Best GFE – Guy’s Guide To The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Escort providing one of the best GFE possibleWhat is a GFE? If you've not heard this escort term before it's short for "Girlfriend Experience". If you're not getting the best GFE with an escort, companion service, or at a sex vacation resort, read on for all you need to know to change that.

As a male, you pretty much have the keys to the western world in your back pocket. Hell, as a male you pretty much have the keys to the entire planet, should you choose to use them.

I’m sure a great many of my fellow women are lining up right now to give me a few solid whacks on the head. I better balance out that less than politically correct truth by saying that as men you also have your fair share of sexism to deal with.

For example, who decided that because you are ‘guys’ you should be comfortable peeing next to each other in public?

Who decided that showing emotion was unmanly? Perhaps most importantly, who decided that you guys didn’t need romance and affection to be happy?

Nowhere is gender politics cloudier than when it comes to sex. Those dastardly gender roles are still sitting proudly on their thrones. It assumes that all women want a cuddle after sex (not true) and that all men just want to roll over and go to sleep (also not true).

Men are expected to be animalistic. To crave it like beasts and to look at the whole process of sex as an emotionless, self-satisfying venture.

Unfortunately, large parts of the adult entertainment industry and even the sex trade are geared toward this myth. This leaves many men who actually respond emotionally as well as physically to sex distinctly unsatisfied.

Where do sensitive, intelligent guys go for a good time?

If you’ve ever hired an escort for an evening, this ‘cut and dry’ attitude is brought into the spotlight.

In general, many of the escorts you hire have strict rules against anything even remotely resembling emotional response. Sex is treated as a service no more intimate than a dental exam. That's sad.

What if you’re one of the growing number of successful men who use escorts and need a sense of intimacy to truly enjoy sex?

What if you actually need to kiss…hell, want to kiss in order to feel aroused. What if you want a back rub, to hold hands, to sit on the couch and make out like a teenager? Is that so wrong to want a real girlfriend experience rather then just an escort?

Escort on vacation providing a GFE for clientWelcome to the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

More and more successful men don’t have the time or energy in their daily lives to pursue actual relationships. They instead are looking for escorts who excel in what is known in the industry as a GFE or Girlfriend Experience.

Unlike traditional interactions where sex and money is exchanged with equal detachment, escorts who excel at GFE will give their clients a real relationship experience. During the time they are hired of course.

What does this mean exactly? Think of all the good parts of being in a relationship and then take away the commitment. Remove the silly fights and the need to take her home to meet your parents.

Women who provide a GFE service to their clients will take the time to get to know them. They will have full conversations, hold hands, kiss (with tongue!), cuddle and even spend the night. For men who respond better to intimacy and affection, finding an escort who excels at GFE (the Girlfriend Experience) is like stumbling across the Holy Grail.

Getting the most out of your Girlfriend Experience

One of the best things about a girlfriend experience (GFE) is the fact that both provider and client enjoy the interaction much more.

Professional escorts with a roster of clients who ask for this brand of GFE rate their level of job satisfaction much higher than those who provide traditional non-personal interactions.

These GFE escorts are treated with more respect. They are listened to and they are showered with the kind of attention that both men and women crave from each other.

Senses Private Club adult resort

How to get the best GFE

Although any professional who excels at providing a great girlfriend experience will know what to do to ‘set the tone’, there are things that you can do to enhance your experience as well.

Like any woman, she will respond to you much better if you take the time to ask her questions about herself and really listen to her responses. Yes she is a paid professional, but she is human and wants to be heard. This is key for the ultimate GFE.

Along the same lines, you should consider giving her a gift or two the more time you spend with her. This doesn’t mean picking up some flowers at a local gas station either. When you actually get to know her, choose a thoughtful gift that relates to her interests. Choose something that will impress a woman who makes the kind of substantial income she no doubt does.

Unlike most escort/ client interactions, the girlfriend experience (GFE) generally includes deep French kissing. It also includes oral sex for men and women as well as intercourse and even anal depending on the provider.

The whole experience is meant to be un-rushed.

You may want to learn about the sex resort option for a GFE built into your vacation. This can provide you a great way to have the ultimate vacation with a girl of your dreams and save money in the process.

Does kissing get you aroused?

I know how important kissing is to the sexual experience. At least it is for me.

But when it comes to kissing, let her lead the way. Kissing is a touchy area for many escorts and being the gentleman you are by allowing her to take the upper hand. This maturity will be greatly appreciated.

The same goes for oral. Some providers include BBBJ (bare back blow jobs i.e./unprotected oral) as part of the girl friend experience (GFE). But don’t assume this is the case with your chosen companion. Always be prepared and as previously mentioned…let her lead.

Bring the "Girlfriend" out of her

Beautiful GFE escort on a sex vacationAllowing her to gain confidence and trust in you will truly bring out the ‘girlfriend’ in her and make for a much more satisfying GFE for both of you.

Once you’ve found the perfect GFE (girlfriend experience), it can grow into a beautiful arrangement. Why not invite her on an adult resort weekend? Whisk her away for a tropical holiday?

Yes, you’ll be paying for her company but one of the most marvelous things about it is that when you part ways, there are no complications to drag either of you down. You owe each other nothing but respect and mutual enjoyment.

A GFE arrangement is truly the ideal situation for any busy man with no desire for commitment, but the basic human need for companionship.

GFE for the sophisticated gentleman

Just like your chosen escort is not an inhuman sex robot, you are not some kind of heartless 1950’s stereotype.

In the same way that she deserves respect, you deserve to have your needs met. That should be in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you don’t warrant real human interaction.

If you are the GFE (girlfriend experience) kind of guy, there is an entire world of fulfillment waiting for you.

Just grab an expensive bouquet of flowers or other nice gift. Put your listening ears on and get out there and start to discover what the big deal is about an escort who provides a true Girlfriend Experience!

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