offer you. It’s a good question and one I’m sure that you want answered.

I bet that since you decided to take a nude vacation, you are probably excited about all the possibilities that await you. If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve been staying away from carbs and hitting the gym religiously. [Read more...]

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