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Travel companion and vip escortIn the world of travel companions, not all are created equal as the maxim goes.

For the discerning gentlemen (and ladies), there are more than just subtle differences. In fact, the pieces that help distinguish the types of companion you might encounter, are uniquely different.

There have been a great number of terms used over the years to describe the women who provide men with companionship. They are referred to as: hookers, prostitutes, escorts, courtesans, companions and other more off color terms. However, this blanket terminology does not really reflect the women who choose this particular line of work.

It’s important to first learn a little bit of history regarding the profession. Courtesans have a long history that goes back many years. They were usually attached to a wealthy man who provided everything she could possibly need. They would stay with their man as long as he could continue to provide them with the lifestyle they desired. Once the well ran dry, they moved along to another suitor.

Many of these women were far ahead of their time. Marriage back then was more of a business arrangement and women who did not want to live the life of a married woman, often chose to become courtesans.

All these women had to provide to their benefactors was companionship. Sometimes it was physical and other times the companionship was more intellectual. Many women looked at the lifestyle of a courtesan with envy, where the common street prostitutes were looked down upon and seen as dirty.

Back in those times, having a courtesan was looked upon as a status symbol. The men wanted qualities in their courtesans that they did not want in their wives. Their wives were usually subservient and docile, while their courtesans were often fiery and strong willed. Courtesans back then were well educated, sexually forward and could hold their own in a conversation with any man.

Jump to today and the courtesan is still alive and well. They are not referred to as courtesans as often, that’s an old and more outdated term. Today, the women who make it to the top of the companionship ladder are often referred to as VIP Escorts and Travel Companions.

Your experience with a woman of this caliber is not about sex. When you decide to utilize the services of a true companion, you are paying for a complete experience, one, when done right, that is not easily rivaled.

We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting. – Kahlil Gibran

A VIP companion is all about making a connection with her client. She is interested in them on a deeper level than just merely their pocketbook. Don’t get us wrong here, your time spent with one of these women will not be cheap but it’s all relative when you look at the total experience you will receive.

These women are interested in their clients on a personal level. They understand that the best physical connections you can have with someone usually stem from first having some sort of mental connection. Many clients who use these services desire something much more profound than just a quickie in a moderately priced hotel room.

What you get with these women is the total girlfriend experience without any of the downside of a more traditional relationship. These are the types of women you have dreamed about for years. They are your fantasy and you have the opportunity to live this fantasy, instead of merely dreaming of an encounter.

These women can accompany you to a business or social function and use their education, intelligence and sensuality to captivate many of the other people at your event. They will get you to reveal personal details and let go of some of your own inhibitions. After all, a beautiful and confident woman is something that everyone desires at one point or another.

If all you are looking for is an hour or two of no strings attached sex, then there are plenty of working women out there who can provide you with their services. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting a purely physical release from an attractive and willing partner. There are plenty of women in the industry who make a very good living physically pleasing men and there is a strong demand for their services.

On the other hand, someone looking to hire a VIP companion is more than likely on a different level. They are used to the best, whether that is in their professional or personal lives. These men and women expect their companion to be classy, intelligent and willing to please on so many different levels that to try to compare a VIP experience to anything else would be pointless. They are just that different.

So, for the discerning client, using the services of a VIP companion is really the only way to go. You will be provided with the absolute best of the best. There is a reason why these women have climbed to the top of their chosen profession and it’s not just because they look good in lingerie. It’s because they are the total package and the experience they provide to their clients are second to none. Take advantage of all your hard work and treat yourself to the best. We know you will not be disappointed.

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