How Strong Is Your Foreplay Game?

Girl ready for foreplayWe all know that foreplay is important in a healthy sex life but how strong is your game?

We’ve been schooled over and over about the necessity of foreplay and, for some men, the lessons have been internalized.

For others, however, there is not as much importance placed on the time spent before the actual act of sex begins. Many people see it as a necessary evil of sorts to make sure that your lady is properly lubed up and ready to go. [Read more...]

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Tips For The Perfect Threesome

Couple enjoying a threesomeAre you ready to experience the perfect threesome?

People are always searching for something better. We are constantly bombarded with messages about the things in our lives that could be improved. Better furniture, better health, better laundry detergent and better sex.

Most of the things that could be better are just fine the way they are. Sure, you might just need whiter whites but, really, how much better could a new and improved anything really be? [Read more...]

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Girlfriend Experience VS. An Actual Girlfriend

Guy enjoying girlfriend experience on beachThere are so many options available today for healthy, virile adults to enjoy. Have you considered the Girlfriend Experience?

Everyone eventually wants that special someone in their life who is both a friend and a lover. Truth be told, that experience is what many great relationships are all about.

A great relationship takes a lot of time to cultivate and both partners have to be fully committed to making a relationship great. If both aren’t 100% committed, the end result is that, usually, one or both parties involved eventually gets hurt. [Read more...]

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Casual Sex: Is It Really Good for You?

Girl waiting for casual sexCasual sex has had a negative stigma attached to it for many years.

Once the swinging lifestyle of the 1970’s was enveloped by the much more conservative 1980’s, there was a shift in how the world felt about casual sex.

There was a long standing tradition among researchers and the medical community, especially among mental health professionals, that casual sex was detrimental to a person’s mental well-being.

They will talk about the urge to fit in as if no person has ever wanted a no strings night of passion that doesn’t continue the next day or lead to a committed, monogamous relationship.

The opinion of most is that sex without love or a committed relationship is somehow hollow, mechanical and pointless. It could even be bad for your mental health according to some.

Unless you’re in your early 20’s, there’s not much value in casual sex, the former train of thought stated. [Read more...]

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Unlocking A Woman’s Sexual Potential In Three Easy Steps

Girl laying on sofaYou have been pursuing a woman for a good amount of time – dancing, laughter, copious amounts of alcohol and perhaps even a gift or two if you’re that type.

You like her and it’s obvious she likes you. Frankly, there’s enough chemical activity between the two of you to give Marie Curie hot flashes from beyond the grave.

The sex is going to be fantastic. It has to be fantastic with this kind of connection. Doesn’t it?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, gentlemen. [Read more...]

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