Three Reasons Successful Men Use Escorts

female escortProstitution - It’s called the oldest profession in the world for a reason.

Whether people want to admit it or not, prostitution is a job and a lucrative one at that. In fact, in 2007, the sex trade in Atlanta alone brought in a whopping 290 million dollars in revenue!

A high-end escort averages $500 an hour with a yearly income of over $200,000. That is a massive amount of cash generated by massive amounts of men willing to pay for sexual pleasure. So, if prostitution is that common and obviously, that popular – why are people so ashamed to talk about it?

A Part of Life

For years going to a brothel was a right of passage for men, worldwide. In Italy, prior to 1960, the majority of men had their first heterosexual experience in the local ‘cat houses’. It was simply what was done – they walked in as boys and sauntered out as men.

However, somewhere along the line men started feeling ashamed of their involvement in the sex trade and it became something no one talked about, let alone admitted.

A cliché developed in regards to the type of men who regularly hired escorts. A man who would rather pay for sex than have a relationship? Gasp! He must have severe personality defects or be so physically unattractive the only way a woman would touch him would be for cash. This is definitely not true. In point of fact, it is exactly the opposite.

Celebrities, sports stars, businessmen, politicians, scientists and other major society power players are more often than not the ones spending their hard earned cash on a lovely lady for the evening. But why? Why hire a professional when there are women a-plenty scrambling to become girlfriends to these successful, busy gentlemen?

There’s the problem, right there – the scramble to be a ‘girlfriend’.

Getting Down to Business

Think for a moment what a typical date entails. You pick the girl up and take her for a few cocktails during which you wow her with your charm and intelligence. Afterward, you move on to an expensive dinner in which she is hopefully further impressed with your personality, good taste and character.

Later that evening, depending on how well you handled yourself throughout the first date, there may be a chance for some sort of sexual contact. A lot of time, effort and money is invested throughout the date and for what?

Men who skip these steps and engage the services of an escort simply don’t have time for all the bells and whistles of traditional courtship. They are generally incredibly busy individuals who have little else in terms of a life besides their jobs.

Extremely devoted to their careers, these men haven’t got the energy to jump through dating hoops in order to get the kind of physical contact they are looking for. They are men of business and in their case, sex is more comfortable when carried out as a transaction. Waiting in the wings? A sophisticated escort who is just as willing to trade her company for his credit card – no strings attached.

Head games? No thank you!

There’s no question that men and women tend to approach sex differently. When asked, most men will tell you that it is purely a physical sensation for them – and a good one at that! Most women however, are traditionally more emotionally involved in their sensuality and therefore respond to sex in an altogether different manner

An escort is not most women. Her skill set and attitude are unique to her profession.

Uninterested in romance, relationships or forming deep connections with her clients, she has mastered the physical while keeping the emotional in check. You won’t get an angry text if you don’t send flowers after a night of lovemaking. She won’t wonder where you are if you don’t call her twice a day. She’s not concerned about making a soul connection or counting on you for her happily ever after.

A good escort keeps her head in the game even when providing a girlfriend experience. The only thing she wants from you is your satisfaction and the cost of her time. For men who are already burdened with responsibilities from work and high paced life styles, the company and discretion of a professional is exactly what they need for a little ‘stress relief’.

Escorts Can Provide A Taste for the Unusual

As previously mentioned, discretion is one of the key qualities in a good escort. This is particularly the case for gentlemen who have certain ‘desires’. If you are a fetishist, it can be a struggle finding someone to fulfill your fantasies without unnecessary complication.

Some men fall back on personal ads or special interest clubs, but that can be a tricky path to negotiate. Trying to find someone in a fetish community who is emotionally stable as well as physically attractive can be quite a challenge.

Discovering an escort who is schooled in your particular fetish and knows exactly what to expect takes a great deal of risk out of having those desires realized.

Not only do you get to specify the appearance of your companion, but you can be assured that she not only has experience in your particular tastes but is accomplished as well. Any full time fetishist can tell you that combination is worth its weight in gold.

45% of men in Italy have utilized escort services. In Japan, 37% have paid for sex. In America? 20%. Chances are you know someone who has hired an escort. Perhaps in your circle of friends, you are that guy! And why not? After all, in many countries prostitution is legal. Obviously it generates a huge amount of profit and there will always be a high demand for it.

However, the stigma still remains when it comes to the kind of men who support the industry and their reasons for doing so. Perhaps when society stops romanticizing sex and acknowledges it as the commodity it is, the clichés will come to a halt and men will finally feel free to enjoy the pleasures that a true professional offers, guilt free.

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