How To Survive Your First Nude Vacation

Girl on nude vacation walking on beachCongratulations. You finally worked up the courage to get outside your comfort zone and take a nude vacation. I remember my first nude vacation, it was full of adventure and, of course, plenty of wonderfully naked bodies.

I’m sure that you’re wondering just exactly what your first nude vacation might just have to offer you. It’s a good question and one I’m sure that you want answered.

I bet that since you decided to take a nude vacation, you are probably excited about all the possibilities that await you. If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve been staying away from carbs and hitting the gym religiously.

I wanted to make sure that I looked as good as possible naked, and I was really concerned that I might be judged because of a few extra pounds or that pesky cellulite that never seems to completely leave my ass.

In all honesty, I was a bit of a wreck. I was full of self-doubt and wondering exactly what I had got myself into for my week of adventure. At one point, I considered backing out and taking a more traditional vacation, but I’m so happy that I didn’t.

I decided to take a clothing optional cruise to a tropical destination. What could be better than walking around free as can be on my very first nude vacation? I felt the privacy of a cruise would best suit my needs and help me lose some of the inhibitions I might otherwise feel if I wasn’t out on the open sea.

Let me help you survive your first nude vacation by giving you a few tips that I learned while on my first naked vacation experience.

Don’t Say No
This might seem like a fairly obvious statement. I mean, who goes on vacation just to avoid having some adult fun?
You would be surprised. I went with a girlfriend and she seemed so uncomfortable at first. There are so many activities you can enjoy, so make sure you keep your sense of adventure alive and kicking.

We played shuffleboard, pool, and even ping pong all while naked. I really enjoyed the body painting class and the un-costume contest. It was so much fun.

Whatever activities that might be offered on your nude vacation, make sure that you jump in and have a blast.

Remember: No Clothing
One of the things that really didn’t cross my mind is the fact that no clothing means that I had no place to keep my room key. Unfortunately, on my cruise, my room key was also my charge card for anything I wanted to buy.

Most places will supply you with a lanyard for your key, but if you want something more secure, get a wrist wallet. It’s a simple piece of fabric with pocket where you can keep your room key, lipstick, or other small objects you might need on your nude vacation.

Strip Down Early and Often
Since this is your first nude vacation, you might be a little hesitant about stripping down the first time. My best advice to you is to hit the ground running....naked.

Most people go on vacation to party, which means plenty of late nights. Get up early and hit the first activities of the day, be it breakfast or yoga or whatever naked. You’ll make your nude vacation a better experience once you feel comfortable walking around in your birthday suit.

Bring Clothes
This seems like a no brainer, but there are some areas of your nude vacation where clothing is mandatory. For my cruise, it was dinner. Breakfast and lunch was clothing optional, but for the dinner portion of the cruise, people were expected to wear clothing.

For me, this was easy since I knew the cruise had a few different ports where we would be able to go off ship and explore the area. Bring both casual and more formal attire, since you never know where your nude vacation might just take you.

Naked Doesn’t Mean Sex
I had trouble, when I first decided to take a nude vacation, finding the right context for being naked. In my daily life, I’m only naked for one of two reasons, bathing and sex.

I was worried that many of the guests, especially the men, might be walking around aroused. As a woman, that would make me very uncomfortable.

Luckily for me, a nude vacation isn’t really about sex at all. This isn't like a swinger vacation. It’s the opportunity to be free of the restrictions of daily life. It really was more of a mindset than anything else. The other guests on the cruise were very respectful and, after a day, it felt like being on any other vacation I had previously taken.

Overall there was a very good mix of guests. Some guests were more "nudists" while others were swingers living the life while on another great vacation.

I was actually a little surprised by all the “normal” conversations I had with other guests on the ship. Trust me, there’s nothing sexual about talking about work.

Channel Your Inner College Freshman
My first year of college, I lived in a dorm. We had whiteboards attached to our doors where my roommate and I would leave messages for each other.

Since you probably won’t be carrying your cell phone around, this is a great way to tell your travel companion on your nude vacation where you might be or any other important information.

Having dinner at 6? Going to relax down at the pool? Something to write a message on is a very important asset to have on your nude vacation.

Relax and Enjoy
At the end of the day, your nude vacation is still your opportunity to leave the stresses of home and enjoy yourself. Have a couple drinks, leave your clothes in the room and enjoy a great vacation.

I can’t wait for my next nude vacation, I’m sure you’ll feel the same after you take the proverbial plunge. Enjoy.


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