Russian Escorts: What Makes Them So Special?

Russian escortIn the world of exotic travel companions, Russian escorts tend to top the list.

There is a powerful sensuality and sense of mystery that surrounds Eastern European women.

What is it about Russian escorts that make them so special? It really has nothing to do with them being escorts and everything to do with their nature.

Russian women play a significant role in the Russian people’s sense of country pride. They are as much a source of the country’s nationalism as weapons, sports and vodka.

Russian women are highly sought after the world over as are their Russian escort counterparts.

Why Russian escorts then?

Russian escorts (and Russian women) are absolutely stunning. Their beauty lies in the heavy mixture of eastern and western features. Russia is a true melting pot where over 100 different nationalities reside. This influx of multicultural travelers, guests and invaders has led to a physical mix of the best elements from all over the world.

Russian women have high cheekbones, fair skin, soft features, blue or green eyes and (traditionally) blonde hair. These are all features that have long been associated with physical beauty and are plentiful within the world of Russian escorts.

They also tend to have hourglass figures which are the benchmark for femininity. Russian escorts project this femininity which acts like a beacon to men who are naturally drawn to them. It’s almost coded in a man’s DNA to find the physical features of a Russian woman desirable.

Russian escorts are very feminine. This is a piece of Western culture that has been somewhat lost in the rise of the feminist movement. Russian women still embrace their femininity and are proud to possess those qualities.

This movement has had a masculine side effect with Western women. The softness and tenderness, qualities very typical of women, have been replaced by more masculine traits.

Russian escorts are proud of the feminine side. They embrace it and, as a result, your time spent with a Russian escort will leave you feeling very masculine and empowered yourself. They still embrace the traditional female values and project a power that is feminine but still very sexy.

Connecting to the femininity ideas above, Russian women are proud to dress sexy. There is still a value placed on showcasing physical beauty, something Russian escorts have in plentiful supply.

They still enjoy wearing skirts and high heels, and will make sure that they are well put together on a daily basis. For some women this might be a burden, but for Russian women, it’s a source of pride. They look classy, sophisticated and stylish. There’s a reason why James Bond had his share of Russian love interests and why successful men gravitate towards escorts such as this.

Smart and Outgoing
Russian escorts are very outgoing and easy to get to know. Russian women place more value on relationships and quality of life. This might have something to do with the harsh nature of Russian history, where the people were more willing to connect on a personal level.

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful woman who shows a genuine interest in your life? They are great listeners who know how to treat a man. This is an excellent quality for a man looking to enjoy the services Russian escorts provide.

Russian women are also very smart. The public education in Russia is actually very good. Plus, when the weather gets cold, there’s not much else to do except play chess and read books (know your Tolstoy boys).  These women are the total package. They will stimulate your mind as well as other parts of your anatomy. There is something very sexy about intelligence coupled with beauty.

Open and Easy to Know
Russian escorts are generally interested in the men they are sharing their time with. Russian women tend to be very open to meeting new people and this translates very well into the world of travel companions. Think of it as more of a girlfriend experience. They are very open and honest which makes it very easy to make an initial connection. That initial connection can make all the difference when using a Russian escort or any escort for that matter.

Russian women are much more approachable and open to new experiences than some of their Western counterparts. They are genuinely interested in getting to know you and know how to use their femininity to make a man feel like a man should. It’s refreshing to have a woman who will still blush or laugh when you flirt with them.

Sexually Open
Russian women are highly sexual. They are not encumbered by the Western taboos about sex and sexuality. They work hard to keep themselves fit and attractive and are not afraid to embrace their sexual nature. Russian escorts have a reputation for providing their clients with some of the most sexually satisfying experiences.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to have a Russian escort as your companion you most likely you won’t be disappointed. They are the embodiment of everything that a woman should be. Intelligent, personable and sexual. Three great qualities!

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