Build Your Sexual Stamina With These 5 Easy Steps

girl enjoying sexWe all want to build sexual stamina and be a sexual dynamo in the bedroom.

For many of us, the sexual stamina we had in our early twenties has started to wane. It’s important to keep yourself in top physical condition. There are the obvious physical and mental health benefits to staying fit.

However, an often overlooked positive side effect of physical fitness is the direct benefit to your sexual performance. Getting yourself in shape will allow you to tap into that same youthful energy that was so prevalent in your younger years.

Here at Senses Private Club, we want you to look, feel and perform your best. It is important to build both strength and cardiovascular fitness to boost your performance in the bedroom. By adding these basic exercises to your exercise routine, you will have the sexual stamina necessary to be the best she’s ever had.

1. Quick Pace and High Intensity
To achieve the maximum benefit from your workouts, you need to do your workouts at a high pace. This means that the old maxim of resting a minute between sets is not beneficial for your overall endurance. Allowing your muscles to rest will help you to lift heavier weights or add another exercise to your routine but it is has no direct benefit on your endurance.

Limit the amount of rest between sets to 15 to 20 seconds. You should still be fatigued from the previous set. This will help to build your endurance because you will be training your muscles to perform when drained. At the end of each completed exercise (sets and repetitions), you should be sweating and breathing heavily.

We can think of another physical activity that ends well when both people are sweaty and exhausted. This type of training will also help with your recovery period, which is a direct result of increasing your sexual stamina. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you are quickly able to continue your physical experience again and again and again. You’ll be the man she brags to all her friends about.

2. Endurance through Strength Training
Strength training is important to your overall fitness level. You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to reap the benefits of strength training. Many people wrongly think that the only way to boost endurance is to stick to a strict cardio-only routine. While cardio is fantastic (we will cover this later), strength training is equally as important.

You can actually slow your metabolism by solely doing endurance only workouts. Building endurance will eat away at your muscle tissue, so including strength training into your routine will help to replenish the muscle that gets used with the more endurance types of activities.

3. Creative Cardio
Running on a treadmill or at the local track is a great activity to build your cardiovascular system. However, there is more to cardio than just jogging or riding a bike. Try jumping rope as an alternative. Jumping rope is a great cardio activity and which has many of the same benefits of jogging.

Professional boxers and MMA fighters add jumping rope to their cardio routine. It gets your heart rate up quickly and you will find yourself at a high level of fatigue in just a minute or two. You will learn how to push through that fatigue and give your upper and lower body a fantastic workout.

Another great endurance building activity is to work out with a heavy bag. A fairly cheap investment, there are a wide variety of benefits to getting your cardio workout through the use of a heavy bag. Spend 15 minutes twice a week to hit the bag. Make sure that you do not rest for long during this activity.

You will learn to push through the fatigue, which will come quickly, and build your endurance. It takes a lot of energy to throw punches for a minute straight and you can break it up into 15 one-minute sets with a 10 second break in between. She’ll be struggling to keep up with you if you include some creative cardio into your workout and your sexual stamina will go to another level.

4. Explosive Exercises
These are becoming more and more popular in the gym and with professional athletes as well. Explosive exercises will add quite a bit to your endurance levels, since they will test your levels of strength and stamina.

Some great exercises for this include: box jumps, burpees, wind sprints and long jumps. These would all be fantastic additions to your exercise routine. These high intensity exercises will directly benefit your bedroom performance as and sexual stamina as well. What woman wouldn't appreciate some explosive power from her lover?

5. Focus on the Core
Your core muscles are probably the most widely used during sexual activity and strengthening these muscles will add to your endurance and bedroom performance. Almost every sexual position require the usage of your core muscles and you definitely don’t want to have a weak core with an amorous partner.

These are some of the most fundamental exercises that should be included in every workout routine. Squats and deadlifts are great exercises to utilize while you are doing some strength training. These help with your lower back and abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, pushups and planks will round out the necessary core strengthening exercises that should be an integral part of your fitness plan.

These exercises will provide the greatest benefit to the core muscles and will help to strengthen other muscles in the process. The last thing you want is to not have the muscles directly responsible for sex not in peak condition.

Take advantage of the five tips above and you (and your partner) will see an increase in your performance, endurance and sexual stamina. Everyone wants to have a night spent exploring the boundaries of passion, get your body ready for the experience. We know you will be happy that you did.

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