How Strong Is Your Foreplay Game?

Girl ready for foreplayWe all know that foreplay is important in a healthy sex life but how strong is your game?

We’ve been schooled over and over about the necessity of foreplay and, for some men, the lessons have been internalized.

For others, however, there is not as much importance placed on the time spent before the actual act of sex begins. Many people see it as a necessary evil of sorts to make sure that your lady is properly lubed up and ready to go.

There’ so much more to having a strong foreplay game than you initially might have thought. It is so much more than just a means to an end. It is just as much a part of great sex as the actual sex itself.

If you want the women in your life who you enjoy naked fun time with to leave happy, fulfilled and ready to scream your praises at the highest mountain top, then you need to make sure that you understand the fundamental importance of foreplay and it’s role in unlocking her sexual potential.

There is so much importance placed on being the long lasting stud of porno proportions that the skills of the entire sexual ritual are often lost in the proverbial shuffle.

You hardly see any advertisements about becoming a better lover, it’s all about getting yourself bigger and lasting longer.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, there’s definitely value in being able to last long enough in the bedroom to please your partner. However, it’s much more dynamic than finding something that might give you a bigger member.

In survey after survey, there is so much data to suggest that women aren’t as impressed by the fact that you can drive a nail with your penis as they are with your ability to satisfy them sexually.

Do you know what really satisfies a woman sexually? Your ability to give them pleasure beyond just where you might put your manhood.

If you can get a woman to the point where she is begging for you to enter her, then that means that you have done a fantastic job of getting her in the mood and that she is completely engaged in your encounter.

Your job then, is to become adept in the art of foreplay.

Foreplay for most men is as simple as thinking about having sex. That’s it, you’re ready and able to have sex on the spot. It’s in a man’s DNA to be ready for sex in an instant. It’s that animalistic side of men that help to propagate the species.

For women, it’s a much different experience. They might be willing to have sex right at that moment but their bodies might not be as ready as the spirit. They require more time and effort to be put in that state of erotic readiness.

There’s a big difference between having good sex and a mind-blowing sexual experience. You have to decide which of those two tags you want applied to your own sexual prowess.

When you think about it, it should be a pretty easy choice. Which guy do you want to be? Do you want to be the, “he was pretty good, I had fun” guy or would you rather be the, “oh my god, I can’t stop my legs from shaking” guy?

Trust me, if you can leave a woman trembling afterwards, you’ve done an excellent job of pleasuring her.

It’s important to understand why foreplay is so important. It’s much more than just biological in nature. It’s about creating a physiological response in your partner that opens the door for the mind-blowing encounter that every man dreams of providing and every woman not-so-secretly desires.

The Spice of Life
That intense passion that is the catalyst for so many rewarding sexual experiences is created during foreplay. Sure there is the initial attraction, flirtation and other factors during the evening that lead you into your eventual encounter, but it’s the foreplay that creates that desire.

The experts all agree that you can’t have too much foreplay in a sexual encounter. It will continue to build up your feelings of passion and desire until both people can’t take it any longer and need the release of sex.

When you get to that point, the sex is more intense and profound. Each partner is so ready for the encounter that they throw themselves headlong into the experience, which usually results in a sweaty, satisfied, naked jumble of body parts.

Kissing is Key
Great foreplay begins with the kiss. Many couples in long term relationships report that they don’t kiss like they did when they first got together. Kissing is the backbone of great foreplay.

A good kiss is passionate and creates a feeling of longing and desire in both partners. It increases the intensity and leads to touching, petting and oral sex.

Allow yourself to get lost in the passion contained in the relatively PG-13 world of kissing and petting. You’ll help to build anticipation and the two of you will soon find that those cumbersome articles of clothing are getting in the way.

Take your Time
Go slowly and enjoy foreplay as much as you would enjoy actually having sex. After all, who doesn’t like having a half-naked, eager woman breathing heavy in anticipation of your next touch and kiss?

Foreplay is much more than just the traditional erogenous zones as well. This is your chance to go and explore your partner. Maybe she likes her lower back nibbled on? Possibly running your tongue across her shoulder blades gives her the chills?

When you take the time to explore your partner, you’re likely to find that secret spot that she was unwilling to mention or that she herself didn’t even know existed. You will build your sexual confidence knowing exactly how to rock a girls world every time. Become the rare lover that really knows how to please and you will have more women shouting your praises then you ever thought possible.

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