How The Right Naked Vacation Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Couple naked sitting on beachI can’t think of a better way to get closer with your significant other than taking a naked vacation. In fact, the freedom from taking off your clothes on a clothing optional or naked vacation can rekindle a relationship like nothing I know.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve finally met the person of your dreams. Everything is wonderful. Your sexlife and personal happiness are the stuff that romance novels are written about. Fast forward a few years and maybe your relationship has begun to plateau.

Complacency is a relationship killer. It creeps in slowly and, before you even realize, it has infiltrated every aspect of your relationship. That complacency can quickly lead to your relationship becoming stagnant. That’s the last thing you want in your relationship. 

Just when you’re feeling things start to stagnate, that’s the perfect time to find more things to do together as a couple.

Ask any relationship expert and they will tell you that a vacation is the perfect opportunity to build closeness with your partner.

A naked vacation has all the benefits of a regular vacation, but you get the added advantage of spending time with your partner sans clothing. There might be some other ways to enjoy each other’s company, but none quite as rewarding as being naked together.

Who wouldn’t want to be on a naked vacation with their partner? Soaking up sun, relaxing, drinking, eating good food, and finding time to reconnect are all things that make a naked vacation so amazing. 

Don’t forget about being naked. There’s nothing quite like spending some good old fashioned naked time together. No cellphones, no social media, no work, no stress. Sounds pretty good right? When you are naked together, there’s only just the two of you. It’s the perfect way to recharge your relationship. 

Relationships Take Work

A good relationship is like any other living, breathing organism. If you just sit back and do nothing, it will eventually wither away and die. What are you doing to be proactive? A naked vacation is the perfect way to put some well deserved time and effort into your relationship. 

A naked vacation helps to build intimacy. Just you and your partner out exploring new places, choosing your own adventures, and spending quality time together. 

Think back to when the two of you first started dating. You probably found any and every excuse in the world to spend some quality time together. Even though this probably didn’t feel like work, that’s exactly what you were doing. 

You wouldn’t let your body starve without some major pain and signs beyond your control. Your relationship won’t growl at you when it needs fed. Your naked vacation is the food you need to help sustain your relationship. 

A good relationship is all about effort. All too often people get themselves to a place where they are comfortable with one another. The relationship gets put on a pseudo auto-pilot and couples just find their comfort zone. 

The problem with the comfort zone is that people forget that they still need to put in the work to make the relationship successful. You forget the little things, like flirting, making time for one another, and being spontaneous together. 

Taking any vacation, especially a naked one, is the perfect time to reconnect with each other and put the effort into just remembering exactly why the two of you fell for each other in the first place. 

Just Take Off and Go

Couple on nude beach vacationTaking a naked vacation, or clothing optional style cruise allows you the chance to get outside your daily lives. Some lifestyle couples love to plan a swinger vacation to take a walk on the wild side.

All too often, people in relationships get stuck in their own self created comfort zones. They forget the best part of the early stages of their relationship, when they first fell in love, was getting out and finding adventure together.

Sure any vacation takes planning and a naked vacation is not any different, but the important part is that you commit to those plans and go for it. 

The benefit of planning your vacation and committing to go is that it gives the two of you something to get excited about together. You can spend time looking at your destination, and planning on all the fun things you are going to experience with your time away. 

Sure, there’s the stress of money and time off work, but your relationship is worth all the sacrifices, isn’t it? Don’t overextend yourselves, but don’t use work or a small budget keep you from taking that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. 

Imagine walking along a beach with your amazing partner, completely naked. Their tanned body bouncing easily along the sand, the only covering is the sand that drifts between your toes. Still think you’d be worried about work? Probably not. 

Unplug From the World

Modern technology has helped to make our lives easier, but we have also become slaves to it. One of the best ways to enjoy a naked vacation is to leave your electronics at the hotel and just enjoy the time with your partner. Not to mention, there’s not many places to keep your phone or tablet when walking around in the buff when you’re naked on vacation.

On your clothes free or clothing optional vacation, when you decide to leave the virtual world behind for something more tangible, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll look up from your screens and notice the wonderful person right next to you. So much better than just liking something they posted online.

We have become so dependent on technology that we’ve all but forgotten how to remove ourselves from the fray. Odds are you’re not going to want to put a belt around your naked waist just so you can take your cell phone along. 

You don’t have to worry about anything except the time the two of you are spending together. In fact, you might enjoy your time without clothing so much that you decide to bring that freedom back to your own home once your vacation is over. 

Vacation Sex is the Best Sex

Let’s face it, there is one great reason to take a naked vacation...vacation sex! There’s nothing quite like reconnecting with your partner while on vacation. Everything is just so much better when on vacation, and sex is no different. 

There’s just something about being away from home that makes sex so much hotter. You are able to leave behind the stress and responsibility of your daily life, which allows you to let go a little bit. Not to mention you don’t have any clothing to get in the way. 

We all know what happens when two people who have been naked around one another decide to let go? Sex will be nothing short of explosive. 

There’s something special about being someplace where nobody knows who you are. Odds are, on your next vacation, you will not run into another person from back home. So, that lap dance you never would give at the local bar back home, suddenly becomes a spontaneous event. Both you and your partner will reap the benefits of this anonymity.

Building Intimacy

Girl and her lover on clothing optional beachAnother amazing benefit of taking a naked vacation is that it helps to create renewed intimacy with your relationship. People on vacation tend to find a new connection while exploring somewhere unknown. That's why swinger vacations have also become so popular.

That’s part of taking a naked vacation. You and your partner have no other choice but to find new places to eat, drink, and create those intimate moments like you did when you were first falling in love with one another. 

All the experts agree that quality time together is the best way to build intimacy in your relationship. It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as taking a vacation to a remote destination, but that doesn’t hurt. 

The connections that the two of you will make on vacation will recharge your levels of intimacy. You will feel like the two of you just started dating, and recapture that very enjoyable and exciting honeymoon phase that most couples lament when it goes away. 

You get the opportunity to relive that phase of your relationship every day while you are on vacation. From choosing the destination, planning the trip, to shedding your clothing for the time you are on vacation. You will not regret your choice and your relationship will be so much stronger as a result. 

Beyond the Vacation

The bonds that you strengthen on your naked vacation will last far beyond the actual vacation time itself. Often, after you return from your time off, you will continue to seek out those experiences that allowed you to reconnect with your partner.

You just spent a week enjoying one another’s company away from the stress of your daily life. Once you return from your naked vacation, the desire to keep that momentum (from the vacation) going is very high. You’ll reap the benefits of your clothes free vacation for a long time afterwards.

The beauty of a naked vacation is that it helps you to strengthen your relationship while on vacation and for a long time afterwards. Couples who really understand how to savor each others company are able to enjoy a much more powerful and truly connected relationship. 

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