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Our Adult Vacation Clients Say It Best

Senses is a "Private" Club and we don't really seek out publicity. We are very fortunate not to have to do that and have turned down a lot of PR over the years because frankly we prefer to rely more on word of mouth and quality over quantity.  We also respect our clients privacy and would never subject them to any form of publicity. Hence the "Private Club" part of our name 😉

However, from time to time we get some very nice emails from our clients and they have agreed to let us post these here. We have removed their contact details to protect their privacy.

Still unsure or have questions?

Give us a call or feel free to contact us by email and we would be happy to make you feel comfortable with your choice to visit us. If you would like to speak to a few current clients to get an actual feel of what to expect, we can arrange that as well.

As a couple, everything was perfect

Hi Angelika,

The villa is absolutely magnificent. I was inspired by your excellent interior decorating. Even more so I am inspired by your business management skills and entrepreneurial expertise. Your attention to detail is phenomenal and much appreciated. All the travel guides are so pleasant and engaging to talk with and, also, fun to party with.

You have an extraordinarily well-run resort. I am truly in awe of your skills. The environment you have created perfectly addresses the needs of your clientele. This trip to Senses was even more perfect than our last one. We are your loyal clients and hope to always be invited back to your one of a kind retreat.

One of my favorite memories is how hilariously engaging your staff were during the Masquerade dinner. They were just the right combination of playful entertainment and excellent service. Bravo to them, and Bravo to your excellent ability to hire the right personalities.

If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask us. Thank you for everything!!!

Warm Regards and Much Appreciation,

Lynn & Carl S. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club November 4, 2018

Personal touch

Dear Angelika,

Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to express my gratitude to you today. Your professionalism and hospitality, personal touch, which is easy to see in every detail, really make a difference and stand out. Thank you for a wonderful time in Punta Cana.

Please pass my best regards to your assistant who helped me to learn the history and see an exciting future of the region.

Overall, this short break was fantastic!


Todd J. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club October 21, 2018

No doubt I’ll be back


Thank you. The trip was amazing. The staff and the girls are amazing. I have no doubts I'll be back!!

Again, thanks again for everything. So happy I discovered this paradise.


Marty P. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club August 15, 2018

Attention to customer service


Thank you again for your professionalism and attention to customer service. My Senses experience has been terrific so far, and I haven't even arrived yet.

I can hardly wait to find out how well I will enjoy Senses in person, and I look forward to making your acquaintance.


Mike G. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club July 27, 2018

Such an amazing experience

Hi Angelica,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for such an amazing experience! Both you & Peter were terrific to deal with. Very accommodating. I can’t say enough about the sweet staff. Very attentive and always with a smile. Lastly, Anastasiia was just a pure delight. I enjoyed her company tremendously. So much so, I can’t imagine a trip without her as my guide.

I look forward to reaching out to you again for my next escape from NYC life.

Best Regards,


Carson M. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club July 22, 2018

We are addicted

Hello Senses Private Club,

I just had to write and say how much we enjoyed our recent visit. As always, we were treated like royalty all the way from the VIP pickup at the airport to our very last minute there. Every beautiful guide and every house staff member greeted us with a warm welcome and a sweet loving goodbye when we left. I believe my husband and I are addicted, this was our sixth visit to your beautiful retreat. We love every minute.

The food and drinks as always were out of this world delicious. You have a real treasure with Carlos in the kitchen. And Frandy, wow I cannot say enough good things about him. He worked tirelessly to take care of our every need any time of the day or night. He is the best! Your cleaning staff also is to be bragged upon. No matter how many times a day we messed up our room it was always clean and spotless when we returned to it.

The travel guides. OMG, they are the most beautiful, sweet, kind and considerate young ladies. We always laugh and have the most fun with them. Even if we just stay at the villa or go out for a daily adventure the ladies always make sure we are happy and having fun. It’s always so hard to say goodbye.

We are looking forward to our next visit.

Love and hugs to everyone,

Kara & Paul G. Client's contact information withheld by SPC for privacy Senses Private Club July 2, 2018

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