What You Should Know Before Hiring a Pornstar Escort

pornstar escort girlHave you been thinking of hiring a pornstar escort? Maybe you're ready to live your fantasy with a pornstar escort and you've had some questions? In this a article I'm going to give you the answers BEFORE you hire an escort from the porn industry.

The porn industry has been on a steady decline for the past decade. There are many different factors involved but the general consensus is that most of this is attributed to the internet.

The age of video rentals and pornstar celebrities is quickly being replaced by every average Jane and Joe with a webcam and internet access.

So how is a porn starlet supposed to continue enjoying her comfortable lifestyle?

Many of the actresses are supplementing their income by becoming a pornstar escort. Imagine the possibility for them to earn from their reputation as a pornstar.

That perfect specimen of feminine charms is now accessible beyond the confines of your computer and hiring a pornstar escort is as easy as hitting play on one of their clips online.

Ditch the hand lotion and tissues and get ready for a visceral fantasy experience you could only previously imagine.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there’s a reason that is a popular maxim. If you’re going to hire a pornstar escort you definitely have to do a little research first.

Be Ready to Pay Up

A good quality escort will not be cheap and a pornstar escort will most likely be twice the cost. Even though it is becoming more common, a pornstar escort is still much harder to find.

These are starlets, many of whom found their way onto the porn set seeking a way to make a decent living. They have thousands of adoring fans who are constantly reinforcing their value as an entertainer.

As a result of their celebrity status, a pornstar escort will cost you much more than a traditional escort. Remember, these are women who are used to being paid very well per scene. This means that they know exactly what their time is worth and will expect to be fairly compensated.

Be prepared to pay very well if you’re looking to hire a pornstar escort. Usually they charge much more then they make per scene when working. And these days most girls don't shoot as much as they used to so they need to make it up somewhere. There is definitely no shortage of potential clients.

Also, there are quite a few other fees that are associated with hiring a pornstar escort. They may ask that you book a five star hotel, provide her with a few gifts of her choice and cover any and all travel expenses.

Pornstar Escort Experience vs. Girlfriend Experience

Blonde pornstar escort girlOne of the many benefits to hiring an escort is the girlfriend experience. A girlfriend experience allows the client to enjoy all the benefits of having a beautiful companion.

Like a girlfriend, with a GFE (Girlfriend Experience) you can expect a gentle touch, kissing, cuddling and all the typical advantages that come with a regular girlfriend without the headaches.

With a pornstar escort, the experience can be much different. A pornstar experience is usually all about the sex. Which, let’s be fair, is not entirely a bad thing if that's all you're after.

This is more about a raw, hardcore sexual encounter with a celluloid vixen. Any type of physical contact will be just that: physical. There will not be any sensual or passionate moments. A pornstar escort is typically there to meet your primal, sexual needs.

Of course there can be exceptions as in anything else but generally it's a different experience they provide. And that's ok, if that's what you're looking for.

Another aspect of hiring a pornstar escort is to consider the amount of time you are hoping to spend with a woman. Many traditional escorts will stay with you for an entire day, weekend or even a whole week, especially if you choose an adult resort for a vacation destination.

Your experience with a pornstar escort might be limited to a window of a few hours or less. Don’t get me wrong, that could be more than enough time for you to have a year’s worth of sex (possibly a decade for all you married guys).

Are you Up to the Challenge

Here’s an often overlooked dilemma with hiring a pornstar escort: your ability to perform. If you’re hiring a woman whom you have fantasized about for months or even years, you might get a little nervous and flustered.

This happens when people meet mainstream celebrities all the time. In fact, it happens to many male pornstars who get into the business thinking it will be easy. It's just sex afterall...until it's lights, camera, NO ACTION.

There are not many guys who can do it well consistently. That's why you see so many of the same guys in porn movies. They're reliable!

You might get the naked version of being tongue tied, a limp noodle. Sure, you’ve paid for her services and you’ve fantasized about what her body would feel like, the way she would perform and probably any and all possibilities in between.

However, when it gets down to it, you have to make sure you don’t fantasize yourself right out of the game like it's the first time you had sex.

Remember, she is still a regular woman and should be treated accordingly. Get to know her a little and try to make a real connection, just like you would with any other woman.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Beautiful pornstarPornstars are still everyday people, even if they seem a little too perfect on video. Remember that adult films still go through the same lighting and editing processes as any other mainstream film.

They are filmed in positions and angles that are the most flattering and which accentuate all her physical attributes. With the exception of some gonzo style productions that is. (insert here naughty grin)

Many clients of pornstar escorts are at times disappointed that the airbrushed and backlit starlet of their fantasy world actually looks like a regular woman.

These women are pampered while on set, and have hair stylists and makeup artists on hand to continually do minor touch ups so the women look flawless.

They are paid to perform, and their performance just happens to be sex. With that performance comes much of the theatrics involved in an adult film.

The screaming and moaning that punctuates the soundtrack of a great porn film might not be the reality when alone with a pornstar escort.

The adult film industry is a small clique of performers and many of the women develop friendships with their male costars, so there’s more of a connection when they shoot a scene.

As a total stranger, you have much more difficult task at hand. Establishing a connection with the woman or not having much chemistry at all (such as in real life) might mean the difference between some mind-blowing sex or a lackluster, albeit expensive, evening.

Pornstar escorts can be a great opportunity for you to fulfill a fantasy that was once only available behind the privacy of a computer screen.

You’ll have to commit some time, energy and a substantial amount of capital to turn your fantasy into a reality though. It might not be the girlfriend experience you want but it just may be the sexual adventure you’ve craved.

Only you can decide what best meets your needs. Happy humping!

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