Open Relationships Can Make Your Marriage Stronger

Couple in open relationshipsFor many people the idea of having open relationships is something that they would never even consider. For others, open relationships are exactly what they need to keep the passion and excitement alive for years.

An open relationship is definitely tricky and, for many unlucky couples, it can be the reason why the marriage eventually ends. It is something that takes time, patience, and the ability to make it work.

Couples in open relationships report higher levels of happiness in their marriage than many couples who are in more traditional relationships. There are any number of reasons why this might be.

It can be a difficult decision to make for a couple and one that many people are hesitant to bring up. After all, how do you bring up to your spouse that you would be happier if you were able to meet and eventually sleep with other people?

Divorce is at an all time high, and there are plenty of married couples living in unhappy, and sexually unfulfilled marriages. It’s astonishing the number of people who rely on cheating and sneaking around with other people just to find happiness. Many men seek out escorts to feel the sexual excitement they seek as well as more women who are playing with male escorts without anyone being the wiser.

Sure, monogamy is fantastic, and if you and your partner are both fulfilled, it can be the most rewarding experience of a lifetime. However, what if you’re not? What if you are happy in all other aspects of your coupling but monogamy just isn’t cutting it?

That’s the beauty of an open relationship. Open relationships allow one or both partners to get all the emotional support and companionship at home, while still finding adventure and excitement with other partners outside the marriage.

Why Go Open?
In an open relationship the intimacy and emotional connection is exclusive, while the sexual and physical connection is...well...open.. Each partner is free to go out, explore and find new sexual partners on their own.

Open relationships are much different than a swinger’s relationship. For swingers, they like their sexual adventures to be mutual, where both partners share the other person (or people) together with one another.
With an open relationship, the sexual adventures are separate, and, often times, not really talked about much at home.

Open relationships can be the glue that keeps a couple together. Often, one or both partners become bored or just complacent with their sex life. For many couples not involved in an open relationship, this means that people start to wander.

The building block of any good relationship is trust. When you talk to divorced people where one partner cheated, the other always feels that the trust they had was gone. Without that trust, the relationship is doomed.

People don’t want to be in a relationship with someone they don’t trust. Often times, people who cheat on their partner report that, while the sex was great, they found it hard to make a lifelong connection that they had with their partner.

Open relationships can help to cure this. Both partners understand that their emotional bond is the sacred part of the relationship and the physical part is open to exploration.

People in open relationships say that they actually build a more trusting and loving environment because they are not forced to hide things from their partners or sneak around behind their back.

Love vs. Sex
The conventional wisdom in traditional relationships is that love and sex are a package deal. We all know that feeling of being intimate with someone you love. It’s absolutely amazing.

For those who choose open relationships there is a significant difference between sex and love. Their thought process is that they can be madly in love with their partner while still having sexual desire for other people.

This is the biggest piece of the puzzle for people not in open relationships to understand. They are conditioned that monogamy, and the sex that comes from it, is the best and only way to find sexual fulfillment.

Having those sexual needs met, that otherwise are not being met in the committed part of the coupling, is a huge benefit for people in open relationships.

Open Relationships Don’t Have to be Forever
Many monogamous couples hit that “what if” stage of their relationship. The grass always looks greener, and sexier, from the outside. Lots of couples in open relationships will put a period of time on their adventures. They agree to play with other people and get those needs met.

If one person is no longer comfortable with the agreement, then the couple needs to think about the next step. For many couples in open relationships, this means taking a break from the open part and re-focusing on them. They’ve had their time to get out and play and they realize that sex is fantastic, but so is love.

They have had their fun and checked plenty of items off their sexual bucket lists and are once again ready to focus on just one person.

Other couples truly enjoy the freedom that open relationships provide. They know that the sexual fulfillment their partner is getting outside is nothing close to the fulfillment they get from their partnership.

People in open relationships have been able to overcome the feelings of jealousy that most people would have imagining your significant other being with someone else. After all, they get to have their fun too. Who knows? Open relationships might just be the key to your successful marriage.

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