Casual Sex: Is It Really Good for You?

Girl waiting for casual sexCasual sex has had a negative stigma attached to it for many years.

Once the swinging lifestyle of the 1970’s was enveloped by the much more conservative 1980’s, there was a shift in how the world felt about casual sex.

There was a long standing tradition among researchers and the medical community, especially among mental health professionals, that casual sex was detrimental to a person’s mental well-being.

They will talk about the urge to fit in as if no person has ever wanted a no strings night of passion that doesn’t continue the next day or lead to a committed, monogamous relationship.

The opinion of most is that sex without love or a committed relationship is somehow hollow, mechanical and pointless. It could even be bad for your mental health according to some.

Unless you’re in your early 20’s, there’s not much value in casual sex, the former train of thought stated.

However, there is new research that suggests what many people and hordes of swingers have known for a great number of years. Specifically, that casual sex can be very beneficial.

For many people they have enjoyed the benefits of casual sex for years and have long preached the health benefits of having no strings relationships.

Often, couples who have been together a long time report that their sex lives are not as exciting or rewarding as they once were. For other married couples, their sex life gets better as time passes.

There is something to knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes in the bedroom. It is immensely rewarding sharing a sensual experience with someone you love.

However, the reality of the situation is that, for many monogamous couples, their sex lives tend to decline as the years progress.

So, why casual sex? Is it just for fun or to experience something new? The short answer is both yes and no. There are some great benefits to keeping things light when it comes to your choice of sexual partners.

1. No Pressure
In a casual relationship there is no pressure or expectations about it becoming anything more than what it is. Both parties involved understand that the point of the connection is really the opportunity to have a naked good time with someone they find attractive and desirable.

The added bonus to this is that there is never the conversation about where the relationship is going or the whole “what are we doing” questions that tend to accompany regular dating.

2. You Never Hear No
In a casual relationship, the word “no” is not uttered in the bedroom. She will never have a headache or not be willing to enjoy you sexually. If she’s not interested in sex with you, then she won’t bother to agree to see you.

Each person understands the relationship is about unlocking your sexual potential and there’s no need to cloud it with baggage. In a casual relationship sex is about fun and enjoyment. It’s never used as a bargaining tool or as a reward / punishment for your behavior.

3. Nothing to Remember or Forget
Ask any person who is in a committed relationship if they’ve ever forgotten an important date and see what their response is. There are never any birthdays or anniversaries to remember or, more importantly, be punished for forgetting.

You’ll sleep each night in your own bed or the bed of your choosing and will never be sequestered to the couch for your forgetfulness.

4. Can be Empowering
For those people who embrace the casual sex relationship actually report higher levels of emotional health and lower levels of stress. Casual sex actually helps them improve their sexual confidence. For them, sex is much like a rewarding workout at the gym or any other number of enjoyable activities. These people are also less susceptible to bouts of depression and anxiety.

5. Skip the Wine and Dine
Relationships and dating in general can be very expensive. There are any number of expenses associated with being committed to another. There are no expensive dinners, vacations or decorating expenses associated with a casual relationship.

Your money will remain your money to spend on whatever you should choose. The casual relationship mostly consists of the gas money it takes to get to wherever you are meeting.

6. No Family or Friends
In a casual relationship you will never be asked to meet the family or spend an evening with your partner’s friends. That crazy aunt or uncle who says whatever is on her/his mind will never be an issue. Nor will you have to deal with the needy friend who just broke up with her boyfriend and your partner feels responsible to take care of. It’s all about having a physical, naked good time.

7. You Get to Worry About You
This may sound selfish to some people but one of the benefits of a casual relationship is that you are only responsible for yourself. Now, we’re not telling you to be a selfish lover but, beyond the bedroom, you don’t really owe the other person anything.

The best part is that if the sex becomes routine or stale, there’s nothing messy. Both parties involved can just move on and find other willing partners.

8. Great Sex
The best reason why you might be interested in having a casual sexual relationship is that the sex can be fantastic. Both parties know exactly why they are there and, typically, their connection is strictly physical.

With this physical connection comes the chemistry that spawns great sexual encounters. Very few positions will be off the table and the inhibitions are somewhat lower since neither party isn’t really concerned with what the other person is thinking. Even things like having a threesome can be on table far more easily with a casual relationship because all the typical jealousy issues are removed.

A casual sexual relationship can be a great way to find sexual fulfillment without all the normal hassles associated with a long term relationship.

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