Senses travel guides and escorts running on the beach in Punta Cana

Reviews From Our Adult Vacation Clients Say It Best

Senses is a "Private" Club and we don't really seek out publicity. We are very fortunate not to have to do that and have turned down a lot of PR over the years because frankly we prefer to rely more on word of mouth and quality over quantity.  We also respect our clients privacy and would never subject them to any form of publicity. Hence the "Private Club" part of our name 😉

However, from time to time we get some very nice email reviews from our clients and they have agreed to let us post these reviews here. We have removed their contact details to protect their privacy.

Still unsure or have questions?

Give us a call or feel free to contact us by email and we would be happy to make you feel comfortable with your choice to visit us. If you would like to speak to a few current clients to get an actual feel of what to expect, we can arrange that as well.

It’s not just the ladies

Hey, it's not just the ladies that make it fun, in fact that's secondary in my opinion. It's the parties at the retreat, going out with a gang of new friends, riding motorcycles in the warm weather, the laughs. Its a vacation that is so unique, so different, so interesting.

I had so much fun there with everyone and laughing my ass off on the excursions I did with Suzzie and Karina. They are just amazing people. Partying at the clubs, getting very used to the VIP treatment and the oddest conversations ever. The dinners, tequila shooters, the whole experience. You really have a special business and I hope your clients see how lucky we are to have found such a place. Thank you for that. People with lives and careers like mine, need a place to act silly and live a life like this. Here at home, I have to be a respected member of society, and a good father, the boss. At your house, I can just be me.

Dave J. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club July 8, 2017

I’ll be back


Just wanted to drop a line to express my enjoyment of my recent stay. This was my 2nd visit and it far surpassed my 1st visit (which was great). There is a old saying that beauty is only skin deep but that sage never met your travel guides, they are truly beautiful people in both body and spirit. I hope you relay this compliment to them for me. Anna was truly a wonder. She is the kind of person that anyone would be proud to call a friend. Irina was no less charming and was a real treat to get to know. I just want you to know that they were very ,very complimentary of you and hold you in high regards and I firmly believe anyone who generates that kind of loyalty from an employee is doing something right and should take it as a great compliment.

In closing I wanted to say if either of these girls visits again in the future please let me know, I would love to plan a trip to visit at the same time. I plan to visit again in the fall if not sooner and I've got a couple of friends who will probably make it a group deal if things work out as planned. I'll be in touch when dates get finalized.


Jack L. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club June 8, 2017

A painful experience

I want to say again how much I enjoyed myself. Getting on the plane to return to reality was indeed a painful experience. But it just instilled in me the deep desire to return, as quickly as humanly possible.

Kevin M. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club May 12, 2017

A quick note

Dear Michelle,

Just a quick note to thank you and your wonderful staff for my recent vacation. It turned out very well. When I first got there I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was quite skeptical. However, the villas are wonderful, the staff courteous and attentive, and the guides beautiful and intelligent. I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store not knowing who to choose.

The other guests were nice and a lot of fun. It was very good that a couple of them had been there before to give me some advice and a few pointers as to how things work. I cannot say enough about Lena. I could not believe when she told me that she was just 22 years old! She showed a level of maturity beyond that age. She was intelligent, a great conversationalist, and had a very good understanding of world affairs and history. She was very well read and it was very easy, interesting, and fun to carry on a conversation with her. She was also was very familiar with the island regarding restaurants, beaches etc. A terrific knowledgeable guide. She is just the type of woman that I enjoy spending my time with.

Unfortunately commitments could not permit me to stay an extra day or two. However when I come down next time I will make arrangements to extend my vacation if need be. Once again thank you and if you ever need a Maintenance Supervisor please let me know. Would you please give my best to Lena?


Joseph F. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club April 17, 2017

Your hospitality

Thank you again for your hospitality. I enjoyed my visit very much and look forward to my return. But, unfortunately, as I told you not as soon as I would prefer. You have really put together an amazing team of people and I'm very pleased to be part of the Senses family.

Kind regards

Peter K. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club March 28, 2017

I appreciate your help

Dear Michelle,

I wanted to say that I had a fantastic time and I appreciate your help and assistance. My initial hesitance about Senses was soon gone upon my arrival. The accommodations were excellent, as was the food and your whole staff, especially the beautiful travel guides. You never know with the internet and I actually expected to be disappointed when arriving but the experience far exceeded my expectations.

You provide even more then what you advertise. That's a rare thing these days. PLEASE tell all the guides hello for me and thank them for a wonderful time. They were outstanding!!!! Beautiful, intelligent, warm, and charming. I think I fell in love with all of them. I look forward to another visit to Senses soon. Perhaps this summer or fall. Take care, and I look forward to seeing you again.


Carl R. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club February 3, 2017