Spice Up Your Next Fishing Adventure With Some Adult Fun

Hot girl fishing on boatA deep sea fishing adventure can be one of the most rewarding adult vacations you can take.

Getting out on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and testing your skills against some of the biggest fish Mother Nature has to offer is a worthwhile quest. It's a boost to your ego to fight with a 200 plus pound beast and emerge victorious on the ultimate fishing adventure.

Sounds like a great time, right? What if we told you that we could up the ante?

Complement your fishing excursion with an adult vacation experience at Senses Private Club. You’ll go home with memories of that perfect catch, and much more. [Read more...]

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Raising Your Vacation Standards – Welcome To The East Coast Of The Dominican Republic

3 girls on East Coast of Dominican Republic

When you vacation on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic, you have access to the best of everything.

Take a moment to imagine your ideal vacation spot.  If you’ve pictured an RV and a local lake, clear your mind and think again.

Think luxury. Think tropical. Think vacation of a lifetime. What do you see?

How does a pristine white sand beach sound?

Let’s add in some massive, crystal clear waves crashing against the shore and the shade of gently swaying palm trees to keep you cool.

Once you’ve tired of being handed artisan cocktails by our very accommodating staff…. perhaps some golf?

A few rounds on an award-winning course may be just what you need to warm you up for a little wreck diving in the evening.

Or, you could always take a yacht excursion with our wonderful travel guides leading the way – there’s nothing like a late night star gazing/bikini party to help you forget the stress of the day. [Read more...]

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5 Steps To Mind Blowing Vacation Sex

Girl in bikini on beachStudies show vacation sex can be the best sex of all if done right.

When you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime, there are some major considerations to take into account in order for it to live up to that impressive title.

The best place to start is by asking yourself…what constitutes a life-changing vacation for me? What do I need to make it truly epic? [Read more...]

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Guy’s Guide To Adult Vacations And Resorts

Island girl in bikiniSo you’ve decided to research adult vacations and you're looking for just the right kind of resort?

We understand completely. There’s something magical about relaxing in a stress-free environment and allowing the weight of your busy life to effortlessly melt away in the warm Caribbean sun.

Most days, it feels like the warm waters we call home were created for the sole purpose of providing a naturally relaxing environment.

We also understand that for many of you, a stress-free vacation is one that’s meant for adults only. [Read more...]

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Best Excursions Punta Cana Has To Offer

Girls on dune buggy excursion in Punta CanaPunta Cana clearly has the best excursions in the Dominican Republic and perhaps the entire Caribbean.

One of the perks of visiting Senses Private Club for the vacation of a lifetime is the ability to get out and explore all that the Dominican Republic has to offer and it's all included in your nightly rate. From the pristine white sand beaches, gently kissed by the warm trade winds to the diverse and cultural and entertainment options, Punta Cana is truly an island paradise.

Being a guest at Senses provides you with a variety of different options. Not only do you get the benefits of everything that Senses has to offer, with our welcoming staff, world class amenities and the best travel guides in the world, but you also get to take advantage of some of the best excursions in Punta Cana all included in your reservation. [Read more...]

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