Why Women Hire Male Escorts

Male escort with womanDo women really hire male escorts?

The world has changed and along with that change came a shift in gender roles. Women have successfully embedded themselves into almost every previously male dominated niche and are successful.

Women have been embracing this change and with that comes a change in their own sexual fulfillment.

Male escorts are becoming increasingly popular among women, especially successful, professional women. Their lifestyle is fast paced and their time is limited. These are mostly professional women who don’t feel that they have the time for a more traditional relationship. They are used to getting what they want and how they want it.

The reasons why women hire male escorts are similar to the reasons why men hire female escorts. The most basic reason is companionship of some sort. Making a physical connection, albeit temporary, is a huge motivation.

For men who hire a female escort, the desired outcome is usually an orgasm. They want the attention of a beautiful woman, sometimes one that is out of their league, who will make them feel like a man. The connection is primarily physical, since men need that type of connection.

For women, there is a wide variety of reasons why they choose to hire a male escort. Contrary to popular belief, women like sex just as much as men and they also like the companionship of a handsome, chiseled man.

So, what are the reasons why women might hire a male escort? There are many but these are a few of the most common reasons.

No Strings Attached Sex
This is the most basic and most common reason why anyone hires an escort. It is the main reason why using the services of an escort is so popular. Women want to have a night of hot no-strings sex but that’s not always the case when meeting people organically.

Men are every bit as clingy and needy as women and an escort is a great way for a night of passion without all the drama afterwards. An escort is not going to blow up your phone with 200 texts and a barrage of phone calls asking you out to dinner.

One Night Stands Can Be Disappointing
There’s a risk involved in taking someone home for a casual encounter. Women often complain that the men they take home are selfish lovers who are only interested in pleasing themselves. Maybe the guy she brought home seemed like a smooth stud at the bar or nightclub but ended up being a total dud in the sack.

With an escort, women know that they are paying a professional whose job is to know how to please a woman completely. The encounter is all about them and the escort will make sure that his client is satisfied.

Another bonus of the male escort is that they are pre-screened. This adds a level of safety to the encounter that is otherwise a relative crap shoot when hooking up with a random stranger.

Exploration of Fantasies
Hiring a male escort allows many women the opportunity to live out their fantasies that they might not otherwise be able to fulfill in a relationship or casual dating experience. With an escort, a woman can be comfortable knowing that whatever fantasy she might have can reasonably be fulfilled and satisfied. Try telling the guy you met at Starbucks that you want to be dominated and he just might turn and run.

An escort is a professional and understands that the needs of each client are as varied as the clients themselves. Many women want to be picked up in a public setting. That hot guy, who is attracting the attention of all the single women, walks right up to his client and shows the onlookers that she is sexy and wanted. That  would be a boost to anyone’s ego and part of many people’s fantasies.

Maybe she wants something that might be otherwise considered taboo. A threesome with two men that involves double penetration might be too much for the average Joe to digest. For a male escort, it is all in a day’s work. Nothing is off the table.

It’s no secret that women like to make a mental connection as well as a physical one. Women like to touch, cuddle, talk and establish a connection.

For many women, hiring a male escort is about much more than just sex. The male escort knows how to listen and establish a strong connection, making their client feel special and beautiful. Everyone dreams of having a strikingly attractive partner who seems to hang on your every word, which is not always easy to find in regular life.

Some women who use the services of male escorts report that they don’t even have an orgasm with every encounter. It’s often more about the whole experience of having a companion than just the physical act of sex.

There’s a reason why movies, books, songwriters and other entertainment niches are such a profitable industry. They all embrace passion. For many women, the passion has long faded (in the case of many married women) or is not available (for many single women). They need someone to help them reignite that flame that tells them they are desirable, sexy and beautiful.

Many women choose to hire an escort to help with this. For many married women, they are otherwise satisfied with their marriage but that spark in the bedroom has long been extinguished. The escort experience allows women to enjoy a renewed passion that might be missing in their daily lives.

There are many myths about using escorts and a multitude of reasons why women and men hire escorts but at the end of the day, we’re all not that different. After all, who wouldn’t want a great encounter with one of the most attractive people you’ve ever met in person? Sounds like a great day to me!

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