17 Best Swinger, Polyamorous And Sex Blogs For Open-Minded Couples

Two female bisexual swingers kissingLooking for some of the best Swinger, Polyamorous and Sex Blogs?

The internet is full of information these days. Every person with a computer and some free time is out there spouting off their opinions and offering advice to anyone who might be willing to click on their page.

However, where should the open-minded couple look when trying to find the best sex blogs, best swinger blogs and/or the best polyamorous blogs? Have no fear, we’ve done all the legwork for you.

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Embrace Your Kinky Side: 3 Tips For Enjoyable Exploration

Kinky girl tied up on bedSo you're ready to explore your kinky side?

You don’t have to be 50 shades of anything to know that, at some point in your life, you might have developed a fetish or kink in the bedroom. What most people don’t really know is how to best explore this aspect of their own sexuality.

People who embrace their kinky side are often met with speculation and are seen as outsiders. Words like “freak” and “deviant” make their way into conversations about other people’s sexual preferences. Let’s face it, there are plenty of people out there who might pass judgement about you.

This article is not for those people. I understand that one of the greatest aspects about truly living your life is having new experiences.

If you really wanted to jump out of an airplane or engage in some other sort of thrill-seeking activity, would you be viewed as a deviant? The short answer is no. You might be seen as eccentric or a daredevil but never as an outcast to society. [Read more...]

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Guy’s Guide To Adult Vacations And Resorts

Island girl in bikiniSo you’ve decided to research adult vacations and you're looking for just the right kind of resort?

We understand completely. There’s something magical about relaxing in a stress-free environment and allowing the weight of your busy life to effortlessly melt away in the warm Caribbean sun.

Most days, it feels like the warm waters we call home were created for the sole purpose of providing a naturally relaxing environment.

We also understand that for many of you, a stress-free vacation is one that’s meant for adults only. [Read more...]

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Tips For The Perfect Threesome

Couple enjoying a threesomeAre you ready to experience the perfect threesome?

People are always searching for something better. We are constantly bombarded with messages about the things in our lives that could be improved. Better furniture, better health, better laundry detergent and better sex.

Most of the things that could be better are just fine the way they are. Sure, you might just need whiter whites but, really, how much better could a new and improved anything really be? [Read more...]

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Why Adults Need To Play

Sexy couple playing in oceanRegardless of whether you were a bookworm, the class clown, the shy wallflower or the star athlete, we’re sure that your favorite part of school as a child was recess.

Playing is such a huge part of children’s lives that there are whole organizations dedicated to making sure that children are getting enough time to play.

Playtime for children helps their mental, physical, social and emotional development. There’s not a child psychologist anywhere who would debate the value of free time for children to play and explore.

In this time, they explore their own creative minds, which is very healthy for their self esteem and mental development. [Read more...]

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