Swinglifestyle – The Down And Dirty List Of Unusual Vacations For Swingers

Swinglifestyle vacation with sexy girl in poolSo, you’re in the swinglifestyle or possibly swing curious and you’re interested in planning a swinger vacation where you can be free to explore the boundaries of sexual pleasure and freedom. There are plenty of options out there for people in the swinglifestyle to take advantage of.

Sure, you can always go to the traditional resorts like Hedonism or Desires resorts we know you’ll have a great time. They are the industry standard for a reason.

However, what if you are a little more adventurous? Maybe you're ready for a sex resort? What if you and your partner are the type of couple who wants a little more from their swinglifestyle vacation than the typical resorts?

Fear not. We have a list of the top ten places for those of you in the swinglifestyle who are craving more than just complimentary tropical drinks with mini umbrellas. These are not necessarily swinger resorts but these are unique celebrations of sex and kink that anyone involved in the swinglifestyle would appreciate and enjoy.

Here are the 10 best swinglifestyle events for you to explore in no particular order:

Swinger festival of really good sex
1. Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

What can we say about a festival that has “really good sex” right in the name? It’s akin to the old live nude girls signs out front of your local strip club. Not very creative but definitely worth a peek.

The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex takes place in January in Sydney, Australia. With classes and workshops with titles like, “Orgasmic Yoga” and “The Art of Cock Pleasure” you’re bound to learn something new and useful to take back to your hometown swinglifestyle party.

While sex is not allowed in the workshops themselves, there will be plenty of opportunity to play and explore back at your hotel with other open minded guests.

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival for the swinglifestyle
2. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival

Located in a remote village in Finland, the Kutemajrvi Sex Festival is a great place for people of all levels to explore the swinglifestyle and visit a beautiful locale to boot.

The festival takes place every July and features live music and a multitude of lecturers. It’s a showcase for erotic entertainers. The highlight of the festival is the very non-traditional “Aphrodite Contest” which is a beauty pageant unlike any you’re sure to experience anywhere else.

Sex and swingers festival in Japan
3. Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (The Festival of the Steel Phallus)

Taking place in Kawasaki, Japan, the Shinto Kanamara Matsuri is a festival dedicated to all things sex. The backstory, which is really cool by the way, revolves around a 17th century legend where a demon exacted his revenge after being rejected by a beautiful woman, by mutilating the anatomy of all her lovers. The people eventually defeated the demon by using a steel phallus which subsequently broke all the demon’s teeth.

Gory, yes but it’s a great reason to have a festival dedicated to sex and, for the adventurous swinglifestyle traveler, an excellent reason to take your adventures to the Land of the Rising Sun. The website is in Japanese but you can Google for more detailed information.

Schloss Milkersdorf Castle for those in the swinglifestyle
4. Schloss Milkersdorf

If you want to take an erotic swinglifestyle vacation that is completely unique,  then you need to head to Germany and enjoy the entertainment at the Schloss Milkersdorf Castle.

From erotic parties for couples to a variety of playrooms, the castle is a completely unique experience. The castle is an actual castle, renovated and updated to accommodate the sinful pleasures of their guests. When you’re not playing in their darkroom or enjoying an erotic masquerade ball, you can get out and explore the scenic remote German countryside.

German Fetish Ball Weekend for swingers
5. German Fetish Ball Weekend

Another offering from the sex hungry Germans, we can’t think of a better place than Berlin, Germany, to explore your kinky side. The German Fetish Ball Weekend takes place in Berlin around April or May and is exactly what it advertises.

This is the chance to explore your kink in a safe and sane environment. This is the largest fetish and BDSM festival in all of Europe and a great place for your next swinglifestyle vacation.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival for open-minded adults
6. Seattle Erotic Art Festival

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is a uniquely Seattle-esque experience that is a must-visit for anyone in the swinglifestlye or people who appreciate something on the kinkier side of normal.

The festival takes place over three days and boasts the most unique collection of erotic art anywhere on the planet. While sex is not allowed at the festival itself, we’re sure that a weekend spent immersed in all things erotic will lead to some excellent nights where your every desire can be fulfilled.

Hump Film Festival for swingers
7. Hump! Film Festival

Score another one for the Pacific Northwest. Founded in Portland, Oregon, the Hump! Film Festival is billed as the kinkiest film festival in the world. Pornographers both novice and experienced gather together to showcase their talents as adult filmmakers.

Started in Oregon, the festival has taken its show on the road lately and has a variety of destinations around the U.S. where you can take in the local swinglifestyle flavors and watch some great erotic films.

Folsom Street Fair for the sexually open-minded
8. Folsom Street Fair

San Francisco has always billed itself as one of the most open minded cities in the world. The Folsom Street Fair lays claim to being the biggest leather event in the world.

Around 400,000 “fetish enthusiasts” (as they are so affectionately known) descend upon 13 city blocks and enjoy live music, bondage shows and workshops and about anything else the  swinglifestyle minded couple might find to enjoy.

Kinky Copenhagen for BDSM lovers and swingers
9. Kinky Copenhagen

Think of Comic-con with whips and chains and you’ll find yourself immersed in the kink friendly festival that is Kinky Copenhagen. This is Denmark’s amazing kink festival and the perfect place for people in the swinglifestyle to get their Dom or Sub fantasies fulfilled.

Any and every imaginable fetish is on display in the country that has led the world on legalized hedonism.

Naughty in N’awlins swinglifestyle event
10. Naughty in N’awlins

The Naughty in N’awlins convention has been one of the most popular swinglifestyle events in the country since 1999. Started by a couple, Bob and Tess, the convention has parades, playrooms, bar crawls and the famous Bourbon Street swinger parties.

This is a must attend event for anyone in the swinglifestyle. Plus, who wouldn’t want to come to New Orleans and party?

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