What Makes Women Attractive?

Attractive womanAll red-blooded heterosexual men have one major thing in common: a love of attractive women. Have you ever stopped to think about the qualities that actually make a woman attractive?

For some men it’s all about the personality and, for others, the physical attributes might be the deciding factor.

We at Senses know a thing or two about beautiful women. In fact, we are immersed in them on a daily basis. It’s our job to seek out the best qualities in all our travel guides and because of our experience, we feel that we should pass along a list of nine qualities, both physical and mental, that make women seem attractive to men.

9. Pitch Perfect
We’ve all seen that movie with the stereotypical blonde bimbo with the annoyingly squeaky voice that hasn’t seemed to change since 6th grade. However, it is a fact that most men find themselves more attracted to a woman with a higher pitched voice.

Why you might ask? There are a couple reasons why men find a woman with a higher pitched voice to be more desirable. The first is that a higher pitched voice tends to go along with a younger woman. Another reason is that the higher voice represents a woman with a thinner body. Pretty simple logic when you think about it: young woman with a nice body = attractive.

8. Red is Good
Red is a color often associated with sex, so it’s no wonder that women who wear red clothing and red lipstick are seen as more attractive to men. The theory behind the color’s power is that it seems to represent the expanded blood vessels that come with arousal. Even though all that is internal, the effect on the subconscious is apparent.

7. Rapunzel Let Down your Hair
Long flowing locks have always been associated with attractiveness in both men and women. So what is it about long hair that drives men wild?

Again, long hair represents health and fertility, all necessary factors when talking about attraction. Don’t think that just any long hair will do the trick however. The hair also has to be clean and well maintained. Dirty hair, even if it was longer, was seen as less attractive than hair that might have had less length but was well maintained.

6. Relax
Women are emotional creatures and for many men this can be a somewhat unattractive quality. Men tend to be more lighthearted by nature and don’t always want to talk about the “serious” issues. There’s a reason why slapstick comedy and fart jokes are so popular with men.

Men look for women who tend to be less serious, especially when it comes to long term relationships. Being lighthearted and funny can have as much power to attract as a 36D.

5. The Body Matters
Since we just talked about the importance of a lighthearted personality, it would only be fair here to not contradict ourselves and talk about the importance of physical attraction.

For many men, when they think of a short term or “fling” type of relationship, the overwhelming quality that is sought after is a smoking hot body. A great body will even trump an attractive face with regard to making a strictly physical connection.

4. Nurturing Women are Sexy
While the independent woman has successfully cut the 1950’s apron strings of the female’s role in society, men still find a nurturing woman to be attractive.

There is just something about a woman who takes care of her man that is still attractive to men. That mothering instinct that many women have can be like pheromones in small doses for men.

3. Smiling
A recent study showed that men will find women who smile often as more attractive than those who do not. Smiling taps into the part of the brain that is associated with sensory rewards.

Therefore, that white toothed grin makes men feel like they are about to win a prize (and with the right smile, that just might be true).

2. Being Sexually Adventurous
This one seems like a bit of a no brainer. Of course the woman who is willing to get naked with you is always going to seem more attractive.

However, we’re not talking about the girl who goes home with every guy who buys her a drink (although we have a soft spot for her as well). We mean that a woman who is more relaxed and seemingly adventurous when it comes to sex will always be more attractive than her more puritanical counterparts.

1. Not so Dangerous Curves
Based on yet another scientific study out of New Zealand, scientists have discovered a term they coined the waist to hip ratio. Basically a larger ratio of 7:10 waist to hips is seen as desirable because of the increased fertility potential. This is not very shocking either because curvy women have always been found to be attractive, sensual and representative of fertility.

So there you have it. These are just nine of the many qualities women have that are seen as desirable to men. Much of this boils down to personal taste but the next time you find yourself attracted to a funny, sexually open, long haired smiling beauty, you’ll know exactly why.

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