Why Adults Need To Play

Sexy couple playing in oceanRegardless of whether you were a bookworm, the class clown, the shy wallflower or the star athlete, we’re sure that your favorite part of school as a child was recess.

Playing is such a huge part of children’s lives that there are whole organizations dedicated to making sure that children are getting enough time to play.

Playtime for children helps their mental, physical, social and emotional development. There’s not a child psychologist anywhere who would debate the value of free time for children to play and explore.

In this time, they explore their own creative minds, which is very healthy for their self esteem and mental development.

As we transition into adulthood, we begin to play less and less in our daily lives. This has a huge negative impact on us both mentally and physically. In fact, one of the biggest pieces of “homework” that marriage therapists give to their patients is for them to go home and play together.

Not necessarily in a sexual manner, but they are encouraged to be silly, flirt, joke around and just remove themselves from whatever social constructs they’ve put themselves into that helped cause the marital rift in the first place. Many happy couples report a renewed interest in one another and a stronger relationship because they found value in playing with their partner.

Society in western cultures has put pressure on adults to be all business all the time. It’s a rarity to find a successful adult who isn’t putting a great deal of themselves and, as a result, their free time into their job. It’s become such a huge part of who we are, that when people have free time, they’re still focused on the next day at work, the next project or that impending deadline that seems to be inching it’s way closer and closer all the time.

There are definitely some major benefits to adding some quality play time into your daily life. There’s a reason why your stoner buddy who’s still doing the same thing he was doing in his early 20’s is so happy. Basically, he hasn’t stopped playing.

Now don’t get us wrong here. We’re not telling you to quit your job, get a new pair of hemp sandals and start playing the bongos on the street for change. What we are saying, and this is something we live every day, is that we understand the true value of cutting loose and losing yourself in some well-deserved playtime.

There are some definite benefits to adding playtime to your daily routine. Whether you are playing music, chess, learning a new activity, taking your dog to the park or any number of activities that can help you escape the rigors of your daily life behind.

Some of the greatest benefits of play for adults are:

Relieve Stress
Since most of us are usually having fun when we are playing, there is the reality that we’re probably having fun as well. When you’re having a good time, your body naturally releases endorphins which is nature’s built in stress reliever.

Youthful Vigor
People who play regularly are naturally much happier than their peers who do not have any type of play on a regular basis. Playing helps to boost your energy levels and your vitality. There’s also a positive correlation between regular play and resistance to disease.

Good for the Brain
Since play is so important for a child’s developing brain, it’s no mystery that it’s still helpful for adults whose brains have stopped developing. Even though your brain isn’t developing like it did as a child, the brain still needs to be challenged. Activities that challenge the brain help improve the overall function of your brain and even help prevent memory problems.

Good for Creativity
There’s a benefit to having your creativity at it’s full potential beyond the painter’s canvass or the musician’s stage. The most successful people in the world are also some of the most creative. No, they might not be able to replicate the Mona Lisa, but they are able to put their own creative spin on their jobs, which helps them become a success.

Problem solving skills are vastly important in the professional world. People who can think on their feet and find solutions to problems are some of the most sought after employees on the market today.

Make Good Connections with Others
Play helps us build connections with other people. There’s a reason why kids can make new best friends any day, it’s because they are laughing and sharing the rewards of a great time together. This has a positive effect on us and allows us to easily bond with others quickly.

Ever been on a vacation or somewhere fun and met someone you were able to connect with instantly? Even if by the next morning, you were quietly putting on your pants and sneaking out before they awoke, a good (albeit temporary) connection was made.

So, why would we put this on a resort site? Well, quite simply, one of the best ways for adults to play is by taking a vacation. We know there’s no better place to come play on your next vacation than Senses.

We have all the necessary tools to make your vacation the best playdate of your adult life. We know that, when you leave us, you’ll have reaped the benefits of a relaxing, fulfilling week spent at play.

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