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Reviews From Our Adult Vacation Clients Say It Best

Senses is a "Private" Club and we don't really seek out publicity. We are very fortunate not to have to do that and have turned down a lot of PR over the years because frankly we prefer to rely more on word of mouth and quality over quantity.  We also respect our clients privacy and would never subject them to any form of publicity. Hence the "Private Club" part of our name 😉

However, from time to time we get some very nice email reviews from our clients and they have agreed to let us post these reviews here. We have removed their contact details to protect their privacy.

Still unsure or have questions?

Give us a call or feel free to contact us by email and we would be happy to make you feel comfortable with your choice to visit us. If you would like to speak to a few current clients to get an actual feel of what to expect, we can arrange that as well.

My boyfriend of six years

My boyfriend of six years started searching for us to find another place to go because our last visit to Hedo didn’t quite meet our expectations. He found Senses Private Club. To say the least we had the vacation of our lives. Since we have been back, we can’t focus on anything, and are extremely sad for having to leave. We're already busy planning on when we can come back and to be honest, it was a life changing event.

I want to make special thanks to Anna. She is a very classy lady. She really made our trip so special and her and I really created a strong bond which seemed to come very naturally.

I want to thank everyone who participated in making us feel so welcomed and we appreciate this whole experience. It may sound corny but it has changed our lives.

With great appreciation,

Kelly S. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club September 14, 2016

Wonderful experience


Just wanted to say thanks again for everything.  It was truly a wonderful experience.  Everyone was so real and genuine and it was truly refreshing.  Definitely, I will have memories that will last me for years to come. Sigh!! 🙂 I am sure I will contact you for travel in the future. All the best to everyone. 


Shannon P. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club July 27, 2016

Just walked in the door

Dear Michelle,

I just walked in the door, home from my first visit to Senses. It's a long trip for me but worth every second of travel time. I had a wonderful stay and want to return as soon as possible. Senses is really Shangri-la. Everyone was wonderful.

Thanks again for an incredible time!

Bob J. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club February 29, 2016

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