The Truth About VIP Escorts

VIP escort on boatVIP escorts are more visible and accessible today than ever before. The internet has opened up a wealth of possibilities for people looking to connect and find company.

For many men, the allure of finding a beautiful woman willing for a no strings type of relationship is very desirable. Not everyone wants to put in the time it might take to find that certain someone. Not to mention that relationships, regardless of how casual, can be complicated.

Many women get into the escorting business for a variety of reasons. The allure of a non traditional job, good money, travel opportunities and guilt free sex is definitely appealing to many. Some women begin the profession as a way to make some quick money and quickly find out that they are not cut out for the lifestyle. Other women, embrace the empowerment offered by being in control of their own sexuality and finances.

For the women who embrace the lifestyle, they tend to splinter off into various different factions. They all provide a basic service, but that’s about where the similarities end. For some escorts, the main service they provide is a sexual release, which is a pretty great service if you ask us. However, there are many women who have the ability to provide both a physical and mental release. These women quickly become the VIP escorts.

Yes, there is traditionally a much higher price tag when enjoying the company of a VIP escort, but the experience you get in return is so much more rewarding. With a high priced escort, you are paying for the total experience, not just the quick and fleeting physical release.

For many individuals seeking the company of a woman, the experience is about more than just that physical encounter. They want to experience passion which, in their daily lives, might be severely lacking or completely nonexistent. They want to talk to someone about their day, or flirt with a beautiful woman who is willing and eager for the attention. They want the opportunity to seduce and be seduced by a woman who is intelligent, captivating and sensual.

These are all benefits of hiring a high priced escort. What you get for the money far exceeds anything that a regular escort could provide. Maybe your own desires are considered beyond the vanilla mainstream views on companionship and you need someone who is willing to explore the boundaries of sensuality together.

A high priced escort is the total package. They are there obviously because the pay is good, let’s not kid ourselves here. However, they also enjoy making a strong connection with their clients. They understand that there is more to the overall experience than just being present or just being a sexual plaything.

High priced escorts are challenging women. They will excite your mind as well as provide you with physical companionship beyond your wildest dreams. They know how to carry a conversation and are classy, sophisticated and also tend to be educated.

They are the embodiment of most men’s ideal fantasy woman. Someone who you can bring to a formal affair and who will captivate the other guests as they are drawn by her intelligence and beauty. The two of you will steal glances at one another throughout the evening while you quickly become the envy of the other guests.

This is why you pay a premium for the company of these women. Simply put, they are worth the money. You get the most, ahem, bang for your buck so to speak. There are many good reasons why gentlemen use high priced escorts. For many men, it is in their best interest to utilize the services of a high priced escort vs. just a regular escort.

One of the greatest benefits beyond the companionship and physical beauty as mentioned above is that a VIP escort understands the value of discretion. It is in her best interest to maintain a level of discretion with her clients, as much of her business depends on her reputation. There’s always the exception to the rule, however, and there are women who use their position to take advantage. These women tend to not last too long in the industry.

VIP escorts have some very influential and powerful clientele who might not take too kindly to their secrets being exposed. Part of the full service that you get with a high priced escort is the guarantee of discretion. What you choose to do with your own money and free time is your own business and with these women, it will stay just that way.

When was the last time you were seduced by a beautiful woman? It probably doesn’t happen very often, if not at all to most men. Beautiful women are used to being pursued and have an almost standardized aloofness that is somewhat inherent. However, with a high priced escort, you will find yourself being seduced by her. She is interested in establishing a connection through conversation, flirting, touching and it is her job to make you feel like the best version of yourself possible.

You can go out and find a woman willing to trade you sex for money almost anywhere. There are plenty of options out there for a person looking for a purely physical release. When you’re ready for the total girlfriend experience, then it’s time to look into the advantages of hiring a VIP escort.

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