Swing Life Style and Open Relationships For Couples

swing life style coupleThe swing life style can offer some very exciting possibilities for couples with an open mind.

Do you know a couple who still has the same sexual energy they had in the early stages of their relationship?

They still flirt and play with one another like teenagers experience their first love.

In any long term relationship it can be a struggle to keep the same spark and passion alive that was there in the beginning.

That passion infused sexual time where you can’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off and enjoy some quality naked fun.

For some couples, recapturing these feelings require therapy sessions where they try to reconnect on a physical and emotional level.

For other couples, the swing life style or exploring the opportunities of an open relationship can be just the answer.

Adding a Third
Thinking about adding another person into the mix can be a daunting task for many couples. It can be the make or break moment for a couple who are going to dive headlong into the swing life style or possibly be relegated to the confines of regular monogamous sex.

It is probably the most common of the male fantasies. Having two women at once in a sexy threesome is the sort of thing that many men dream about since their teen years. However, there are a great number of women who also desire to explore the boundaries of pleasure with another woman as well.

The key to indulging in this fantasy world is when everyone involved is able to find sexual fulfillment with the addition of another. Maybe your wife or girlfriend has always wanted to have another woman go down on her.

Maybe she has secretly wanted to watch you pleasure another woman. To witness the raw, masculine power and see you give pleasure to another woman. Doesn’t sound too bad, eh?

How to Make it Work
The key to engaging in the swing life style or an open relationship is to have both partners in complete agreement as to the in’s and out’s (pun intended) of each experience. This takes honest communication and an openness that most relationships only talk about while paying a therapist $100 an hour.

It is important that you and your partner already have an open, stable and trusting relationship before you decide to enter the swing life style.

There are many emotions that will surface when you first decide to take the plunge, jealousy being the main culprit and it is important that you are confident that your relationship is strong.

The key to remember in all this is that you and your spouse are simply seeking a unique physical outlet. The swing life style and an open relationship is about recreational sex. Pure and simple. Fulfilling those sexual desires and fantasies that you’ve been keeping in check for years.

This is not about love. That’s why you already have a strong relationship. This is about the pure, animalistic and hedonistic pleasures that a purely sexual experience can provide.

This experience should be about how much you love the other person in your primary relationship. People in the swing life style love to see their partners be pleased and have learned how to check their ego at the door.

A benefit of these experiences is that your own passions will be renewed and often the sex at home is intensified by the whole experience.

Note: This is not for couples looking to save their relationship. Couples in the swing life style are there for the same reasons, to have fun. They are not looking to steal away your partner or sweep them off their feet romantically.

There are so many options for couples looking to navigate the waters of the swing life style. There are a number of swinger friendly travel options out there for couples looking for a sexual adventure.

For some couples, taking a vacation with other like-minded individuals is all they need to have a great time. The advantage of a vacation that caters to people involved in the swing life style is that you are surrounded by people whose relationships have all endured and blossomed because they decided to live their lives on their terms.

Finding willing and pleasing partners can be a challenge. An erotic vacation experience that caters to the lifestyle can take much of the guesswork out of the process. Imagine being at a resort with plenty of attractive couples who are also there to make their own fantasies come true.

You can find a wealth of opportunities relaxing in the sun and having a relaxing drink or two with someone new. An added bonus is that you get the opportunity to expand your own personal network of available couples.

One of our favorite options for those involved in the swing life style or for couples looking to try something different is the travel escort option. This can provide curious couples and the more experienced ones out there a unique opportunity.

The benefit of having an escort on your vacation is that they are pros. They live their lives providing pleasurable companionship on a daily basis. You have the opportunity to find a connection with a beautiful woman who is willing and able to make you and your partners every fantasy come true.

No strings…no drama…just pure blissful pleasure. After all, that’s what your foray into the swing life style is all about, right? Many successful men use escorts for a reason and more and more couples are starting to realize this option also provides them many new opportunities for exploration.

No matter how you choose to participate in the swing life style, there is an option available for you. Life is about experience. Life is about passion. Life is about great, mind blowing sex.

Take a walk on the wild side and experience the truly fulfilling benefits that the swing life style can provide.

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