The Essential Sex Bucket List

Sexy girl on beach Do you have a sex bucket list?

Everyone likes to talk about their bucket list. Those places and experiences that they would like to see or have before they venture off into the unknown forever. But how about your sex bucket list?

Sure, it would be great to see the Eiffel Tower or to take a leisurely gondola ride in Venice but those are all things that you can do as you get a little older. Those specific landmarks are probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

So, what are some other aspects of your own personal bucket list that you would like to explore more intimately? We bet there are quite a few items on your list that might require a partner or two (or more?) to accomplish.

The sex bucket list is equally as important as the non-sexual items on the list. However, there are some things on that list that you might not be able to accomplish in the later stages of your life.

So, before you get too long in the tooth to do anything about it, now is the time to start ticking things off your sex bucket list. Odds are, you’ve been already doing this subconsciously for years.

For example, maybe you’ve always been attracted to brunettes but you decided one day to try a redhead or a blonde. We do this almost subconsciously as a way of satisfying our own experiences.

So, by that same logic, you need to create for yourself a sexual bucket list of things that you should experience before you reach the end of the road. You might have your own preferences, but we’ve compiled a list of a few items that you just might want to add (if they’re not already on your own personal list).

9. Outdoor Sex
This is one of the easiest ones to accomplish. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or prefer the comforts of more luxurious accommodations, outdoor sex should be on your sex bucket list.

This is one of those items that is both adventurous and exciting. You can start small, like your backyard and work up to a more public location. We bet you’ll enjoy more than just the cool breeze on your naked backside.

8. Erotic Massage
This should apply to both the areas of receiving and giving. An erotic massage is both sensual and sexually fulfilling. It can begin with a fairly common non-sexual massage but should quickly turn to focus on more erotic areas of the body. You’re sure to enjoy the happy ending involved.

7. Sex in a Car
This is one that you might already be able to cross off your bucket list but it is still one that should be revisited from time to time. Having sex in a car is a great way to instantly satisfy your sexual urgings without having to wait for the end of the evening. Add a little danger to your adventures by spontaneously pulling over and having some roadside fun.

6. Cybersex
This is a step above just sexting a few naughty pictures back and forth. Taking the time to engage in cybersex can be a mutually satisfying experience. This will give you an opportunity to practice your other oral skills.

Tell your partner what to do and how to do it. Tell her where to touch, which way to face the camera and how fast or slow to go. She’s bound to have a great time and we bet that you’ll log off happy as well.

5. Bondage
Ever since the popularity of the 50 Shades book and movie, there’s never been a better time to explore your kink that now. Women everywhere are open to the idea of being bound and controlled sexually.

If it’s either of your first times, take is slow. There’s no rush, start with a blindfold or one of your ties (or both) and make sure that you take time to build the anticipation. She’ll be eager to feel your every touch and you’re bound (pun intended) to have a great time.

4. Role Play
Get tickets to an event, show up separately and try to pick up your partner as if she was a total stranger. The two of you should embrace the unscripted randomness of your play. Take her back to your place or hers and you’ll enjoy that same nervous energy you have the first few times with any new partner.

3. Go Exotic
There’s something very erotic about meeting a woman who barely speaks your language (or doesn’t speak it at all) and having an experience based solely on your sexual energy and chemistry.

Women from other cultures have different opinions and tastes when it comes to sex. Break that language barrier and have an experience you’re not likely to ever forget.

2. Threesome / Orgy
A threesome should be on everyone’s sexual bucket list. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the company of two or more women who are also enjoying themselves. You’ll be equally turned on and satisfied by watching two women together and then being able to participate as well.

Take it to the next level by going to an orgy or a sex-club where you can satisfy your voyeuristic and exhibitionist fantasies at once.

1. Be with a Pro
If you really want to be able to say that you’ve had the pinnacle of sexual adventures, you need to be with a professional escort. A woman who makes her living from her ability to be sexually pleasing is something that every man should enjoy. You’ll be taken to the heights of sensuality and be thrown into a world of sexual pleasures you’ve yet to experience before.

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