Dominican Escorts: I Gave My Man The Ultimate Gift

two Dominican escorts on the beach My boyfriend and I enjoy a very open relationship. I wanted to give him the ultimate birthday gift last year so I decided on giving him an all-inclusive vacation with Dominican escorts.

Let me tell you, he was more than happy with his gift. Who wouldn’t be? Some of the most beautiful women in the world are there.

Where else would you have the opportunity to be with someone who looks like a supermodel while enjoying a Caribbean paradise?

Dominican escorts are some of the most sought after women in the business. Any swinging couple should plan a sex vacation to this island paradise.

Perfect beaches, beautiful women and world-class restaurants and activities. The Dominican Republic has it all.

I couldn’t have picked a better gift. That’s all he talks about.

We already had a pretty amazing sex life but wanted to take things up a notch in the bedroom and live out some fantasies.

Things with us didn't start out living our wildest fantasies on an amazing adult vacation.

Before Dominican Escorts - Our Start in the Swinging Lifestyle

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years. I am very sexually adventurous and always have been. I love men but I also absolutely love to play with women. 

Most likely I couldn’t handle a full blown relationship with a woman. I’m a bit of a tomboy and like beer, sports, and don’t have much interest in drama. I just get along better with men.

However, I love the touch and scent of a woman in the bedroom. They are soft and gentle. They know how to touch a woman and I love them for pleasure but hate them for relationships.

The allure of Dominican escorts wasn't something I heard about before I met my boyfriend. I had thought about taking a trip solo to a tropical resort just to explore picking up a single girl but life has a way of interfering with your plans. So, I never really had the opportunity to go but I put it on my sexual bucket list.

I met my boyfriend out at a bar one night even though I was there just to have a drink with a couple girlfriends. While I was at the bar getting a drink, he came up to me, introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink.

One drink led to two. Then three. Before I knew it  we were in the bathroom of the bar like a couple of high school kids. We’ve been together ever since. We are best friends and our sex life is amazing but there was something missing though.

Threesome Fantasy

I had played with women before, but it wasn’t a regular thing. I hadn't really told him about my real desire to be with a woman even though we had fantasized having a threesome.

He never had a threesome before but it was definitely on his bucket list but his only issue was that we were in a committed relationship. My guy always envisioned it would be with a couple random girls but he for sure wanted to make a threesome a reality.

No strings, commitment, or further attachments. His biggest concern was that I was going to get attached to a woman and leave him. I thought this was funny at first. After all, what man would be worried about that?

I did a little research though and found that it is more common than I realized. People in committed relationships who enter the lifestyle often have relationship issues. 

I realized that it wasn’t really his concern about women in particular. He was concerned about the separation of sex and love. To him, it was tough to differentiate between the two. Especially in a relationship.

Two girls kissing Bi the Way...I Really Want a Woman for My Pleasure Too

For any couple who wants to start in the swing lifestyle, communication  is key.

After all, if we had a threesome we would be inviting another woman into our bedroom. The place we were intimate. Where we slept, talked, and enjoyed one another. It can be pretty intrusive if you don’t establish some boundaries and rules.

During our talk I told him about my fantasy. How I love the touch of a woman. I remember asking him what he loved about being with women.

He told me the softness of the skin, lips, and the passion in their touch. 

I told him that I love those things too. For me, it was just physical. I didn’t want any emotional attachment to anyone else but him. 

For people in the lifestyle, it should be about physical pleasure. But not everyone can break it down into this very physical act alone. Many couples do have trouble getting past the natural jealousy that comes when you first start. 

That’s why some people don’t stay in the lifestyle for very long. One person gets insecure, especially when you see and hear your partner moaning in ecstasy. Some men and women have trouble with this. It is a blow to the ego. After all, nobody should be able to please their partner like they can. 

He Understood My Needs

I could have been dismissive about his concerns, but that would just be a recipe for disaster. We had an in-depth talk about my needs being purely physical. 

After a while, he understood why I had this need. I told him that I’m completely happy with our relationship and if he wasn’t comfortable, we wouldn’t do it. I’m not bound by my physical desires. I would have been just fine not being with another woman if I knew he would be uncomfortable. 

We talked about the benefits of having a fantasy life. How my fulfillment would actually strengthen our own relationship. Plus, what guy wouldn’t love being with two women?

After all, it was one of his fantasies too. He just never envisioned that fantasy involving someone he loved. It never crossed his mind that was even an option.

He is very traditional. A relationship is between two people and sex is an extension of the relationship. He’s definitely not a prude about sex. He’s very adventurous. In fact, there’s probably not a single place we’ve been where we didn’t end up having sex. 

Our conversation was very positive. We agreed to start looking for a woman to bring into our bedroom. We were both very excited and ready.

The First Time with Another Woman

We decided one of the easiest ways to find a willing third was to go online. We created a profile on a swingers website. Had we realized the true potential of a vacation with Dominican escorts, we might have gone there first.

We struggled to get even a few responses to our profile. There were some couples, but not the windfall we thought we’d see. We really just wanted a single woman. Being new to the lifestyle, we didn’t realize that there’s a reason single women are called unicorns. 

For a while we thought we’d have a better chance of finding Pegasus than a woman. Finally, our luck changed and we got a response to our profile. We set a date to meet her at a bar for drinks. 

She was attractive. Long black hair, busty, with a nice smile. I was instantly drawn to her. So was my boyfriend. We invited her back to our house for a couple more drinks and to see what would happen.

After a few more drinks, things started heating up. We started kissing. I undressed her and our first night as a swinging couple began. We had an enjoyable experience and the drinks helped with the awkwardness. She had been in the lifestyle for a while and we had a great time with her.

The Morning After

My boyfriend really enjoyed himself and he told me that he didn’t feel jealous at all seeing me being pleased so completely by her. He did admit to feeling a little guilty about being with another woman. Especially with me right there.

I assured him that it was a total turn on for me. Not only being with a woman, but also watching him get off. After that, we were in and we continued to play with her a couple of times before she ended up in a relationship with a guy. 

We tried to find new women, but our choices were limited. Every now and then a new woman would cross our path, but it was very infrequent and it was hard to find really attractive ladies who were single and ready to play with a couple. 

I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone. That was just our own experience. I loved the power of being able to fulfill my fantasies but it wasn’t always so easy.

Escort on beach in Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Sex

I was doing a little research and found that Dominican escorts were available at some of the best sex resorts. We started saving up for a vacation and decided to go to one of the better all-inclusive adult resorts.

Many of the best Dominican escorts are available at a few luxury adult themed resorts. This makes it an easy and enjoyable experience for guests.

You don’t have to worry about finding women. They are right there and readily available. You also get the added benefit of security, privacy, and quality. 

There was something about being in a foreign country and looking for a woman that wasn’t appealing to us. We didn’t want to have to worry about that during our vacation and just preferred going to a resort that offered everything. 

It's an all-inclusive paradise in every sense of the word.

Negative Attitudes about Prostitution in the Dominican Republic

The resorts that have Dominican escorts might not be profitable if sex wasn’t still so taboo. But unfortunately escorts and sex work is still very misunderstood by many.

Everyone loves sex. Why not? It’s pretty amazing if you ask me or anyone I know. Why the attitude towards escorts then? I think that is a philosophical question for the ages. 

My personal opinion is that people have been taught that sex is shameful. It isn’t celebrated as a pleasurable activity. We are a culture that thrives on leisure and fun and know that sex is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. Yet many people act as if there is something wrong with recreational sex.

Swingers understand this better than anyone. They know that sex can be an expression of love but also a means to fulfill fantasy and desire. 

DR Escort Myths

There are many myths about using escort services. When I first brought up the idea of hiring some Dominican escorts, my boyfriend didn’t know what to think. He had some misconceptions about hiring an escort that I felt we needed to address.

I understand that not everyone has my same job. That most people aren’t paid to write about their experiences with sex. I have always respected the people working in the sex industry. They provide services that only bring pleasure and fulfill fantasies.

It’s unfortunate how the whole industry is viewed in such a negative light in many countries like the United States. My boyfriend had a few myths that I bet many other people do as well. 

Myth 1: Only Men Who Can’t Get Women Use Escorts in the Dominican Republic

My boyfriend is really into sports. I asked him if he would prefer to go to a professional sporting event or watch amateurs. You can guess his response. He said “I would want to watch the pros.” No duh! Maybe my response was a little too sarcastic but it proved my point.

He had obviously picked up my message at this point. He said he understood my analogy. I reminded him that we were looking to meet Dominican escorts because they were some of the sexiest. We were looking for the World Cup of sex. This wasn’t going to happen at home.

Don’t get me wrong. We have some extremely talented amateurs in our home town. I’ve played with some of them and it’s always a great time but sometimes people just want to have the experience of a lifetime.

Myth 2: Dominican Escorts Hate Sex With Clients

One of his biggest concerns was that we would pay for a first-class escort vacation and be let down by lackluster sex. He wondered if escorts really liked sex or if they just knew how to fake it better. Do escorts orgasm with clients?

The fact is, many of the women who work at these resorts have a more traditional day job and are there to enjoy a great luxury vacation as well.. Most of them enjoy the work because of the sex, not in spite of it. 

Myth 3: Escorts Just Want to Find a Man with Money

I respect anyone who is living life by their own rules. These are beautiful women who don’t want to be confined to an office job. They want to be free. Sure the money is great but it’s not the only thing. 

I remember asking one of the women from our trip why she got into the industry. She said that she decided to do it for three reasons.

  1. For personal and financial freedom
  2. Her love for sex
  3. The ability to live in paradise and meet amazing people

She said that modeling could be lucrative, but she had to stay close to one of the big cities. Sure, she could always take a vacation down to the islands, but she didn’t have to pay for anything this way. With her job, she comes down for a few months at a time. She was 25 and financially independent. She had investments, and was already debt free. 

Plus, she travels wherever and whenever she wants. She was living her life exactly how she wanted. Her job allowed her the freedom to explore her own passions which I think is great.

No one was making her do this. She was doing this all by herself, on her own terms. Even though she had plenty of men wanting to throw money at her, that wasn’t her style. This beautiful woman wanted her independence and found a way to do just that. 

Myth 4: Companions Probably Hate their Job

The last concern my boyfriend had was that the Dominican escorts hate their jobs. The last thing he wanted was some girl pretending to have fun with us. I understood his concerns. It was initially one of mine too. After all, this was our sexy vacation and it would be tarnished with a woman who wasn’t having fun too.

I’m a pretty good judge of character. In fact, I read energy pretty well. I can just feel when someone isn’t having a good time. This has been especially helpful in the swinger lifestyle. Sometimes we have met women who just weren’t a good fit. We were able to avoid a couple awkward evenings as a result. 

It can be tough for some people to imagine that a beautiful, intelligent woman might actually enjoy having fun with strangers. For these women it’s about more than just the sex. That’s a bonus.

They get the opportunity to spend their work days in paradise. Where you and I go to vacation and escape reality, they call home. The excursions we’ll go home and tell our friends and coworkers about are just part of their everyday lives. They live on vacation. Who wouldn’t love that?

Add into this the fact that many of the guests treat them like a goddess. That’s not a bad gig if you can get it. They love to entertain and absolutely love being the object of desire. It isn’t a life for everyone but there are definitely a number of perks. There is a big difference in VIP escorts and travel companions who choose this lifestyle.

Beautiful VIP companion on boat

Our Dominican Republic Escort Vacation

So, we decided to book our Dominican Republic escort vacation. We chose to go with one of the private, luxury resorts on the island. 

The resort we booked gave us the option of booking women in advance. There was also the option to choose women when at the resort.

We liked having these choices. Normally, I am the one who picks our women. After all, it’s my desires that are being met.

This might sound selfish to some people but it’s the agreement established between me and my boyfriend. He hasn’t had many complaints up to this point.

It’s nice that we both like similar women. We have minor differences in taste, but we always can agree on some specific features.

For example, my boyfriend likes busty women. Shocking, right? That’s one of his only requirements. 

For me, I need to find the woman’s face attractive before I focus on a specific body part. So, I typically look for women that I find appealing. I’m not going to lie here. I do appreciate an impressive bust as well. I’ve always done right by him. 

For our vacation, I decided to let him pick our first woman. That was my birthday surprise to him.

I told him that the first night is all about him. He picks the girl. He calls the shots. That first night is all about his fantasy. This was my gift to him. 

The best part is that he knows what I like. He wouldn’t pick a woman that he knows I wouldn’t find attractive. He’s not selfish like that. 

His First Choice of Companions

So, he was given the first choice. He picked a beautiful brunette from Eastern Europe. She looked like she just stepped off the pages of a glamour magazine.

We made the decision to book our time with her in advance and had a basic plan for our few days at the resort. Our plan was to book a woman for the first night and then explore our other options for the rest of our stay. He made a great choice.

We arrived at the resort and settled into our room. The resort was first class all the way. Super private and secure. The resort we chose caters to a smaller number of guests. They do this to allow their guest to get the best customer service possible. 

We were both awestruck by how beautiful this woman was. She was intelligent, and could hold her own with any topic that we talked about.

My boyfriend and I both enjoy deep conversations. She not only kept up with the conversation, but she had so much to add as well. I don’t know what was more attractive, her beauty or her intelligence. Either way, she was a pretty impressive woman.

We were both extremely turned on by her whole aura. She was sex personified and I could see how turned on my boyfriend was by the whole experience.

She was easily the most beautiful woman I had ever been with. Now, I was able to reach out and touch her. It was like being in a dream. Scratch that. It was a fantasy come to life. The two of us bathed in her beauty, her touch, her everything. I couldn’t remember a more enjoyable physical experience. 

To me, this was the pinnacle of all my swinging experiences. This was just one of the amazing experiences we enjoyed with the Dominican Republic escorts we encountered. 

The Remaining Days of Bliss

My boyfriend and I were talking the next day about our time with the first woman. We agreed that there was no possible way that experience could be repeated. Boy were we wrong. 

The next day, we chose another woman from the resort. She was Latin. Just like the woman before, she was an absolute goddess and we couldn't wait to spend time with her.

The resort offered different excursions as part of our stay with them. We decided to book our own private catamaran and invite the other guests. We were just one of a few different guests. A couple single men and another couple joined us. 

The women from the resort joined us on the catamaran excursion as well. I thought my boyfriend’s eyes were going to pop out of his head with all the girls in their bikinis and playing topless on board. I’ll be honest here. I was definitely awestruck myself.

That whole day is a bit of a blur. I will say that the two of us couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of our trip. In reality, we wore permagrins for months afterwards. 

I remember my boyfriend and I talking about his apprehension to take part in the lifestyle. He admitted just how wrong he had been. This was especially true about his opinions on the Dominican escorts we enjoyed. The variety and quality of the women we encountered on our short vacation is something we will never forget.

We still participate in the lifestyle today. While we do enjoy our experiences with the local women when we are lucky enough to find one, we can’t wait to get back to the Dominican Republic. 

Sexy companion at escort resort There’s No Place like the Dominican Republic for an Escort Vacation

If I can leave you with any sort of final thought it’s this. There is really no other tropical destination like the Dominican Republic. Especially the fact it’s so close to the United States.

The beaches, shopping, casinos, nightclubs, and, of course, the women.

If you have ever needed a reason to take a vacation with the most beautiful Dominican escorts, hopefully this article inspires you. 

My boyfriend still talks about the greatest birthday gift he ever received.

He now waxes nostalgic about our naked adventures in the Dominican Republic. It is like every detail of our trip was permanently etched into his brain. 

He remembers every touch, every moan, every sight, and everything in between we experienced together.

He not only raves about the women, but also all the amazing sights we saw around the island.

This was the perfect gift. A top erotic vacation was something that we both found rewarding.

This vacation helped to strengthen our relationship for sure.

We were able to explore our own fantasies and we brought those home with us. We call them our sexual souvenirs!

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