7 Myths About Using Escort Services

Girl laying in bedHiring an escort can be a very rewarding transaction.

You get the opportunity to spend a day, weekend or an entire week with a beautiful, willing companion.

You are treated the way every man fantasizes about, with the possibility of having your every desire fulfilled.

Men have been enjoying escort services, and the fantasy world provided by these women, for years.

Unfortunately, the use of an escort has been stigmatized. There are so many misconceptions about using escort services and the men who choose to enjoy the company provided by these companions.

The experience of using escort services is one based on mutual respect and indulgence. Everyone should leave fulfilled and satisfied with their experience.

We want to set the record straight (or bi, depending on your preference) on the myths associated with using escort services.

1. Men who use Escort Services can’t get a Woman on their Own

This is probably the most common myth associated with hiring and escort. What true blooded, healthy male can’t walk into the local tavern and get any woman he desires? Right? After all, you’re a sexual dynamo whose physical prowess and bedroom skills have pleased droves of women. The mere scent as you pass by has women throwing their panties at your feet.

Ease up there Tom Jones. Nobody is doubting the prowess of a healthy, active male. But think about the amount of work and effort it really takes to get a woman of substance into bed. There are expectations about the whole courtship process, even if it is just a random encounter.

You have to devote a lot of time and effort. Flirting, buying drinks, pretending to be interested in her stories about her beloved cat Fluffy and all his wacky hijinks.

Then, there is the sex itself. Often times, especially with a beautiful woman, they have been pursued so heavily that they can be a little lackluster in bed. Why put in the effort if there are 10 other suitors waiting in the wings?

Using escort services provides you with a physical encounter you have only fantasized about. Her single purpose is to make sure that you are pleasured. That begs the question: why wouldn’t you want to pay for mind-blowing sex from a perfect 10?

2. Escorts are Just High Priced Hookers

Nothing could be farther from the truth. A hooker is there to make as much money in as little time possible. They are not interested in having an experience, they just want to get you off and move on to the next person.

An escort is the total package. They understand that you are there for a premium experience, and escorts are beautiful, intelligent women. These are women who are cultured and have class.

Comparing escort services is like calling fast food a fine dining experience. They are both providing a similar service but the experience is something that is just not comparable. When’s the last time you made a reservation two weeks in advance for a sloppily fried cheeseburger and ice cold fries?

3. Escorts don’t like Sex

I'm calling pure bullshit on this one. Your time spent using escort services is time spent forming a connection. Many escorts have a very high sex drive and love their job. They like the bonding experience with their clients much more like a girlfriend and take pleasure from watching these men have the sexual experience of a lifetime.

4. Escorts are Junkies

Again, there is a very large distinction between a classy, educated woman using her feminine charms and perfect body to provide an experience for a customer and the local street walker just hoping to earn enough to get a fix.

These women make a very good living off their intelligence and healthy appearance. Why ruin a chance to make a very good living by becoming a junky? Escorts are much smarter than that.

5. It’s Sleazy and Degrading to Women

There’s nothing sleazy and degrading about using escort services. This is a business where a young woman can possibly make six figures for a few months’ work. That seems like a pretty smart business plan.

The women who provide high quality escort services are choosing this lifestyle. They are empowered by their ability to become a man’s ultimate fantasy while becoming financially secure in the process.

It’s her free choice to engage in a mutually beneficial business transaction where each party leaves satisfied. When was the last time you really felt like you got your money’s worth out of a purchase?

6. Escorts are Miserable

This is yet another myth that is told to the masses to try and create some sort of moral objection to the use of escort services. After all, it’s much easier to look down on a practice where unwilling, innocent women are just used and abused by the men paying for their services.

Many escorts, especially those who work as travel companions, get the opportunity to spend their time in places that most people only dream about. They live much of their lives on vacation, living in a paradise.

They are surrounded by beautiful women and generous men who treat them like a goddess. Plus, they are able to make a comfortable enough living to fulfill their own dreams and desires. Sounds better than working a 9 to 5 with 3 weeks’ vacation if you’re lucky, right?

7. Escorts are Just Looking for a Sugar Daddy

Again, this myth has already been debunked by much of the information provided above. Many girls get into the escort services industry to attain personal and financial freedom. They don’t need a man to provide for them, they have taken the opportunity to provide for themselves.

These women are smart, beautiful, independent and entrepreneurial. If they worked for a Fortune 500 company, their smart business sense would propel them up the corporate ladder.

How many of us were financially stable and secure at 25? Probably not too many of us out there can say that at all. They are choosing to live their lives the way they desire and can pay for everything they want or need themselves.

There are plenty of myths surrounding the use of escort services and most are just that: mythical. It’s easier for many people to try to categorize these woman, instead of looking at the truth.

There are many successful men and women who utilize companions and look at their experience as nothing but positive.

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