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I Took My Girlfriend To A Sex Resort For A Naughty Sexcation

Escorts on sexcation in Dominican RepublicIf you’ve never been on a sexcation (a vacation devoted entirely to sex), you’re missing out. According to studies, there are many benefits to taking a sexcation.

A vacation is good for your mental and physical well-being. Everyone needs a break from the stressors of daily life. People who regularly take vacations have fewer instances of heart disease. They also are more positive and ambitious.

In today’s society, we are too focused on our professional lives. Even when on vacation, some people will still do a little work.

These people are more stressed, more easily overwhelmed, and have more health issues. There have been numerous studies that show the benefits of taking time off from work.

There’s no better way to enjoy your time off than to go to the tropics. My favorite place for a sexcation is absolutely the Dominican Republic.

Why the Dominican Republic for a Sexcation?

The Dominican Republic is one of the biggest destinations for a sexcation. The tropical paradise is the perfect location for the adult vacation of a lifetime.

In fact, the Dominican Republic is the #1 travel destination in the entire Caribbean. The world class beaches and coastal villages are a draw for any traveler.

The beaches are just one of the attractions in the Dominican Republic. There are plenty of rural areas and plantations that add to the exotic nature of this island paradise.

Some of the best coffee, chocolate, and tobacco can be found in the Dominican Republic.

One of my favorite places in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana. This place is known for catering to people on a sexcation. This area has some of the most diverse geography on the whole island.

Beautiful white sand beaches, tropical rainforests, and jagged mountain peaks all punctuate the landscape of Punta Cana.
The country has a rich history and a welcoming culture and the music and atmosphere pulls even the most reluctant visitor out on the dance floor. The Dominican also has some of the best rum in the world.

All this combined makes for an amazing destination for any vacation.

We Really Needed to Get Away

Couple on sexcation in Punta CanaMy girlfriend and I work very hard. She’s a busy professional whose job takes up quite a bit of her time. It can be tough for us to get alone time.

Our relationship had started to become strained. When you have two busy professionals, time becomes a valuable commodity.

Our sex life had especially started to suffer. We would try to make time for one another but things would crop up. We made date night a priority, but work always seemed to get in the way.

When you’re caught up in your professional life it can be difficult to give your partner the attention they need and deserve.

I found myself noticing other women more than usual. This was normally out of my character to devote so much time and attention to fantasizing about other women.

I was so starved for affection and started to look for it elsewhere.

Surprisingly I found myself flirting in situations where in the past I would have been oblivious. I knew that something had to change. A sexcation sounded like exactly what we needed.

Both of us sat down one night and had a pretty in-depth talk. We both loved each other very much, but we knew that old spark was missing.

So we started to make a conscious effort to repair our relationship and were able to resolve our differences with a lot of time, hard work, and love.

Opening Up Our Fantasy Life

Couple enjoying sexOne night while we were lying naked in bed (our sex life had improved too), we started talking. I asked my girlfriend about her fantasies. We all know the honesty of a post-sex conversation. It just seems easier to open-up after opening up 🙂

She confided in me that she had a couple experiences with women when she was younger. It wasn’t anything serious, but it had always played a role in her fantasy life. I found this intriguing. Who wouldn’t?

We talked about her fantasy more. She confided in me that she still was attracted to women. While she didn’t desire them all the time, she did crave a woman’s touch from time to time.

She said it was like fast food for her and didn’t crave it often, but it would be a nice change of pace.

Some concerns for both of us.

Her main concern is that I would look at her differently and would think she no longer found me attractive.

I was worried that I wasn’t satisfying her any more. That she needed the company of someone else and that I just wasn’t enough.

That wasn’t the case. She told me that I was the man of her dreams but it was just that her fantasies also included women.

She had absolutely zero desire for any sort of a relationship with a woman that wasn’t physical and said that she couldn’t imagine having to deal with another woman in a relationship. This was just about sex. This was purely physical.

My girl and I talked a little more and decided we would take a shot at finding a woman. We went out to one of the local bars that had lots of single people. My girlfriend was looking amazing. It was hard to even leave the house to be honest.

She started talking to a few women and danced a little. This was all pretty exciting. For as promising as the night was, it ended up being a bust. We went home so sexually charged up and stayed naked until the sun came up.

We woke up with a renewed purpose and had to find a woman.

Neither one of us wanted to put a profile on a swinger website or blog . We looked at a few, but it just wasn’t our speed.

For one, it was almost all couples and single women were in high demand with very few profiles. Neither one of us had any desire to add another man to the mix for a MMF threesome.

The second reason was that my girlfriend has a pretty high profile job. We knew the only way to get responses online was to add pictures.
She didn’t want to risk the exposure.

We felt stuck. We really wanted to bring another woman into our bedroom, but didn’t want to waste our time hanging out at bars or clubs all the time.

My girlfriend and I went back to the bars a few more times just to see if we could meet someone. After our 4th visit, one of the women agreed to come home with us. The night was electric.

It was a blur of women, moans, and sweat. I felt like the luckiest man alive. My girlfriend’s fantasy was fulfilled. We still regularly meet with this woman. Probably once every other month. It’s fun and we both really enjoy ourselves but who knows how long that will last.

In theory, it would seem easy for an attractive looking couple to go out to a club and pick-up a woman to join you both in the bedroom, in reality it’s not so easy.

Why I Decided to Take a Sexcation

Girl at sex resort in CaribbeanThe arrangement was fine with me. I had never been with a woman who was into other women.

Personally I think it’s probably more common than society would have you believe. While it might still be taboo, it’s a top fantasy of many women.

In fact, every year one of the major porn sites releases the top search results. It’s probably no surprise that the top keywords searched by women is “lesbian”, “bisexual” and “female friendly.” The more hardcore subjects like “gangbang” and “bondage” are also in the top searches by women.

My girlfriend and I were starting to crave a little variety. We were craving a top erotic vacation even more. So we decided that the best trip we could take would be to go on a sexcation and the Dominican Republic was calling our name.

I had been to Jamaica when I was younger but went with my family, so it was a pretty tame experience, certainly not a sexcation. I also know it was a great spot to meet women although I was too young at the time.

The area is great. The Caribbean waters are so warm and the islands are serene. We looked into Jamaica, but they didn’t have what we wanted. Sure, there were some adult resorts there, but they couldn’t offer the vacation experience we wanted.

Planning a swinger vacation was something we also entertained but again it was mostly couples and we were looking for a single female.

We wanted to be in a private setting and we wanted to be pampered and spoiled. We decided on a private luxury resort in Punta Cana. The resort had great reviews and only catered to a handful of guests at a time.

This place was amazing. Gourmet meals, friendly staff, incredible atmosphere. We chose an all-inclusive resort, which meant that we didn’t have to worry about meals, drinks, or any of the other typical traveling hassles. All we had to do was show up and relax.

That’s exactly what we did. Of course, this wasn’t going to be a typical vacation. We signed up for a sexcation. We were ready for the vacation experience of a lifetime.

The Sex Resort

The resort we went to was the type of resort that offered women as part of the experience. When we did our research on the best sex resorts, we realized that this was an option at certain places.

The Dominican Republic is very open to adult sex vacations. In fact, about 10% of the population is involved in the sex industry in one way or another and it’s not unusual for a single girl to be willing to play for a price.

The locals call these “transactional relationships” and they’re very common all over the country.

Some resorts will get women from outside the Dominican Republic to also offer something different. The resort we chose had the best selection of women on the entire island.

They are one of the only resorts that brings in women from Eastern Europe and other parts of Latin America.

This place gets the best of the best not only in appearance but also the type of women. They are not “pros” but are college educated, speak multiple languages and are students or models. Just regular girls that happen to be stunning and wanting a fun vacation themselves. That’s why we chose the resort we did.

More then sex.

We're both educated professionals. We wanted a woman who would excite us as much mentally as she would physically. We didn’t just want a local bar girl type experience. There is a big difference between VIP and cheap escorts.

Both of us were extremely happy with our decision. The women at our resort weren’t permanent fixtures. They were from Eastern Europe who came to the Dominican in their down time for some fun.

We had a couple different companions during our stay. They were both the type of women that you’d be lucky to have as friends, much less lovers.

They were smart, funny, sexy, and always made us feel like they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but with us. This made both of us extremely comfortable. We were a little nervous about bringing the girls into our bedroom the first time.

What we didn’t realize was that it was never really about sex. It was about making a connection with someone else. It was about finding passion and living out fantasies.

I liked that it wasn’t about sex...until it was.

The End Result

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few years now and I know when she’s in the mood. I definitely know when she’s turned on.

I watched her walk around in this state of arousal for our entire stay. If you’ve never been around a woman who’s libido is supercharged from being turned on, you’re missing out. It was incredible and without a doubt the best experience of our entire stay for me.

We rode that sexual energy for the duration of our stay. It filtered into our excursions, our sightseeing tours, and our daily vacation reality. Did I already mention It was a truly incredible experience?

We returned back from our vacation completely recharged. The stress of our lives melted away in the warm Caribbean sun.

My girlfriend and I loved our sexcation and can’t wait to go back. To us, the Dominican Republic is a pretty magical place.

Most people stop believing in magic as they get older but anyone who’s ever been to an adult luxury resort like this, knows it still exists.

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