How Fitness Can Improve Your Sex Life

Couple jogging on beach to improve sex lifeReady to not just improve your sex life but supercharge it?

It seem like everyone these days is touting the benefits of living a healthy, fit life.

From magazines, television shows, fitness apps and everything in between, people are trying to become more fit.

There are many benefits to becoming more physically fit. We even previously covered how you can maximize your workouts to build your sexual stamina.

Some of the main benefits to being physically fit are: weight control, fewer health issues, improved mood, more energy and better sleep patterns.

When you look at the list above, there are some major factors that contribute to having a healthy sex life. Specifically, improved mood and energy.

Energetic people who are feeling great have more of a desire to seek out pleasurable activities. What’s more pleasurable than sex? We can’t really think of anything more enjoyable.

We hope that at this point we have thoroughly piqued your interest in the subject. Here are a few benefits that being physically fit can have in the bedroom (or shower, backyard, neighbor’s porch, etc.).

This is Your Brain on Sex

Sex and physical fitness are linked more than just physically. Exercise helps to produce endorphins. These magic little wonders help to release sex hormones that help reduce your heart rate, lower blood pressure and relax your body.

Everyone who’s had a great night of sex knows that being relaxed helped push the festivities from average to amazing.

Self Confidence is Sexy

A person’s self confidence has a direct impact on their sexual enjoyment and (quite often) performance. Looking and feeling healthy improves your self-confidence which directly translates to many aspect of your personal life.

One of the greatest benefits of this improved self-image is that your confidence will make sex more enjoyable. This connects back to the mental link, where those hormones that have you relaxed and feeling good help boost your sexual self confidence.

Not to mention that physically fit individuals usually have a better initial response from the opposite sex, which is a definite confidence booster.

If you want to improve your sex life, improve your confidence.

Cardiovascular Fitness is Important to Improve Your Sex Life

Improving your cardiovascular fitness can have a substantial benefit on your sex life. Think about all the things that benefit from you improving your cardio fitness. One of the main benefits to cardio fitness is an increase in stamina.

Everyone wants to have that marathon night of sex that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. That’s really tough to do if you get winded walking up a flight of stairs. As your cardiovascular fitness improves, so does your ability to keep exerting yourself physically, a big plus in the bedroom.

Another benefit to improved cardiovascular fitness is an improvement on your recovery time. Your body will be able to recover from exertion more quickly, which means that the wait time between sexual encounters will be minimized. This means you’ll have more quality naked time with your partner.

Benefits for Men

Men who are physically fit tend to have more stable testosterone levels than men their same age who do not exercise regularly. As men get older, their testosterone starts to decrease, which leads to less energy for many activities and a lowered sex drive.

For men who are physically fit, their testosterone losses are much smaller and do not have as direct of an effect on their sex lives.

Another benefit is the increase in libido. We know that any woman reading this will probably say that the last thing any man needs is an increased libido.

However, as men get older their libido, along with the corresponding testosterone levels, begins to decrease. Regular exercise can help keep a man’s sexual desire strong. A great diet with the right superfoods can also increase libido.

A study by researchers in San Diego in the 1990’s took two separate groups of men, all of whom were in their mid to late 40’s. One group was tasked to walk and the other group had to follow a more intense workout routine.

The group of men who became more physically fit, reported an increase in their desire for sex and more intense orgasms.

Physically fit men have an increase in blood circulation because the body is using the blood to carry more oxygen to the muscles and other areas.

Blood circulation is especially beneficial for sex, since it is the way that a man’s penis becomes erect. It’s simple math, more blood equals a better, stronger erection which will improve sex life.

Women can Improve Sex Life

Woman working out to boost sex drive

Some of the same benefits for men translate directly to women.

Increased blood circulation helps with a woman’s arousal as well. Exercise increases the blood flow to a woman’s genitals.

Physical fitness helps make a woman’s body ready for sex.

Another study showed that women’s bodies are more primed for sex after exercising.

Men think they are the ones with the strong sexual appetite but women report having extremely high levels of desire after some vigorous exercise.

There’s a reason why some women seem to have an endless sex drive once they get warmed up.

The emotional aspect of sexual desire is stronger with women than in men.

Women have different body image issues than men do and a woman who feels good, and who feels confident in her appearance, is more likely to get more satisfaction from sex.

This connects to the whole confidence piece we mentioned above.

To sum it up, if you want more frequent, intense and pleasurable sexual experiences and orgasms and are ready to improve your sex life, then you should definitely improve your physical fitness.

Who couldn’t use a little more awesome sex in their lives? See you in the gym.

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