Best Sex Vacations For Singles In The United States

Two single girls on a sex vacationMany people want to know where are the best sex vacations for singles in the United States. This can be a difficult topic since prostitution is only legal in the state of Nevada.

However, just because there is only one state where it is legal, doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities abound.

A little creativity and the ability to think outside the box can yield some great results.

Sure, you can take a trip to Nevada and enjoy one of the few legal brothels available but that’s not exactly the experience many have in mind when thinking of a luxury sex vacation.

Other Travel Destinations To Consider

If you’re having difficulty finding sex vacations for singles in the United States, there are also international solutions which we’ll dive into a little later in the article but first let’s take a look at some of the possible sex vacations for singles in the United States.

Most of these are festivals and events to build your vacation around.  Keep in mind you can always book an escort to accompany you on your adventures to these events if you need to be a couple to attend. You can plan your own escort vacation! [Read more...]

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Get Packing! The World’s Top Five Erotic Vacations

Sexy girl on erotic vacation at sex resortAre Erotic Vacations on your bucket list of things to experience? If you answered yes, then get ready to discover some of the best erotic vacations in the world to let loose and take your naughty side over the top.

The concept of the ‘bucket list’ of experiences has really taken off in the last few years.

After all, we've all had private lists of things we want to do in our lives in the back of our minds pretty much since birth. However, it’s only recently that people are deciding to actually do something about them.

But what if you’re not the kind of person who just has to ride a camel once before they die? What if your tastes run to the more erotic or adventurous side of things?

Maybe you're ready to discover a great sex resort? Good news my friend, you are not alone! [Read more...]

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Divorced Guys Guide To A Dominican Republic Escort Vacation

Guy enjoying a Dominican Republic escort vacation with sexy girlAfter my divorce, I really needed a break. I decided to take a Dominican Republic escort vacation to recharge my mind and body. Why the Dominican Republic? Easy. It’s probably the best tropical destination for any type of vacation. When you make it an escort vacation, you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime.

Any guy can relate to seeking out the best vacation spots to meet girls because they need that attention. But a divorced guy understands that the end of your marriage it can leave you starved for affection.

At the beginning of my marriage, my sex life was great. After awhile, it started to deteriorate. Towards the end, sex was nonexistent.

I found myself fantasizing about anyone and everyone. Hell, even the toaster started looking inviting around month 6 of my forced celibacy.

I was so sexually frustrated when my marriage ended that I had to do something epic. So, I made the choice to take a Dominican Republic escort vacation at a private adult only resort. [Read more...]

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I Took My Girlfriend To A Sex Resort For A Naughty Sexcation

Escorts on sexcation in Dominican RepublicIf you’ve never been on a sexcation (a vacation devoted entirely to sex), you’re missing out. According to studies, there are many benefits to taking a sexcation.

A vacation is good for your mental and physical well-being. Everyone needs a break from the stressors of daily life. People who regularly take vacations have fewer instances of heart disease. They also are more positive and ambitious.

In today’s society, we are too focused on our professional lives. Even when on vacation, some people will still do a little work.

These people are more stressed, more easily overwhelmed, and have more health issues. There have been numerous studies that show the benefits of taking time off from work.

There’s no better way to enjoy your time off than to go to the tropics. My favorite place for a sexcation is absolutely the Dominican Republic. [Read more...]

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Dominican Escorts: I Gave My Man The Ultimate Gift

two Dominican escorts on the beachMy boyfriend and I enjoy a very open relationship. I wanted to give him the ultimate birthday gift last year so I decided on giving him an all-inclusive vacation with Dominican escorts.

Let me tell you, he was more than happy with his gift. Who wouldn’t be? Some of the most beautiful women in the world are there.

Where else would you have the opportunity to be with someone who looks like a supermodel while enjoying a Caribbean paradise?

Dominican escorts are some of the most sought after women in the business. Any swinging couple should plan a sex vacation to this island paradise.

Perfect beaches, beautiful women and world-class restaurants and activities. The Dominican Republic has it all.

I couldn’t have picked a better gift. That’s all he talks about.

We already had a pretty amazing sex life but wanted to take things up a notch in the bedroom and live out some fantasies.

Things with us didn't start out living our wildest fantasies on an amazing adult vacation.

[Read more...]

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