Best Sex Vacations For Singles In The United States

Two single girls on a sex vacation Many people want to know where are the best sex vacations for singles in the United States. This can be a difficult topic since prostitution is only legal in the state of Nevada.

However, just because there is only one state where it is legal, doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities abound.

A little creativity and the ability to think outside the box can yield some great results.

Sure, you can take a trip to Nevada and enjoy one of the few legal brothels available but that’s not exactly the experience many have in mind when thinking of a luxury sex vacation.

Other Travel Destinations To Consider

If you’re having difficulty finding sex vacations for singles in the United States, there are also international solutions which we’ll dive into a little later in the article but first let’s take a look at some of the possible sex vacations for singles in the United States.

Most of these are festivals and events to build your vacation around.  Keep in mind you can always book an escort to accompany you on your adventures to these events if you need to be a couple to attend. You can plan your own escort vacation!

Top 5 Sex Vacations for Singles in the United States

California: Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

Folsom Street Fair is the largest fair for all things leather. Many people from the BDSM and fetish communities come from all over the world to enjoy this event. This has the feel of a traditional block party. Live music, vendors, and plenty of adult entertainment fill the 13 city blocks. 

There’s no shortage of naked people running around. One of the more popular attractions are the sex toy displays. They actually have live models showing newbies and pros alike the ins and outs of each toy. This one of the great choices for sex vacations for singles in the United States. 

If latex is your thing, you’ll see more than you can handle at the Folsom Fair. The festival has a reputation for public displays of erotic pleasure and although not legal, most people tend to just go with the flow. 

Louisiana: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Everyone knows that Mardi Gras is a wild all-out party. It’s a popular destination for regular tourists as well as singles looking for sex vacations. Heading out to Bourbon Street will transport you to an alternate universe. The costumes, the music, and of course plenty of women baring all for beads. 

The whole area is a ball of sexual energy. There’s something about a huge costume party that lowers people’s inhibitions. 

A must see is the Krewe du Vieux parade that heads down Royal street. This is where you will see the custom made floats, costumes of all types, and plenty of topless women. 

There are quite a few escort services available in New Orleans as well as plenty of sex workers who come specifically to work the Mardi Gras. 

Exxxotica Expo: Chicago, Miami, Edison, Washington D.C.

Girl at sexy party in the United States

The Exxxotica Expo is the largest adult themed event in the United States. The expo has a little bit of everything. The party lasts three hedonistic days in four different cities across the eastern U.S.

With over 150 vendors and seminars, this is a great location for sex vacations for singles in the United States. The educational seminars are some of the most enjoyable aspects of the expo. Plus, there are plenty of adult entertainers there for guests to meet. 

Along with the seminars, the live sex shows are probably the biggest attraction. Plenty of exotic dancers and burlesque performers. The Ms Exxxotica pageant is a fan favorite. 

The expo takes place in Chicago in July, Miami in September, Edison in October, and Washington D.C. in December.

Each city has escorts available who can accompany you during the expo. Having a beautiful woman on your arm can open a lot of doors at these shows as well.

Washington: Erotic Art Festival in Seattle

The Erotic Art Festival in Seattle is another great destination for sex vacations for singles to enjoy. Seattle has always been a hub for art, music, and all things in between and is a great destination. 

Even though this is mostly a hands off festival, there is still plenty to do including plenty of erotic art and short films. They also have burlesque shows and a late night festival party. 

This is probably one of the most unique adult themed destinations in the U.S for a sex vacation. You won’t find a better collection of erotic art anywhere else. 

Indiana: Nudes a Poppin’ in Roselawn

When people think of sex vacations for singles in the United States, the state of Indiana probably doesn’t come to mind but it should.

Indiana has a pretty incredible naked festival at the Ponderosa Sun Club, a nudist resort in Roselawn, Indiana called Nudes a Poppin. This is the home of the Miss Nude Galaxy competition and it’s a very fun festival. Pornstar Ron Jeremy is typically the judge of the competition, so you know it gets wild.

The festival is completely clothing optional and there’s no shortage of naked bodies running around the resort grounds. The highlights of the event include exotic dancing, a screaming orgasm contest, and plenty of wet tshirt contests. 

Senses Private Club adult resort

Swingers Resorts in the U.S.

Another great option for sex vacations for singles in the U.S. is to go to a swingers resort. Although many of these type of erotic vacations cater to couples, you can bring along a companion, or sometimes they will allow select singles if you reach out and ask. It depends on the resort and the events they may have planned.

The swingers resorts have all the standard amenities of a typical vacation destination. The added bonus is that they cater to people in the swinger lifestyle. That means playrooms, parties, and sex friendly hideaways. All right on the resort grounds. 

There will be plenty of naughty couples and select singles exploring the boundaries of fantasy and desire. The swinglifestyle offers many types of erotic vacations.

California: Stay and Play in Monterey

Sexy girl at adult event Stay and Play is a converted barn in Monterey where the B&B stands for Bed and Bondage. It is a two level adult playhouse clad in the latest bondage accessories.

Their motto of “pleasure meets comfort” tells you all you need to know about the property. This little known gem is one of the hidden treasures of the Monterey Bay. 

Monterey is already a popular tourist destination. With San Francisco a little less than two hours away, there are plenty of options for female companionship if you’re a single guy looking to attend.

The first floor is a fully stocked S&M dungeon and there is also a private bedroom suite. Since it’s technically a B&B, guests get a home cooked breakfast every morning of their stay. 

Florida: Rooftop Resort

The Rooftop Resort in Hollywood, Florida is a mainstay for sex vacations for singles. All you need is a willing partner and an open mind. 

The resort is designed for both couples and singles, however most singles that go to the resort are unicorns, single women in the lifestyle. It can be difficult for a single man to find willing partners.

Your best bet is to hire an escort and bring her to the resort. Not only do you get some companionship during your vacation, you also hopefully have a very adventurous partner. The resort has a playroom and parties every night. 

Florida: Caliente Resort in Tampa

Another Florida gem is the Caliente Resort in Land O Lakes, Florida. This is a nudist resort that offers swingers themed evenings. They have a variety of rooms and cottages available and have a spa, 7 pools, and its own nightclub. They cater to couples, so you’ll need to have a companion accompany you to the resort. 

Best International Sex Resorts for Singles

If you find the options for sex vacations for singles in the United States is too limited, there are plenty of international options. In fact, if you decide to go international there are many more options. You can take an adult vacation where there are companions available through the resort so you don’t even need to worry about finding a partner.

There are a variety of choices available at these destinations. Many of these getaways are located in sought after travel destinations you just have to do you're research for the best sex resorts. The relaxed attitude towards sex work makes these places a popular destination for tourists of all types. 

Many international destinations are located in a tropical paradise with crystal clear water and white sand beaches and every possible attraction you could ever want. Here's a couple of the best.


It’s no secret that places like Bangkok and Phuket are popular sex tourism destinations. Thailand has a little bit of everything for travelers. 

Bangkok is all about the nightlife. The city is fast paced and there are women everywhere. From go-go bars, to strip clubs, to brothels, Bangkok is a city that thrives on the sex industry. Bangkok is a very busy city and can be a little overwhelming. If you want a little more laid back atmosphere, then Phuket is a better option.

Phuket is in the southern part of Thailand and has the largest island in the country. It is less crowded than Bangkok and has some spectacular tropical scenery. 

Thailand is known for its adult nightlife and Phuket is no different. There are plenty of the same nightlife attractions as in Bangkok. You get the added bonus of being on a tropical island. Phuket is a very popular destination for sex tourists of all types. 

The Dominican Republic

Beautiful escort on the beach at a sex resort One of the most sought after destinations for sex vacations for singles in the United States is to travel to the Dominican Republic. The Domincan Republic is a quick and easy flight from the U.S. The tropical waters and beaches make it a very popular travel location with places like Punta Cana being one of the most popular.

The best adult resorts have models from Eastern Europe and Latin America. These women serve as travel companions for the guests.

There’s not many places where you get the best of both worlds. Picturesque scenery and the best women in the world. The Dominican has world class beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving that attracts visitors from all over the world. 

For the more adventurous visitors, there is zip lining, dune buggy tours, and surfing. The island is also home to stunning golf courses built by the same builders responsible for some of the most challenging PGA courses. 

Advantages of International Travel for a Singles Sex Vacation

The relaxed atmosphere regarding sex vacations and the fact they all cater to singles make international travel especially attractive. If you want something a little more wild than the typical sex vacations for singles in the United States, you need to travel outside the U.S.

International destinations, like the Dominican Republic, cater to the needs of adult travelers unlike a place in the U.S. which is bound by different laws and restrictions.

They understand that many single people need a break from their hectic lives and they also know that discretion is important. Not everyone is open about their private lives. Many people want to have some adult fun and not have to worry about public scrutiny. 

International destinations are more liberal with their views on sex. They understand that people are free to enjoy their vacation regardless of how they choose to enjoy themselves.

When you plan a sex vacation you'll discover that places like the private resorts in the Dominican Republic offer privacy, discretion, and world class amenities. Not to mention, some of the most beautiful women in the world.

That is the recipe for the best vacation you’ve ever taken!

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