Why Adults Need To Play

Sexy couple playing in oceanRegardless of whether you were a bookworm, the class clown, the shy wallflower or the star athlete, we’re sure that your favorite part of school as a child was recess.

Playing is such a huge part of children’s lives that there are whole organizations dedicated to making sure that children are getting enough time to play.

Playtime for children helps their mental, physical, social and emotional development. There’s not a child psychologist anywhere who would debate the value of free time for children to play and explore.

In this time, they explore their own creative minds, which is very healthy for their self esteem and mental development. [Read more...]

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Supercharge Your Libido With These 6 Superfoods

libido boosting superfoodsLibido can be improved with the right foods.

Oysters, tiger’s penis and Viagra. All three of these have been looked upon for many years now as the be all end all boost for sexual performance.

However, these items tend to be very costly and not as effective as you may think.

While a little blue pill might do the trick on a special night, you want to be ready to go any day of the week, at a moment’s notice. That sexually charged train passenger giving you the green light might not want to wait a few hours for you to be ready. [Read more...]

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Enjoy These Top Health Benefits Of Casual Sex

Sexy girl in bedCasual Sex can be a prescription for good health.

It’s a fact that casual sex has been thoroughly enjoyed from pretty much the dawn of time. We’ve been ‘enjoying each other’s company’ as a species since before we could walk upright! It’s natural, it’s enjoyable and frankly, it’s in our nature.

Sadly however, casual sex has been frowned upon for almost as long. It was often done but never spoken about - those who did indulge on a regular basis were considered to be of low character.

The men who collected ‘conquests’ were considered to be pigs and the women who were blessed with lusty appetites were all but burned at the stake. [Read more...]

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9 Libido Boosting Foods You Should Be Eating (and a Few to Avoid)

Girl eating a libido boosting superfoodDo you know the best and worst foods for your libido?

We’re sure that you’re a romantic and sexual dynamo. All you need is some soft music, a little mood lighting and you are ready, willing and able for a night of unbridled passion. However, much like everything else in life, it’s never a bad idea to make sure you are ready to perform your best.

A while back, we did an article on superfoods that would boost your libido. Those six foods: strawberries, avocado, pomegranate, nuts, eggs and bananas, should be part of your weekly intake. [Read more...]

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The Absolute 10 Best Health Benefits Of Sex

Sexy girl enjoying healthy lifestyleGreat sex and great health go hand in hand.

Who doesn’t love having sex? I’m sure there are a few people well past their sexual years and some Buddhist monks who channel their sexual energy to heal the sick or something of that sort. For most of us, we love sex. It surrounds our daily lives and, most days, we’d rather be having naked fun time more than anything else.

While sex is probably the greatest way to spend an afternoon, there’s much more to having a sweaty good time than just the release of sexual energy.

Sex on a regular basis is actually very beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. People who regularly engage in sex tend to live healthier and happier lives. [Read more...]

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