How To Master First Time Sex Like A Pro

Girl in bed with sexy lingerieYou don't have to lose your mojo during first time sex.

So, you’ve finally made it to the point where a classy woman is ready to give herself to you. That is a magical time where you get to explore someone new and it’s your opportunity to put to good use all your years of experience.

First time casual sex with someone new is always a little nerve wracking, since both people are looking to have the ultimate experience. Let’s face it, the physical connection can be the glue that bonds a new relationship or it can doom it forever. You’re nervous, she’s nervous and you probably want the night (and next morning if you do it right) to be spectacular.

We understand this experience is both exciting and a little frightening. No guy wants to be a dud in the bedroom and there is a wealth of information out there which can be both helpful and confusing.

It is understandable that you might want to just focus on the sexual act itself but your first sexual encounter with a new woman starts well before you find yourself naked and sweaty.

Here’s 7 simple steps you can use to make first time sex everything you both hoped for.

Seduction Beyond the Bedroom

Approach every encounter with your new mate as an opportunity for seduction. Compliment her. Let her know early on that she is the most spectacular creature you’ve ever seen and how much you enjoy being in her presence. Tell her you respect her intelligence and sense of humor.

For women, a great sexual encounter begins in the mind. Women need to know that your connection is more than just physical. So instead of telling her that her body looks great in that dress, tell her that her physical beauty is merely the icing on the cake. She’s the total package, the real deal and she deserves to be romanced.

Speaking of Romance

This is your opportunity to set the scene. A romantic evening where you can set the mood and talk with one another is key. Use this as an opportunity to steal away a gentle kiss or a light, quick massage on the back of her neck as you put your arm around her.

Finally, the evening has progressed and you’re back at your place. This is not the time to fumble around and tell her you think you might have an old candle somewhere. Women love scents, so this is the perfect time for a few scented candles to set the mood. How many times has a woman complimented you when you have on a hint of cologne? They will associate your pleasant scent with something more sexual. It’s an excuse for them to be close to you.

Start Slowly but Passionately

This is your chance to turn an average night of lovemaking into the kind of night that leaves you with superhero status.

Kissing is the key. We’re not talking a few quick pecks and moving on to somewhere else. Take your time here. Gently kiss her, softly at first until you start to feel her pushing back a little. That’s your cue to add a little more tongue and explore the area around her lips. Kiss her neck, lightly flick your tongue against her upper lip until she is reaching forward to meet you. Tease her a little with this, make her pursue you a little. This will all help to build the anticipation.

Women will make a lot of decisions about the quality of the rest of the night based on your ability to kiss her. This is a quality woman, so make sure that you spend the necessary time here to get her ready for more. The best part of passionate kissing is that this is a good time to lose a few articles of clothing as well.

Exploration is a Good Thing

Now things are really starting to get interesting. This is still not the time to jump on the gas and go. Continue to take your time. Kiss her whole body, gently run you tongue up and down her body, still staying away from the erogenous zones. You will be a man of passion if you explore her body and you will start to notice that her breathing will intensify.

Now you can remove her bra and take the time to run your tongue lightly over her nipples. Don’t dwell here just yet; again, you’re still building anticipation. Brush one nipple and then the other a few times and then move back up and kiss her a little more forcefully.

You will start to notice that her body will begin to heave a little and her breathing will become more intense. Now you can go back and really explore her neck and breasts while still passionately kissing her.

Things Are Great When You’re Downtown

You really want to be the bedroom master? Go down on her. You both can be fully naked at this point, or at least, she should be. Slide her panties off and begin to kiss and lick around her vagina. The anticipation you’ve been building at this point should continue. Lick her labia and all around. Be gentle here. Push your tongue inside her and lick upwards to hit the clit once, then twice.

Continue this teasing play until she is grinding her hips against your face in anticipation and moaning heavily. From here, you can alternate between stimulating her clitoris and penetrating with your tongue. At this point, you can slide a finger inside as you continue you lick her clit and she’ll either have an explosive orgasm or be ready for you to be inside her.

Take Control and Be a Man

She’s ready for you to be inside her and, if you’ve taken your time with all the above steps, she might even be begging for it a little.

Before you enter her, kiss her again and explore her body once more. Run the tip of your penis around her vagina and tease her a little more. Slide the tip in and out while still kissing her passionately. She’ll be ready for you now, so enter her and slide yourself all the way inside. Start slow, it’s a marathon, not a race so don’t start pounding away. Give a few powerful thrusts and withdraw to explore once again. She will be begging for you to continue, which is what you want.

From here, the sky’s the limit. You take control for a little while. This isn’t the time to try every position you’ve ever seen or heard about, this is the time to let the two of you connect. Get a good rhythm going and feel how she responds to your touch and movements.

All this should lead to a wonderful climax for both of you. You’ve taken the time to make her the star of this and you’ve made her know that you are there to please her completely.

Post Coital

If everything has gone as planned, a second round is a probability. However, you might need a little time to let your stamina recharge, so this is the perfect time to continue nuzzling and gently kissing her. Tell her how beautiful she is and how great it felt to be with her. This is just as important as anything else. Continue to take your time and let her know just how enjoyable it is to be with her in this exact moment of space and time.

If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed to have a first time sex that she’s been hoping for since you first laid eyes on each other. You will have set the proverbial bar and given her the type of sexual experience that you both wanted and deserved.

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