How Important Is Penis Size In The Bedroom?

Woman comparing penis sizeDo you think you have enough penis size to really please most women?

Ahh, it's the age old question that has plagued men since the earliest of days. It’s a source of anxiety or pride, depending on the situation, for most men. Since the earliest of days, boys have compared their manhood against other boys. Often comparing their penis size to determine the one most blessed by mother nature.

With the popularity of adult films, men are bombarded with images of stunningly beautiful women moaning in ecstasy while being pleasured by their well-endowed partner. However, much like other aspects of porn, the fantasy doesn’t match the reality.

Guys want to think that the man with the largest penis size is the one with the best potential for pleasing his partner. For most men, the motto of bigger is better is the one deciding factor to their thoughts about pleasurable sex.
So, is this really the case? Do all women just want that hung stud with the huge penis size from the porn movies? Odds are, you might have exactly what she’s looking for and you probably don’t have to be porn sized to make women scream.

It’s About the Average
The reality about penis size is that the majority of men have what would be considered an average sized penis. Naturally, for there to be such a high percent of average men, there would need to be those who are both above and below the average.

So, for you to figure out where you stand with regard to your placement on the sliding scale of penis size, you need to know what exactly is average. Contrary to what you might believe from porn, most men do not have enormous penises.

According to a recent study, the average length of a man’s erect penis is 5.6 inches. This measurement has been debated mainly because of the method of data collection. The participants in the study are required to measure their own penis size, which might lead to a man giving himself a few extra centimeters. However, the study was consistent with data from other studies, so, give or take a quarter inch either way, that average number is fairly spot on.

Some of you are probably patting yourselves on the back (or other places) as a result of this information. Don’t go ordering the “above average” banner just yet, however. There’s much more to a woman’s satisfaction in the bedroom than just the size of your member.

What Does She Want
When asked about the ideal penis length, researchers from UCLA determined that the average woman preferred a penis size of about 6 inches in length. However, this was only a sight based preference. Meaning, the women were just shown 3D models and had to choose according to the models.

The problem with this is that there are quite a few variables left out of that initial study. Technique, attraction, foreplay skills, passion and any other number of factors that contribute to sexual satisfaction were left out.

This would be like you choosing your ideal sexual partner based solely upon the size of her chest or butt. There are a lot of factors left out of that equation that might make you choose a different partner than just her 36DD rack.

One of the more interesting studies asked the participants for reasons why they choose to have sex on any given day or evening. The results of the study showed a wide variety of reasons but never specifically mentioned the penis size.

There are so many other factors involved when women think about what they want in a partner, that the size of the penis is very low on their ideal great sex encounters.

That doesn’t mean that a well-endowed man won’t be an incredible partner as well as the man who is below average. What it does reveal is that women are much more concerned about all the other factors before they get to the size of your penis.

Being Average is Good
For most of our lives, we strive to be above the average. However, in the bedroom your skills need to be above average, not the size of your penis. Many women do not like having their cervix pounded, which is what happens when a man is above average. Some women love it but they’re a smaller percentage.

What’s the Results
Basically, the old moniker about it not being the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean is somewhat true. There are quite a few factors that lead to a mind blowing sexual experience.

How attracted you are to your partner and vice versa, how sensual of a lover you are, how much time you spend on foreplay and how skilled you might be at it, are all factors that contribute to someone’s sexual satisfaction much more than penis size.

At the end of the day, your ability to please your partner is about much more than just the size of your penis. It is in your best interest to become a master at all aspects of sex and spend less time focusing on just one piece of equipment.

Your technique and ability to please a woman should be at the forefront of your own sexual exploration. The more you worry about your own penis size, the more likely you will be to have hangups and insecurities in the bedroom.

Those insecurities will be far more damaging to your overall sexual confidence than you being a half inch above or below the average. Become a true student of sensuality and every woman you bed will be lauding your praises for the rest of her life.

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