Make The Most Out Of Your Next Island Vacation

Girl on boat enjoying an island vacationAre you dreaming of your next island vacation?

The anticipation of a good time is almost just as exciting as the actual experience. Researchers from Cornell University and University of California Berkeley conducted a study where they found that people get more of a rush from the anticipation of events, like concerts, than they do if they’re waiting to buy something, like furniture.

However, often times people are met with disappointment when the anticipation of the event is more rewarding than the actual experience. Often, people have this type of experience when they find themselves on vacation.

Some people find themselves actually somewhat bored because they failed to ensure that their vacation was one that was fulfilling, rewarding and held a great value.

Everyone wants to feel like they got a great deal. Whether it’s finding something on sale or spending thousands of dollars, we want that feeling that it was money well spent.

A great vacation is rewarding and worthwhile. Like casual sex, a fantastic vacation is great for your physical and mental well-being and will always feel like your money was not wasted.

Many people return from their vacations with a sense that they didn’t quite get their money’s worth. They go even so far as to think that they can’t plan a good time. We respectfully disagree wholeheartedly with this statement. Your vacation experience is up to you.

Now, some times there are things that are beyond your control. Maybe a freak storm surfaced and left you spending your days dodging monsoon force storms instead of trekking out in nature.

1. Don’t Play it Safe
A vacation is not the time to be safe and sane. Yeah, we know that back home the thought of strapping yourself to a cable and soaring from one building to another might not exactly be the ideal day, but on vacation, a zip line adventure might be exactly what you are looking for.

You have the other 50 something weeks of the year to play it safe. You don’t have to get your khakis dirty or do anything that might get you beyond your comfort zone. However, vacation is not the time for this.

You need to go beyond your comfort zone and push your limits while on vacation. This is your chance to unwind, relax, reinvigorate yourself and you’re probably not going to do that by transferring your daily routine to your vacation.

Not every risk has to be a life threatening one. Just be open minded enough to venture beyond your comfort zone and experience something different. It will make for a much more rewarding experience.

2. Ditch the Electronics
We know that you’re normally connected to your electronic devices on a daily basis. Most people today can’t go more than an hour without finding themselves focused on some sort of technological device.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the business world. You’re probably a successful person and, odds are, you didn’t get that way by sitting idly by and letting life happen.

Vacation is not the time to be connected to your devices. The only way for you to reap the full benefits of your vacation is to put down your electronics for a while.

Electronic devices force us to use our brains to multitask, which is somewhat counter-intuitive to the purpose of a vacation. You want to unburden your mind from the normal stresses of your daily life.

It’s important that you find a way to relax and UNfocus from the world around you. Allow your blood pressure to settle down, and really throw yourself as readily into this relaxing world as you would the next business deal.

We know that many people use their phones as their cameras, even while on vacation. So, it’s up to you to disable the notification settings on your device. Treat it as an old camera and landline and just use it for those purposes only.

3. Don’t Schedule Everything
Odds are most of your life is controlled by a schedule of some sort. Schedules are a great way to help maintain your focus and keep your life organized and running smoothly.

Don’t get us wrong, we encourage our guests to schedule some fun activities and excursions into your vacation and it would be foolish to not do so.

What we’re talking about is to take a day or two of your vacation and just go. Whatever that might mean to you, “just go” is a great way to have some unplanned and rewarding adventures.

Take a day and just go where the wind takes you. If that means you spend a day lounging on the beach, sipping ice cold drinks, then by all means, do it. If it means that you find yourself out and about searching for adventure or taking in some local culture, then you’ll be happy that you took the time for that.

4. Ditch the Diet
We know that most people like to regulate their diet when at home. You can’t just eat and drink whatever you want without consequences in your daily life. However, on vacation, this is the perfect time to say goodbye to your diet and enjoy the fruits of excess.

We’re not advocating you go on some hedonistic, gluttonous binge for a week straight but if you choose to do so, more power to you.

A vacation is not the time to be on your best behavior. It’s a time to get out and reward yourself for all your hard work and dedication. It’s also a perfect time to try a new dish you might not otherwise experience back home. Your willingness to try new things might just lead you to a new favorite dish, drink or style of cooking.

Vacations are about finding adventure and it’s important to leave some of the routines of your regular life behind. Get out and experience life and you’ll be rewarded.

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