Find Adventure During Your Senses Vacation Experience

Girl riding horse on vacationSo you want some adventure in your vacation experience?

We understand that you will be busy exploring every robust experience that your time at Senses Private Club will provide.

Our amazing travel guides will be busy making your vacation the experience of a lifetime.

However, we also understand that you might want to leave the luxurious amenities provided by our resort for an adventure of a different sort.

There are a wide variety of amenities nearby to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

From scuba diving to exploring caverns and caves, the area surrounding our beautiful resort is replete with opportunities for discovery.

Are you looking to explore the clear Caribbean waters? Maybe a wild ride speeding through the forest canopy connected to a zip line? Whatever your taste for adventure might be, you can find it nearby and our beautiful travel guides are more then happy to show you the ropes.

We have compiled a list of a few of the best attractions that the East Coast of the Dominican Republic has to offer. Your personal concierge will assist you in quenching your thirst for adventure and ignite your passion for life.

Diving and Snorkeling

What trip to the Caribbean would be complete without a chance to swim in the crystal clear waters? There are many different attractions available for people of all diving and swimming ability levels.

Forget about a stuffy museum tour where you’re cramped inside a building with hordes of other visitors. Try something unique, the Guadalupe underwater museum can be enjoyed by snorkeling above it. The only crowds you might have to endure are a few curious fish and, of course, a stunning travel guide who will be an added attraction to an area already saturated with beauty.

There is also an underwater shipwreck, the Cara Merchant, which doubles as a museum. Come explore some of the more dangerous history with this shipwreck which once belonged to the famous pirate Captain Kidd.

Another great location to enjoy is the world famous Catalina Island. The waters surrounding Catalina Island seem to have a clarity that the rest of the area just can’t duplicate. You find yourself awestruck snorkeling along the coral reef, especially enjoying one of our travel guides leading the way.

Zip Line Tours

Treat yourself to a thrilling adventure through the trees and cliffs surrounding the tropical paradise right in Senses Private Club’s relative backyard. Imagine gliding effortlessly above the forest canopy and the lush tropical vegetation as the ground below speeds quickly past. Your heart will race at the excitement and natural beauty provided by a zip line adventure.

Buggy / ATV Adventure

The Dominican Republic is an adventurer’s paradise and the East Coast is by far the most desirable area to find adventure and natural beauty. One of the biggest industries in the DR is the acres of sugar cane fields and banana plantations.

Made famous by Hollywood films like Rambo and Apocalypse Now, you’ll have the opportunity to speed through these picturesque landscapes from behind the wheel of an ATV or buggy. Stop for a refreshing swim in the river Chavon as you and your travel guide enjoy this untouched tropical utopia.

Speedboat Rides

For the true thrill seekers, we can arrange for you an electrifying trip on a speed boat. This is not for those of you looking to slow down and take a relaxing cruise along the Caribbean.

If you prefer a beautiful cruise on our Catamaran instead we’ll be happy to arrange it. These speedboat rides are for people who want to go fast and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

You’ll experience a part of the Caribbean that few get to truly enjoy as you speed atop the unblemished waters of our tropical wonderland. Each of these excursions does allow time for you to relax and enjoy some quality time as well so it’s a great way to better get to know your travel guide and enjoy your day together.

Horseback Riding

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the total package offered at Senses Private Club than with a long, tranquil horseback ride. Explore the coast and surrounding forest as you drink in the picturesque scenery abundant here.

The trade winds will gently brush a warm kiss against your cheek as you and one of our magnificent travel guides spend a day just enjoying the panorama. While this might not be the most extreme adventure we can provide you, it has all the potential to be the most fulfilling.

Cueva de las Maravillas (Cave of Miracles)

The Cave of Miracles is a must see on your adventure to Senses. Located in La Romana, these caves are massive. You’ll enjoy a little history, a little adventure and a hint of mystery as well.

The coral caves, etched out hundreds of years ago by the native Indians, are covered with cave drawing as well as the natural features like stalactites and stalagmites. Explore the majestic underwater ponds and streams that flow throughout the whole cave system.

Book your next adventure with us today!

All these activities enjoyed with our beautiful travel guides will guarantee that your stay with us at Senses Private Club is a once in a lifetime experience, regardless of how many times you decide to come back. Book with us today and start enjoying life the way it was meant to be lived.

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