Cheap Escorts vs VIP: What’s The Difference?

VIP escortIf you're used to hiring cheap escorts, then VIP escorts will open up a whole new experience for you.

Everyone’s always shopping for a bargain. It’s practical and economically sound to be frugal in our daily lives. We do this almost subconsciously.

We look for the gas station with the lowest prices, look for deal at the supermarket and flood stores on Black Friday to get that screaming deal on the new TV we wanted.

So, what to do when what we are shopping for has no real set value? How can we make sure that we’re spending our money wisely when looking for a companion?

Hiring an escort or going to a sex resort can be a great and rewarding experience if you know what to look for. This is definitely one of the markets where you get what you pay for. Cheap escorts and VIP escorts are two completely different sides of the spectrum.

Cheap escorts by definition cost significantly less that VIP escorts. Why? They’re both selling the same product, right? Well, in actuality, they are not. Your time with a VIP escort will be much different than a similar amount of time spent with a cheap escort.

There are definitely a few differences when it comes to cheap escorts vs VIP escorts. What it boils down to at the end of it all is the overall quality of the experience. Obviously, they both will provide at least one similar service; however, that’s where the similarities end.

Let’s face it there’s a huge difference between paying $100 and $1000 and the main difference here is quality. You’re paying for the highest quality available when looking to hire a VIP escort.

A cheap escort will most likely be attractive. She will have the good looks of a girl at the upper end of your spectrum. This is a woman you could meet any day of the week. Since it is somewhat common, there a reason why the price is lower.

A VIP escort is the total package. She looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine and has the chops to back it up. VIP escorts are used to catering to high profile clients; professionals who are used to paying for the best. These women are accustomed to being in situations where they need to project high quality femininity.

VIP escorts are used to high profile clients and men (and women) who value their privacy. With VIP escorts, discretion is a huge part of their business. It is not all too often where you see a VIP escort involved in a scandal and they definitely do not want any undue attention. Their livelihood depends on their clients trusting them to conduct themselves professionally.

Cheap escorts, by comparison, are not as bound by the confines of discretion. Many are seeking out attention and will do things to put themselves in the spotlight, regardless of what lives are affected in the process.

With cheap escorts you are paying for one thing and one thing only. They tend to work on an hourly basis and are looking at fitting in (pun intended) as many clients in a night as possible to make the most money. With that hectic schedule comes a lack of services. You will definitely get laid but, in reality, what you’re getting is screwed.

VIP escorts are more about the whole experience than just a single act. Since you are paying a higher price for their time, you get more personalized attention. VIP escorts are willing to accompany you to an event, charm your acquaintances and then rock your world later on in the evening.

Another perk of hiring VIP escorts is that you can have a true girlfriend experience. This means that you get more than a night of hot, naked fun. You get the whole experience. VIP escorts know how to give you a night, weekend or week with the woman of your dreams. Always willing to go on a new adventure or spend a passionate night inside, VIP escorts are ten steps above their cheap escort counterparts.

Booking Cheap escorts can be a bit of a crap shoot. You can search their catalog of models online and find one that is intriguing to you. Here’s the problem. The best ones are in high demand and are, therefore, not as available. What this means for you as a consumer is that you might pay for a 10 but the agency sends you a 6, or she just looks nothing like you were promised.

This is not the type of industry where you can refund or exchange if you’re unhappy with the quality of the product, so you’re left with either using the services of the woman you were provided or going home alone.

VIP escorts are not in as high of a demand on a daily basis since there are fewer men who can afford their services. This seems counter intuitive but it’s the truth. They charge more and don’t need to work as often as their cheaper counterparts.

For the client looking for VIP escorts, this creates a wealth of opportunities to have the exact woman you want when you want her. They tend to be much more relaxed and often get to know their clients very well. Because of this, it's not unusual for the VIP escort to really enjoy the experience to the point of "real" orgasms with a client.

Whatever your reasons for hiring an escort might be, it’s in your best interest to get the most bang for your buck. VIP escorts are the total package: beauty, brains, sophistication and unbridled sexuality all in one.

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