Best Hacks For Cheap Flights To The Dominican Republic

Girl watching flight arrivingSo, you’re finally ready to go all out and take the adult vacation of a lifetime. Kudos.

We respect that decision and know firsthand how rewarding your experience is going to be.

We are delighted to help anyone who wishes to visit this Caribbean paradise we call home. Your adult vacation should be the most memorable travel experience ever.

Now, what do you hope to remember? The wild parties? Beautiful women? Relaxing in a tropical paradise?

Unfortunately, for many travelers, their wonderful memories become somewhat watered down because they did not find a great deal on airfare. Traveling can be very expensive and who wouldn’t want a few extra dollars to spend at your destination?

One of the best ways to put a little extra travel money in your pocket is to find the best deal on your airfare. We’ve compiled a short list of useful hacks to help you get the most bang for your buck the next time to decide to take an adult vacation.

1. Booking at the Right Time

It’s no secret that there is a perfect time to book your flight. The industry standard for domestic flights is right around 54 days. The actual number fluctuates depending on your destination but that tends to be the best window for finding that cheap fare.

If you’re looking to travel to the Caribbean, your optimal window of opportunity is about 101 days in advance. What’s the secret you might ask?

It’s not very complex, it’s actually quite simple. To get a prime fare for your adult vacation, there still needs to be a decent number of seats left on the plane. Once the flight has 50 seats or fewer left, there’s no incentive to lower the price. They know that those flights, especially those to popular destinations, will eventually fill up.

2. Booking Earlier vs. Later

It would seem logical that if 101 days out is a great fare, then booking 120 days out or 130 would be a stellar deal?

Your best bet is to stay as close to that window of 101 days as possible. If you try to book a flight too early, the fare will still be more expensive. Why? There’s no incentive for the airline to drop the price of a flight until they know that a good number of the seats have already been booked.

On average, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 more if you book your flight prior to the 101 day window. If you are under that window, expect those numbers to double.

A basic rule is that you are better off booking earlier than later, since the remaining seats on a flight are at a premium and people will be paying more to book those remaining seats.

3. Research, Research, Research

When traveling, the computer is your best friend. Allot a specific amount of time around the 101 day window to researching the best airfare possible. Interested in visiting Senses Retreat? Did you know that there are over 60 airlines that fly to Punta Cana alone?

A rudimentary search of flights from Los Angeles has flights ranging from $550 to over $1400. These are fares listed on the major airlines only.

However, if you look at the search results, only 11 airlines are actually listed. What happened to all the others? Some might not actually fly out of LAX which makes sense but there are other airlines that do which are not listed. Makes you wonder why those airlines aren’t in the search results.

Often times, the budget airlines are omitted from the search results. This is where your research skills (and time) can truly benefit you. Just by going directly to the budget airline sites, instead of through a larger search, you can usually save quite a bit of money.

4. Creativity is the Key

Along with your researching skills, you can get creative with how you choose to book your itinerary. It is easiest to just go to a travel site like Kayak and book a round trip ticket. One click and you’re done. However, this might not be the best or cheapest option for you to travel.

While you are researching your fares, look for one way trips as well as round trip options. There’s really no difference in the flights. Each flight is booked and filled up individually and often a one way flight offers a much cheaper fare than the round trip.

Break your itinerary into a short list of one way stops. This will take up more time while you are researching fares but that time could have a significant payoff. You might be able to find four separate one way tickets for half the price of booking a round trip.

All these hacks do take time and a little energy. However, imagine what you could do on your adult vacation with an extra $200 or $300 dollars.

We can think of quite a few places that money could be put to good use, all of which are much more enjoyable than wedging yourself between a couple sweaty travelers for the convenience of a few peanuts and an hour of your time.

Go online, make phone calls and take control of your next adult vacation. With a little creativity and patience, you can squeeze every penny out of your airfare and spend the money enjoying your vacation, instead of just getting there.

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