What Everybody Ought to Know About Clothing Optional Cruises

Girl on a Clothing Optional CruiseClothing optional cruises aren’t for everyone. They are best for adventurous couples (or singles where allowed) looking to have a carefree and unique vacation experience. Just like any other cruise, clothing optional cruises sail to many sought after destinations.

The big difference between a “normal” cruise and a clothing optional cruise is the nudity. Most everything else is identical to a more vanilla cruise that caters to guests who don’t want to be nude.

Many people just prefer to be naked...

That’s the million dollar question that always seems to come up when talking about clothing optional cruises, or any other activity where people choose to be nude.

What is it about going in your birthday suit that seems to release inhibitions and allows you to truly relax and feel free? For many people, it’s exactly that sense of freedom that draws them to choose to go naked.

Many people who like to spend their free time nude are regular working peeps just like you and me. Their day is spent in their work clothes and, for many, it’s the clothing that helps separate their personal and private lives.

David P., a businessman from Michigan summed it up best when he said, “I work quite a bit and, when I was younger, I had trouble separating my work life and my personal life. I just couldn’t turn it off. I was overworked and starting to see the negative effects of too much stress. When I started living my private time naked, it was like all the stress of my work day hit the floor with my clothes. I finally found a way to relax and I’m much happier now than I ever have been in the past."

So, why choose a clothing optional cruise? Why not just go to a clothing optional resort or kick around your backyard in the buff? There are aspects to a clothing optional cruise that offer a different experience than a regular vacation.

Here are a few tidbits of information to guide you in your quest for information about clothing optional cruises.

You Might Actually Have to Pack Some Clothing
Throughout most of the ship’s areas, you are free to go as naked as you please. However, there are a few places where you will probably need a change of clothes or two.

Many of the cruises offer upscale dining experiences and guests are expected to be dressed for this. A few of the clothing optional cruises also require clothing in the casino area as well. Not too bad of an idea to have a place to keep your money anyway.

Also, once you land in a port destination, the odds are that you will need to be dressed in port and also to leave the ship and go explore.

However, not all clothing optional cruises are made the same, and there are plenty of cruises out there where, once you hit international waters, the captain will announce that guests are free to bare all, and it stays that way until the ship reaches a port.

Nudity Isn’t About Sex
For most clothing optional cruises, and for most nudists, being naked has nothing to do with sex. For them, it’s an opportunity to be free and comfortable in their own skin...literally. Often times, people wrongly confuse swingers and the swing lifestyle with nudists. The two are quite different.

On a clothing optional cruise, it is against the rules to have sex in public. Any sexual adventures you might want are strictly in the privacy of your cabin.

If a swinger’s cruise or swinger vacation is more your speed, there are plenty of those around that have play areas where couples are free to enjoy more than just being naked.

Follow the Etiquette
It’s important on a clothing optional cruise that you follow the rules / etiquette of being somewhere where people are enjoying themselves nude. Obviously, there are no pictures allowed. This is just for the peace of mind of the other guests. Even the most harmless sunset picture could have an unsuspecting person in the background who doesn’t want to be naked in your vacation photos.

Respecting others is also a big rule with clothing optional cruises. You’re going to encounter people of every shape, size, and color, so make sure that you are respectful of the other guests. Sure, maybe that woman has the most amazing body you’ve ever seen, but if you gawk or mention it to her, odds are you will find yourself going home at the next port.

Adults Only
No kids. This should be a given for most people, but there are people who do try to bring the whole family. And some nudists are all about being at one with nature with the whole family so make sure what type of cruise you’re on. One of the benefits of being on a clothing optional “adult only” cruise is that you are surrounded by like minded adults. No crying babies, whiny kids, or obnoxious pool guest splashing and screaming when you’re trying to relax.

Most Major Cruise Lines Are Onboard
The fear some people might have when thinking about taking a clothing optional cruise is that you won’t be on one of the major players in the cruise industry. You’ll have to take a cruise on a cut rate ship that doesn’t have all the amenities.

This simply isn’t true. Clothing optional cruises are chartered by companies on the major cruise lines, like Carnival. That way you know that you are able to be on a ship that has everything a regular cruise has to offer.

Yes, the crew is cool with working a nude cruise, but no, they are not naked. They are trained in the necessary etiquette needed and most guests on clothing optional cruises are pretty mellow and easy to please. Word quickly gets out and the crew are every bit as professional and attentive as they would be any other time.

What ship wouldn’t want a light hearted, over 21 crowd, who is just there to have a good time? The cruise ship companies have figured this out already and that’s why the booking companies are able to take advantage of these high quality ships.

Clothing optional cruises are at the root, very relaxing and enjoyable. People are free to be themselves in a judgement free zone, which makes for a great adult vacation experience most people will never forget.

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