Spice Up Your Next Fishing Adventure With Some Adult Fun

Hot girl fishing on boatA deep sea fishing adventure can be one of the most rewarding adult vacations you can take.

Getting out on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and testing your skills against some of the biggest fish Mother Nature has to offer is a worthwhile quest. It's a boost to your ego to fight with a 200 plus pound beast and emerge victorious on the ultimate fishing adventure.

Sounds like a great time, right? What if we told you that we could up the ante?

Complement your fishing excursion with an adult vacation experience at Senses Private Club. You’ll go home with memories of that perfect catch, and much more.

Imagine yourself out on the beautiful Caribbean, a gentle breeze whispers across your skin as you head out in search of some world class fishing. Your own beautiful travel guide and crew prepare for an amazing day ahead. It's the perfect start to your adult vacation of a lifetime.

A Deep Sea Fishing Adventure in the Caribbean

The Caribbean waters surrounding the Dominican Republic are packed with a wide variety of fish available for you to catch. The different species you might encounter while on the water are: Marlin, Bonito, Barracuda, Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna and Mackerel.

As an added bonus to the fishing, the waters are also abundant with sea turtles, dolphins, rays and whales, all which you have a good chance of viewing while on your fishing excursion.

While fishing the waters around Senses, you are most likely to land a Marlin during your outing. The Marlin population is very abundant and it is not uncommon to hook multiple fish during a normal day of fishing. Even when the other species of fish are difficult to find, your odds of landing a Marlin are still very high. Marlins are caught year round, so no matter when you decide to book with us, you can have a productive day out on the water.

The East Coast of the Dominican Republic adjoins the Atlantic Ocean. This creates a unique environmental area where the two bodies of water meet.

There are two areas, the Silver Bank and Navidad Bank, which are designated marine sanctuaries. These areas create an amazing environment for sport fishing enthusiasts and first timer’s alike. The marine sanctuary shelters many feeder fish which makes the area just beyond the sanctuary area a sport fisherman’s paradise.

Envision Yourself on the Perfect Adult Vacation

The lucky guy you are, you wake in our beautiful retreat with the warm trade winds making you feel at ease. Your own personal travel guide enjoys a magnificent breakfast with you prepared by your own chef. Satisfied and fulfilled, you head out with your guide as our driver takes you to your own private fishing charter for the day.

Your day is filled with the thrill of the hunt as you try to pay equal attention to the world class Marlin you have snagged and the ice cold beverages that are flowing while enjoying the heat of a Caribbean day.

You bag that fish with the confidence that only a truly satisfied man can exhibit and take a relaxing boat trip back to the retreat as the amber sun begins its heavy descent into the horizon.

You return and enjoy a luxurious meal and a relaxing soak in the hot tub or dip in the pool. For many other vacationers, their day is mostly over with the exception of a couple drinks and hitting the hotel bed. Not you . . . not today!

Your fishing experience was only a small piece of the pleasures that await you on your luxury adult vacation. The real adventure is just about to begin with an amazing nightlife here in Punta Cana.

If you were dazzled by the powerful display of a fish fighting for its survival, you will be left speechless by the night time fun that awaits. You'll soon forget all about the one that got away because what awaits you in Punta Cana is some of the best entertainment anywhere in the Caribbean.

We have the power to turn a good fishing adventure into a unique vacation experience unlike any other you have ever taken. Make your reservation with us today!

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