Raising Your Vacation Standards – Welcome To The East Coast Of The Dominican Republic

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When you vacation on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic, you have access to the best of everything.

Take a moment to imagine your ideal vacation spot.  If you’ve pictured an RV and a local lake, clear your mind and think again.

Think luxury. Think tropical. Think vacation of a lifetime. What do you see?

How does a pristine white sand beach sound?

Let’s add in some massive, crystal clear waves crashing against the shore and the shade of gently swaying palm trees to keep you cool.

Once you’ve tired of being handed artisan cocktails by our very accommodating staff…. perhaps some golf?

A few rounds on an award-winning course may be just what you need to warm you up for a little wreck diving in the evening.

Or, you could always take a yacht excursion with our wonderful travel guides leading the way – there’s nothing like a late night star gazing/bikini party to help you forget the stress of the day.

Too much? Are you already incredulously dismantling the fantasy to something much, much more dull and disappointingly realistic? You don’t have to. That’s where we step in.

We are that fantasy: sun, beach, cocktails and beautiful travel guides included. An experience unlike any other, Senses Private Club offers all of these amenities and so much more. Let us welcome you to the east coast of the Dominican Republic.

The new destination of choice among the elite, the Dominican Republic is ideally suited to gentlemen with discriminating tastes…with a liberal sprinkling of decadence thrown in for good measure, of course.

Part of the Greater Antilles archipelago, the Dominican Republic has the second largest economy in the Caribbean – and it shows.

The miles of sandy beaches in the east have been expertly developed to reflect this affluence. Our luxury all inclusive resort experience, world-class adventure tourism, high-end amenities and some of the best golf in the world make up what is quickly becoming ‘the’ spot to be.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, it also has the most advanced telecommunication network in the Caribbean. Good news if you’re the kind of man that panics when there’s no Wi-Fi! Not that you’ll be spending any time online, not with all that we have to show you.

Punta Cana

If you’re the ‘lying in the sun’ type, Punta Cana will satisfy that urge and more. Best known for it’s mind-blowing beaches, this area is awash in lavish amenities. You won’t find any seedy little towns packed with tourist trinkets and donkey rides here – Punta Cana is an exclusive seaside playground to rival the best in the world.

Just some of the attractions include catamaran rentals, floating spas, yacht cruising, fishing and even the option to swim with dolphins, sharks or giant manta rays. The largest tourist destination in the East, Punta Cana is the perfect spot for both the constantly active or the deliciously lazy. Whether you want an independent experience or are looking for a little company, Senses can hand pick the best of the area for you.

La Ramana

The east coast has unrivaled scenery. Lush greenery combined with flawless beaches and an ocean filled with streaming rainbows of tropical fish. La Ramana is arguably the spot where all this beauty culminates.

Remember Apocalypse Now and Rambo? Of course you do. La Ramana was chosen by the directors to be the backdrop of both of these epic films due to its intense beauty. You can even arrange tours to visit the sites – just try to leave your headbands and Stallone impressions back at the villa.


Ten kilometers east of La Romana lies the scuba divers paradise. If you tire of pretending to be Brando in the forests, why not slip on your scuba gear and experience some of the best diving in the world? What began as a small fishing village in 1874 has transformed over the years into a diver’s dream.

There are 20 official dive sites in the area; all easily accessible and all filled with some of the most amazing wildlife you’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing. Calm, clear waters make it effortless to experience everything the sites have to offer.

There are even 3 shipwrecks beneath the waves ready for your perusal. Should you need to stock up on equipment while you’re there, you’ll be pleased to note that there are a multitude of little dive shops set up to cater to your every need. Bayahibe is the premier destination for anyone with a little Jacques Cousteau in their blood!

Cap Cana

Relaxing on the beach, swimming with dolphins, exploring the jungle, diving through a shipwreck…what’s next? Golf, obviously.

On top of being an absolute ecological gem with its miles of white sand beaches, protected marinas and perfect temperatures, Cap Cana is the place to go for golf.  Jack Nicklaus has not one, but three award winning courses in this one area.

Fully taking advantage of the amazing scenery, these golf courses are among the best in the world. Challenging but peaceful, expertly constructed and packed with the kind of luxury amenities you’d expect, these courses will send any golf enthusiast into fits of glee.

Top it all off with one of the most prestigious resorts and high end real estate on the east coast and you’ll be hard pressed to leave when your round is over.

Stop dreaming of your perfect vacation. Stop looking with longing at the travel brochures (and the sun bronzed ladies therein). Stop waiting for the experience of a lifetime to jump up and choose you. It’s time you chose it instead.

There is no better spot to truly become the gentleman of leisure you deserve to be than the East Coast of the Dominican Republic. In fact, it’s as if it were created with the male in mind.

At Senses we’ve harnessed that and created the ultimate combination of activity and relaxation, rightfully gaining a world-class reputation for high-end adult vacationing.

It’s time to park that RV and demand more from your vacation. You can roast a marshmallow and crack a beer another time. Isn’t it time you raised your recreation standards? Isn’t it time we introduced you to the kind of personalized extravagance you deserve? Contact us today and let us customize your vacation of a lifetime.

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