Best Vacation Spots For Single Guys To Meet Girls

Sexy girl on vacationBest vacation spots for single guy can mean a wide variety of things. For some, it could mean a golf outing with the boys and for others it could be an adrenaline fueled romp through the wilderness, or for some even cutting to the chase and planning a sex vacation.

The one constant when looking for the best vacation spots for single guys is the ability to meet attractive women.

Best Sexy Vacation Spots for Single Guys

Here are 10 destinations where a single guy is bound to the vacation odds in his favor.

10. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the penultimate vacation spots for single guys who are looking for some female company. This Caribbean paradise locale is chocked full of beautiful bikini clad women who are perpetually living in the moment the way only a minimally clothed vacation can do.

There are a number of resorts that cater to the single male and if the resort experience is not your speed, there are miles of beaches and nightclubs filled with eager single women. If you're looking for something more direct then you'll want to check out our Best Sex Resorts For Single Men.

9. Ibiza, Spain

Girl laying in hammock at one of the best vacation spots for single guysIbiza is a 24 hour party. This is one of the best vacation spots for single guys who want an almost guarantee of a little strange. European women are more open sexually and there’s not as much of a stigma placed on casual encounters.

Ibiza is famous for it’s wild, all night dance clubs filled with some of the most beautiful and willing women in the world. If you can’t find a willing woman here, it’s time for you to turn in your man card and lock away your genitals.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas. That’s almost all we would need to say. The city that was founded on the premise that anything goes. Vegas is one of the greatest vacation spots for single guys and is home to some of the most epic bachelor party ideas come to life.

You can gamble, golf, go to nightclubs, attend world class shows and find beautiful women looking to be anyone they want. The food, entertainment and culture just scream hedonistic pleasure. For those of you with a little cash in your pocket, you can get anything you would want at any time.

If you leave Vegas without a great story, you just didn’t try.

Many single and divorced guys like to mix in an escort while in Vegas. However, a better option whether single or divorced might be an all-inclusive escort vacation in the Dominican Republic.

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7. Stockholm, Sweden

One of the more laid back vacation spots for single guys is the cultural center of Sweden. If you’re looking for leggy blond bombshells whose intelligence is as plentiful as their sex-drive, then Stockholm is a must visit.

Standing amidst a series if islands, Stockholm is a cultural epicenter. Museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions make this an excellent hunting ground for single men looking for women. Bring your A game here, the woman are smart and beautiful but well worth the effort.

6. Tel Aviv, Israel

You might ask yourself why a Middle Eastern destination would be on a list of the best vacation spots for single guys?

Tel Aviv is a cultural hotspot hiding under the safety of a laid back beach town. This is literally a city that doesn’t sleep. Most clubs don’t even get started until after midnight.

The women are exotic, intoxicating, eager and aggressive. They want to have a good time and if you can harness that sensual energy, you’ll have the vacation experience of a lifetime.

5. Adelaide, Australia

Often when the topic of best vacation spots for single guys in Australia comes up, the default city seems to be Sydney. However, Adeliade is a single guys dream come true.

Adeliade is a city where drop dead gorgeous women will actually pick you up! It doesn’t get much easier than that. Many of the local men leave Adeliade in search of bigger cities, which leaves a female population, which includes many international university students, in dire need of male companionship.

Make sure you keep yourself put together and maintain eye contact and you’re sure to have your pick on vacation in Adelaide.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The women in Argentina are stunning. Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of South America and one of the most affordable vacation spots for single guys.

Argentina is the birthplace of the tango and you will need to know how to move on the dancefloor. The nightlife is a late night experience, many restaurants don’t even open until 9pm and many of the local clubs don’t get going until well after 2am.

The women are unbelievable. European in style but Latin in sensuality. You will get a taste of Europe with the sexual freedom of South America, all with an affordable price tag.

3. Miami, Florida

Escort in bikini enjoying her favorite vacation spot

Everything you have heard about Miami is absolutely true. When thinking about which vacation spots for single guys are the best for meeting beautiful, exotic women, Miami should be on the top of your sex bucket list.

Absolutely gorgeous beaches and a nightlife that is electric, you can’t help but feel that anything is possible in Miami. The women are second to none, you’ll think your vacation was in the middle of a bikini catalog.

When you go out in Miami, make sure you are sharply dressed and you’ll bring home a woman you thought was always out of your league.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is truly a city where anything is possible. It is one of the most adventurous vacation spots for single guys, since you have to expect the unexpected.

Everything in Thailand is actually illegal with the exception of the hedonistic pleasures that every single man desires. If it’s on your erotic vacation wishlist, you will be able to cross it off after your visit to Bangkok.

Leave the camera at home because the type of debauchery available in Bangkok is best stored deep in the mind.

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Life is best lived when steeped in experience. Vacation spots for single guys need to be adventurous and have a plethora of attractive women. The locations listed above are all the best vacation spots for single guys to get out there and have a truly visceral experience.

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