Enjoy These Top Health Benefits Of Casual Sex

Sexy girl in bedCasual Sex can be a prescription for good health.

It’s a fact that casual sex has been thoroughly enjoyed from pretty much the dawn of time. We’ve been ‘enjoying each other’s company’ as a species since before we could walk upright! It’s natural, it’s enjoyable and frankly, it’s in our nature.

Sadly however, casual sex has been frowned upon for almost as long. It was often done but never spoken about - those who did indulge on a regular basis were considered to be of low character.

The men who collected ‘conquests’ were considered to be pigs and the women who were blessed with lusty appetites were all but burned at the stake.

Thank goodness times are changing! More and more men and women are approaching sex with uncomplicated enjoyment, unburdened by meaningless and outdated moral outrage.

These days casual sex is even beginning to be encouraged due to its surprising physical and mental benefits. In fact, recent studies have shown it to be an important part of anyone’s preventative health routine.

Sex Life 101

Noted professor and director of research at Cornell University, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova is at the forefront of sex research in the United States. Over a period of 9 months, 370 students took part in a study monitoring their sexual behaviors and the impact these activities had on their lifestyle.

Their thoughts, level of desire, types of activities and amount of partners were all taken into account and the results were surprising to say the least. One of the most significant of these findings was the discovery of a new sub-type of personality – the socio-sexual individual.

A New ‘Type’ Emerges

Out of the 370 students who had volunteered for the study, 42% of them were determined to have the qualities that made them ‘socio-sexual’. Predominantly male, this group was more extroverted, aggressive and socially ‘connected’ than the rest of the individuals in the study.

They also enjoyed higher confidence levels, healthier self-esteem and remarkably less depression than those who didn’t fall into their sub type. By examining the socio- sexual members and their overall health, Dr. Vrangalova was able to determine that “casual sex can be a good thing for people who are open to it, desire it and have positive attitudes toward it”

But what are these benefits? Beyond that warm fuzzy after glow that a night or wild abandon can bring; there are some legitimate psychological and physical improvements that casual sex brings.

Emotional Wellness- only a few orgasms away

Those who enjoyed satisfying casual sex once or twice a week were shown to have significantly higher levels of emotional well being than those that abstained. In fact, incorporating the same amount of sex (or more) that a typically socio-sexual individual enjoys into your weekly schedule has shown to have remarkable effects on the following two areas of emotional wellness.

• Increased self esteem
It’s not called ‘scoring’ by coincidence! There is a challenge to finding a willing casual partner and a definite ego boost when every thing works out in your favor. Rather like making a touch down or sinking a basket, enjoying exciting first time sex with an attractive stranger is a performance accomplishment that garners a huge ego boost when done correctly. You have good reason to seek out a high five!!

• Decreased depression
We’ve all been there. Life seems pointless, monotonous and difficult sometimes, leaving us wondering what it’s all about. Apparently there really is nothing like sex to lift the spirits! Socio sexual types who engage in hearty sex on a regular basis have been found to experience much less depression than those who prefer an evening of binge watching Netflix.

Along with the aforementioned self esteem boost, casual sex aficionados seem to have more to look forward to and a generally more positive outlook on life. Can you blame them?

Physical fitness – Beyond the Treadmill

Socio-sexual personalities were also much healthier than their more celibate cousins. This is particularly true for men. When they enjoy sex twice or more a week, the health benefits they receive are truly astounding. Who knew that something that felt so good could be good for you too?

Decreased risk of heart disease
Remember how happy doctors are to tell you to exercise, eat well and take a low dose aspirin to prevent coronary difficulties? They forgot to mention orgasms too.

Studies have shown that men who have plenty of sex throughout the week have a whopping 45% less heart disease than those that don’t. As heart disease is one of the biggest killers of middle-aged men, doesn't it make sense to add a little bit more sex to your workout regime?

• Lower rate of Prostate Cancer
Just as nasty and unfortunately, just as common as heart disease, prostate cancer claims thousands of men worldwide every year.

Studies have shown that the more times a man ejaculates a month, the lower the risk of developing this deadly disease is. To be exact, the magic number seems to be 21 times and over for the results to really be noticed.

Easily enough accomplished on your own, why not invite someone else to the party and reap all the other benefits that casual sex has been proven to give?

Who would've thought that the years society spent looking down its collective nose at those with hearty sexual appetites, was a colossal waste of time? All of times tongues were clicked and fingers were wagged, it was actually those who indulged in casual sex who were in the right!

When both partners are willing and the sex is uncluttered by harmful emotional baggage, casual sex can be as good for a person as a 45 minute jog.

Who knows, perhaps in a few years your family doctor will be writing you a prescription for more open hearted, rambunctious sex rather than a cabinet full of medicine bottles. Now that would be an easy pill to swallow!

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